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Wonderful DIY Double Waterfall Triple French Braid Hairstyle

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Try this double waterfall triple French braid Hairstyle for instant cool ? This gorgeous waterfall braid keeps your hair looking cute and styled in all weather.You can do this by yourself or you can try to make a girl friend happy by doing this amazing hairstyle to her. You need to have long hair for this.

1. Separate the hair in 3 sections and the one from the middle should be between the corners of your head.
2. Use bobby pins to hold the side hair down and start working on the top section.
3. Start braiding a regular french braid and instead of going with it normal until the end, drop down small pieces of hair as you can see in the pictures. Do the same for both sides. The hair that it is left over can be replaced with other hair so you can finish the braid.
4. When you get to the back of your head, secure the braid with a bobby pin.
5. Start braiding the sides, take a small section of hair, and with the first strand that was left over, start doing the side braid including that in it. Do a regular french braid by bringing in all the strands from the waterfall braid and when you reach the back of your head secure it with bobby pins.
6. Repeat the process the same way for the other side and you will have all the braids done.
7. Brush the rest of your hair and gather it in a ponytail right at the back of your head where the pins are.
8. Create a bun from the ponytail and voila, you are ready!