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Two in One: DIY Reversible Projects 

You know what’s better than completing one DIY project? Completing two projects at the same time! What may sound like mission impossible is totally doable if you opt for reversible projects! They will help you keep up the variety in your home and style without having to spend extra time or money on more projects. Here are some of our favorite DIY reversible projects! 

1. Reversible Fabric Coasters 


Using the same coasters over and over again can get super boring, but instead of spending all of your time on making numerous different coasters, you can simply follow the tutorial at Stay at Home Crafter and make a few reversible ones. All you have to do when you get bored of a coaster is flip it around!

2. Reversible Ribbon Cuffs 


Your collection of accessories is already big enough, but your creativity just won’t let you rest! Save up on some time and storage space by making reversible bracelets that have the power of holding two completely different styles within one piece. You’ll find the tutorial at Bonnie Christine!

3. Reversible Headband 


Headbands are one of the most functional accessories, especially when your hair is not cooperating with you and you need something to keep it in place while still looking chic and stylish. We found beautiful headbands at Alice & Lois that come in a reversible style!

4. Reversible Wool Hat 


You know that feeling when you find a hat that is so perfect you wish it came in more than one style? It’s the perfect model, the softest material and design that really suits you! Instead of having to buy two hats, you can just go for this two-in-one tutorial by We All Sew!

5. Reversible Summer Hat 


Summer is especially that time of the year when we feel a desire to wear more diverse pieces and experiment with out style a bit! If you’re looking for some super adorable and joyful DIY summer hats, we can happily recommend the reversible ones by Martha Stewart!

6. Reversible Baby Blankets 


Making a blanket for your baby is such a heartfelt experience. You put all the love and creativity into one blanket, we wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes your baby’s favorite!  Check out the tutorial at Stay at Home Artist for charming and reversible baby blankets!

7. Reversible Bag 


Bags are usually the one accessory we get bored of the fastest – and also tend to have too much of! It’s probably because we’re always on the go, which means our bag is always with us, but if you love diversity in style, you’re going to wish for more options than one. Start with this reversible bag by Very Purple Person!

8. Reversible Sewing Machine Cover


If you are a passionate crafter, it’s safe to assume you are BFF with your sewing machine! To those of us who love sewing, this machine is incredibly valuable! That’s why we know you’ll want to take really good care of it and you can do that by keeping it covered with this reversible cover by We All Sew!

9. Reversible Skirt 


If your closet is already so full of clothes you can barely still close the door, it’s time to start thinking outside of the box. Coming up with a solution to get more clothes and more space at the same time may sound like a paradox, but it’s totally doable with Sparkly Belly‘s reversible skirt tutorial!

10. Reversible Toddler Skirt 


You’re not the only one who wants to wear pretty skirts – you toddler does too! If you have a little mini-me running around the house, you know how fast their taste in fashion changes. What’s their favorite piece today may not even be an option tomorrow. Trick your toddler with this unique reversible skirt by You & Mie!

11. Reversible Poncho 


Everybody loves a good poncho! They are fun to wear, easy to wrap around our shoulders on a chilly day and always make us look stylish! Whether you are a devoted poncho collector or just want to make one significant piece, Sewing Rabbit has a great tutorial for a reversible poncho!

12. Reversible Mouse Pad 


Those of us who sit at the computer a lot know how important a good mousepad is. There are many DIY mousepads you can choose from, but if you are known for your quickly changing color and pattern preferences, you could really benefit from Craftaholics Anonymous‘ reversible mouse pad!