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Wonderful DIY Shiny Quilled Snowflake

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There are many different ways to create a snowflake ! The thin paper coils seem to be perfect for reflecting the intricate designs of snowflakes and offer great opportunity for variation in design. Paper quilled snowflake is so fun! I have seen some very intricate and difficult snowflake designs, but this one is super easy! I love the glitter and shine that’s applied at the end.

Head over to the Reese Dixon blog for the full tutorial …

ReeseDixon – Quilled Snowflake Ornament

image via Pinterest

Here are 20+ quilling star ornaments ideas :

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Click here for the details from ‘Creaties-baukje’

Image credit: Creaties-baukje

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Snowflakes from a Plastic Bottle

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