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Best Friends Forever: 12 DIY Friendship Necklaces 

Friends are a godsend; they are said to be the family we get to choose and they make our lives so much easier! You can always count on them to be there with you in your best and worst moments in life! Celebrating your friendship and letting your friends know how much they mean to you is very important. One way to do this is with the creation of friendship necklaces! They’ll be the unique piece of jewelry you and your friends can share forever. Here’s a roundup of 12 DIY friendship necklaces you can make today!

1. Pumpkin Pie Friendship Necklace 


Pumpkin pie is the food equivalent of friendship. The simple sight of it feels so familiar  it instantly makes us feel happy and reminds us of everything we’re thankful for! Show your group of friends that they are sweet as pumpkin pie with this innovative friendship necklace by Studio DIY 

2. Puzzle Friendship Necklace 


Do you ever feel like your best friend is your missing puzzle piece? Together you create an amazing work of art, but when you’re apart you almost feel as if a part of you is missing! A Cup of Cake TV will have you fall in love with this glittered puzzle friendship necklace!

3. Nutella Friendship Necklace 


When you and your friend fit together like Nutella and toast, you have to commemorate this connection with a set of two necklaces – one for Nutella and one for toast! They are really creative and cheeky, definitely destined to spark many conversations! Find the tutorial at Nim C!

4. Oreo Friendship Charms 


Simplymaci‘s incredible tutorial for Oreo charms as a friendship necklace is a really fantastic idea for friends who totally have the same taste in cookies and accessories, but also value their individuality and want their necklaces to differ just a little bit!

5. Galaxy Heart Friendship Necklace 


There are many people out there in the world, but your best friend feels like one in a million! You think of them as the most special person in the world and sometimes it feels as if you know them from some distant galaxy. Surprising them with these mesmerizing galaxy hearts by Sweet Bio Design seems fitting!

6. Diamond Heart Friendship Necklace 


Creating two diamond friendship necklaces that form a heart when put together is a super unique way to show your friend how precious they are to you! You’ll also be the only ones who will know that your necklaces form a heart, so it’ll be a very special and personal accessory. Find out how to make it at Hey It’s Viri!

7. Pizza Friendship Necklace 


This friendship necklace will definitely get a lot of attention because everybody loves pizza! To you, this little clay pizza slice will be a constant reminder that your best friend is always just a pizza lunch date away. Each of you gets half of a heart-shaped pizza to wear around their neck and who better than A Cup of Cake TV to teach you how to make this epic necklace!

8. Popsicle Friendship Necklace 


Summertime is often the most blissful season for blooming friendships as we are given an abundance of time to enjoy by the beach with sun rays on our face and salt from the ocean in our hair! If you’re enjoying such a summer as we speak, end it on high note with Nerd E Crafters‘ popsicle friendship necklaces!

9. Cookie Cutter Friendship Necklaces 


Put that cookie cutter to a good use and make a collection of friendship necklaces for your entire tribe of friends! You can even host a crafting party and make these necklaces together with them – you’ll need some snacks and the instructions by Make It & Love It!

10. Milk and Cookie Friendship Necklace


Some people go together like milk and cookies! They just perfectly match and bring the best out of each other! If this sounds a lot like your own friendship, this set of two necklaces is for you! Let Nim C show you how you can honor the cookie to your milk!

11. Fairy Doors Friendship Charms 


Every now and then a friendship feels so magical we’re left wondering if perhaps we weren’t brought together by some good fairies?! If you and your bestie both love the fantasy world, we can’t think of a better friendship necklace than Atomic Flump‘s fairy doors charms!

12. Unicorn Friendship Necklace 


This is a friendship necklace that is colorful and unique, vibrant in its coloring and powerful in its message! Your BFF is your unicorn – that magical creature that you almost can’t believe it’s real! Visit Cutie Inspirations to see how you can make this exceptional necklace!