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11 DIY Fidget Spinners for the Trendiest Kids 

Fidget spinners are without a doubt the most popular toys at the moment. They are said to have a positive effect on anxious students and those who have trouble focusing. The charm of fidget spinners quickly took over the youngest generations, making this toy the main talk of many school hallways. But it’s not enough to only posses a fidget spinner, it also has to look trendy and innovative. Our roundup of 11 DIY fidget spinners should help you with the search!

1. Lego Fidget Spinner 


Legos remain one of the most popular toys for kids, no matter how many years pass. They encourage your child to be creative as they can build anything they can dream up. A house, a car, a high tower and even a fidget spinner! Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls will show you how.

2. Popsicle Stick Fidget Spinners 


Popsicle sticks are once again proving to be unbelievably useful! Instead of spending loads of money on an expensive fidget spinner that will look the same as hundreds others, have a crafty afternoon with your kid and make these colorful popsicle stick fidget spinners by Kids Activities Blog!

3. Glitter Fidget Spinner 


If your little one likes sparkly things and is easily distracted in class, Megan Weller has the perfect fidget spinner for them! The glitter fidget spinner happens to be good for the environment too, since it’s a lovely opportunity to upcycle plastic bottle caps (and go nuts with glitter at the same time)!

4. Tricolor Fidget Spinner 


The way a fidget spinner looks is very important. If it doesn’t look totally unique and outstanding, it’s only going to blend in with the rest. The kids like to compete among themselves which one has the coolest spinner and if you want your youngster to win,   a tricolor fidget spinner by Mom Spark is your best bet!

5. Starry Fidget Spinners


If you have found yourself in a situation where more than one fidget spinner is needed, either because you have more kids or because you’re planning the coolest birthday party ever, you’ll need a tutorial that is simple, quick and can inspire kids to help out! TeePee Girl‘s starry fidget spinners totally check out!

6. Origami Paper Fidget Spinner 


Challenge yourself and give the art of origami a try, but don’t stop there – follow Red Ted Art‘s instructions to turn an origami ninja star into an awesome fidget spinner that will know no rival! You can choose countless color combinations and be one step ahead of the trends!

7. Metal Fidget Spinner 


Metal fidget spinner has a more minimalist and less childlike look, making it the ideal  toy for teenagers who want to appear serious and all grown up. Drop the bright colors and settle for the industrial style of the spinner, following the tutorial at All for the Boys!

8. Paracord Fidget Spinner 


A paracord fidget spinner is definitely not one that you see every day, making it a rare and unique toy that will impress even those with the highest fidget spinner standards. The red color of the cord creates a stunning effect when the spinner is spinning at full speed! Get the tutorial at The Weavers of Eternity Paracord Tutorials!

9. Chain Fidget Spinner 


Did you know that an old chain can be turned into a fidget spinner? The idea comes from Randomize Me and we love that it involves upcycling! Instead of throwing away something you don’t need anymore you can turn it into a stress-relieving toy!

10. Golden Fidget Spinner 


Gold is the color that nobody can overlook; it demands attention and symbolizes glamour. Even though a fidget spinner is a toy, when you see NewMan DIY‘s golden sparkly fidget spinner you’ll want to hide it from your kiddo and keep it for yourself!

11. Bike Chain Fidget Spinner 


Here’s another idea for a fidget spinner that involves repurposing something you no longer need, this time a bike chain! Not only do you get to save some bucks by using the resources you already have at home, you’ll also end up with a fidget spinner that is definitely one-of-a-kind! Find out the details at Revan TK-421.