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Must Try: 15 Adorable Easter Cookie Decorating Ideas

Easter, with its baby chicks, bunnies, and pastel colours, might be the cutest-themed holiday around. It’s the perfect opportunity not only for delicious treats, but also adorably decorated baked goods!

Check out these fantastic cookie decor ideas to get a little inspiration for your own Easter baking.

1. Message Easter cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYMessage Easter egg cookies

(Source: Glorious Treats)

Oval shaped cookies become Easter eggs very easily! Adding a little bit of text is easy enough and people will love having their own personalized cookie after Easter dinner.

2. Chicks, bunnies, and baskets

VIEW IN GALLERYChicks, bunnies, and baskets

(Source: Homicraft)

Use that easy oval shape to your advantage! Besides Easter eggs, it’s also easy to turn oval cookies into bunny rabbits, baby chicks, and baskets Easter baskets full of brightly coloured eggs.

3. Easter eggs with sprinkles

VIEW IN GALLERYEaster eggs with sprinkles

(Source: Big A, Little A)

Sprinkles give your cookies a little extra something, and they’re a great way to add fancy looking detail quickly and easily!

4. Textured icing and candy cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYTextured icing and candy cookies

(Source: Betty Crocker)

Shiny, smooth cookies are lovely, but sometimes leaving the icing textured so it looks like bird feathers or adding candies for a little bit of 3D detail is impressive.

5. Cookie birds’ nests

VIEW IN GALLERYCookie birds' nests

(Source: Illustrating Princesses)

Press down the middle of your favourite cookies, fill the indent with coconut shreds in green food colouring, and top it off with some chocolate mini eggs!

6. Edible marker cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYEdible marker cookies

(Source: Brit+Co.)

Cut your cookies into egg shapes, ice them with white for a clear background, and use bright edible markers to decorate them however you please! By the end, they’ll be edible works of art!

7. Piped icing cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYOrnate piping

(Source: Best Cake Ideas)

Thinly piped icing looks fantastic in swirling, curly patterns, especially in a bright contrast colour!

8. Hatching chick cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYHatching chick cookies

(Source: Past Princess and More)

These oval cookies are perfectly shaped for you to transform them into springtime hatchlings!

9. Peeking bunnies

VIEW IN GALLERYPeeking bunnies

(Source: The Decorated Cookie)

Are you finally tired of egg shaped cookies and looking for other cute Easter ideas? Squares and circles look cute with white bunnies peeking up from the edge!

10. Spring shortbread cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYSpring shortbread cookies

(Source: Sugary Winzy)

Coloured icing isn’t the only way to make your cookies bright! Food colouring and shortbread is a great way to create cute Easter cookies too.

11. Easter bonnet cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYAdorable Easter bonnet cookies

(Source: Hoosier Homemade)

Bake your favourite cookie, cut the top off a mini cupcake, and place it on the cookie upside down. Cover the entire thing with icing to make an adorable Easter hat!

12. Peeps cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYPeeps cookies

(Source: Sweet Sugar Belle)

Not everyone likes the taste of marshmallow peeps, but we can probably all agree that they’re festive and adorable! Try making peeps cookies instead by dipping your icing in coloured sugar or ground sprinkles right before it dries completely.

13. Layered pastel bunnies

VIEW IN GALLERYLayered pastel bunnies

(Source: I Sugar Coat It)

Make cookie dough in different pastel colours, roll it out very thin, and cut bunny shapes from each one. Layer the colours on top of each other so the bunnies are thick with striped layers and baked them so they stay that way!

14. Lemon cut out cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYLemon cut out cookies

(Source: Easy Baked)

Easter shaped cut outs, like butterflies and bunnies, lets you combine colours between the cookie layers and the icing. The delicious lemon taste is also an awesome surprise; people might not guess that a purple cookie would taste like citrus!

15. Lemon chick cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYFun lemon chick cookies

(Source: Diamonds for Dessert)

These cookies are a delicious lemon flavour, but they’re also an adorable novelty shape! Make these 3D chickies by rolling a ball of cookie dough on top of another flat circle of dough.

Have you made other deliciously unique Easter cookies that you don’t see here? Tell us how you made them in the comments section!