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4 Furniture Makeovers that Maximise Space

Space is limited in most people’s homes, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on owning unique pieces of furniture nor does it mean you have to throw out your things to make space. Instead, why not make the most out of what a piece of furniture can provide by maximizing its use. You will soon find that after a few tweaks you can make a huge difference with home’s organisation and storage needs.

1. Hutch Top Mudroom Drop Zone

VIEW IN GALLERYHutch Top Mudroom Drop Zone


VIEW IN GALLERYSolve your mudroom problems with a smart DIY solution

Do you own a hutch top or have you seen just the top in a thrift store and wondered what you could do with it? You’re probably not the first person to think this, but read on and you may discover something interesting to make use of the top. If your home lacks porch or an entryway, why not let your hutch top do the work for you? Simply attach it to a wall, add some baskets and hooks, and you’ve got yourself a new storage area without taking up any floor space. Find out more at Worthing Court.

2. Bookcase Lego Storage

VIEW IN GALLERYBookcase with storage on top

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY hack of bookcase with top storage unit

VIEW IN GALLERYBookcase with built-in storage on top

At some point we’ve all stepped on a piece of LEGO that has been left out on the floor, but instead of leaving it there why not put it somewhere safe. Have you always been the believer that a bookcase is simply for books? Well now is the time to think again. Not only that, but if you put a bookcase on its side you’ve increased the storage space by taking full advantage of the long top. Furthermore, you can make use of this longer top by building in storage space for play items such as LEGO pieces. You can find out how to make this 2-in-1 bookcase at Thrift Diving.

3. Dresser Turned TV Stand


VIEW IN GALLERYDIY TV stand crafted from dresser

Keeping your home tidy and organised can be a headache for many people especially when you have children and pets to take into consideration, but thankfully there are ways that make it easier to handle particularly when you have enough storage and a place for everything to go. If you find that you are lacking storage space, don’t fret. Instead, just use a bit of imagination and utilize the furniture you have to meet your new storage needs. Dressers can be the perfect storage solution as there are plenty of drawers to maximize. Simply by removing a few of the drawers you can use them to hold a DVD player, a gaming console and much more. Discover how to make your own dresser turned TV stand at Two Twenty One.

4. Desk Turned Bar

VIEW IN GALLERYSecretary desk turned into bar

When it comes to furniture you want stuff that is both pretty and functional. So who says that a desk has to simply hold paper and pens and nothing more? Maybe you don’t need that storage solution in your home. That doesn’t mean you can’t find your desk to do something else such as holding your cocktail glasses and wine glasses. Not only that, but the fold down section is the ideal drink prep surface too. Now is the time to start thinking of your furniture as dual or triple storage solutions. That way you won’t have to buy extra pieces of furniture that you thought you needed. Find out how to make your own desk bar at May Richer Fuller Be.