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Snuggly and Comfy for the Holidays: DIY Pajama Bottoms 

Christmas holidays are that special time of year when we spend most of our time in pajamas, cuddling on the couch with our loved ones and watching old-fashioned Christmas movies that always move us to tears. If you are up for the challenge, why don’t you make pajamas for the whole family this year? Here are some incredible DIY pajama bottoms you can choose from!

1. Christmas Eve Pajama Pants 


If you’re going to be wearing your pajamas on Christmas Eve, it’s only fitting that they have a proper Christmassy motive! When you go fabric shopping, look for patterns with everything that screams ’tis the season to be jolly! You can get the full tutorial at My Cotton Creations!

2. Dotted Pajama Pants 


Since it’s highly unlikely you’ll only be wearing your Christmas pajamas just one day of the year, it pays off to make something you’ll be comfortable wearing all year ‘round! We love these simplistic pajama pants by Living Well Spending Less in a neutral color with little dots all over them!

3. 30 Minute Pajama Pants 


December is one of the busiest months of the year. Everybody is rushing left and right, trying to buy all the presents, decorate the house and write the gift tags. Maybe you’re wondering how could you possibly find any time to craft amidst this chaos. Well, if Rachel Teodoro is to be believed, you only need 30 minutes to make pajama pants!

4. Adorable Pajama Pants 


Unlike the regular pants we wear in everyday life, pajama pants don’t need to be super stylish or fashionable. All they need to be is comfortable and cute! Wearing them should feel cozy, like you never want to take them off again! The pajama pants we found at Gluesticks can definitely be filed under adorable! 

5. Pajama Pants with Pockets 


Are you one of those people who never have enough pockets? You could even use them in pajama pants! Sew Over It heard your prayers and designed special pajama pants with big pockets to make your life easier! No need to carry the phone or tissues in your hands around the house anymore!

6. Boys Pajama Pants 


Are you having difficulties convincing your toddler to change into his pajama pants every night? Boys can be such little rebels but a sure-fire way to get them involved in daily rituals is to capture their interest. Find a fabric that displays something he is totally enamored with and hop over to The Seasoned Homemaker for the tutorial!

7. Baby Pajama Pants 


Babies are always the hardest to shop for because they grow so incredibly fast and baby clothes are usually very expensive. If your little bundle of joy still doesn’t have a pair of pajama pants that would fit him just right, A Mother’s Craftuition has a great tutorial for baby pajamas!

8. Pajama Shorts 


Some people like to sleep in long pajama pants and some prefer short ones. If you like to stay cool when you sleep, the pajama shorts by eHow are going to become your new favorite. They are loose, breezy, comfortable and will absolutely contribute to a good night’s sleep!

9. Modern Pajama Pants 


Maybe you’re not willing to give up your love of modern style even when you sleep. If that’s the case, you’re going to need a pair of modern pajama pants that can boast with vibrant colors and a dynamic pattern. Head over to Sugar Bee Crafts to see the tutorial.

10. Loose Pajama Pants 


The greatest quality of pajama pants is how comfortable they are. When you are drifting off into dreamland, you need something that feels breezy and light. Noodlehead‘s loose pajama pants seem like a really great choice that will become the essential part of your good night’s sleep.

11. Vintage Sheets Pajamas 


Do you have any vintage sheets at home or maybe some that you can steal from your grandma? They are a wonderful material for making DIY pajamas! The fabric is cool and light, ideal for wearing into bed. Visit Farmhouse on Boone to see the awesome transformation!