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Vegan Birthday Cakes That Everyone Can Enjoy

Regardless of whether you stick to a particular diet because you’ve chosen it in an effort to be more healthy or because you’ve discovered a food intolerance, adjusting your cooking ingredients is a challenge. This is especially true when it comes time to treat yourselves, making birthdays something to think about.

Check out these absolutely delicious vegan cake recipes that absolutely everyone will enjoy, whether they usually eat vegan or not!

1. Grain free chocolate peanut butter and banana maple crepe cake

VIEW IN GALLERYGrain free chocolate peanut butter and banana maple crepe cake

Even if you’re not usually vegan, you’ve got to admit that the idea of a cake made of crepes sounds pretty irresistible! The combination of chocolate, peanut butter, banana, and maple has us salivating. Get the recipe on One Green Planet.

2. Vanilla birthday cake with “buttercream” icing

VIEW IN GALLERYVanilla birthday cake with %22buttercream%22 icing

One Green Planet guides you through the process of creating an alternative “buttercream” icing that tastes just as amazing as the real thing! Your non-vegan guests probably won’t even notice.

3. Chocolate cake with blackberry and strawberry cashew cream

VIEW IN GALLERYChocolate cake with blackberry and strawberry cashew cream

Vegan recipes are usually made with healthier ingredients than some alternatives, but that doesn’t leave them with any less flavour or sweetness! This cake’s elements of blackberry and strawberry ensure that it’s still totally delicious. Get the recipe from One Green Planet.

4. Homemade vegan chocolate birthday cake

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade vegan chocolate birthday cake

If you’re looking for a classic chocolate cake taste that genuinely tastes like the regular recipes you were used to before your dietary changes, then you’re in luck. One Green Planet has exactly what you need!

5. Raw lemon and fig cheesecake

VIEW IN GALLERYRaw lemon and fig cheesecake

The best part about vegan recipes is that it gives you the opportunity to experiment with ingredients that you might not otherwise think of for classic dishes! This raw lemon and fig cake by One Green Planet sounds positively gourmet, if you ask us.

6. Diary Queen style vegan ice cream cake

VIEW IN GALLERYVegan blueberry cheesecake

Just because Dairy Queen doesn’t make vegan ice cream cake doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy that treat yourself! One Green Planet shows you how to make it!

7. Vegan blueberry cheesecake

VIEW IN GALLERYVegan blueberry cheesecake

One Green Planet reminds you how deliciously sweet and flavourful vegan cakes incorporating fruit can be with this absolutely mouthwatering blueberry “cheesecake” recipe (that, of course, doesn’t really involve cheese)!

8. Raw chocolate chunk cheesecake with peanut butter and coconut

VIEW IN GALLERYRaw chocolate chunk cheesecake with peanut butter and coconut

The fact that there are vegan recipes that still let you enjoy chocolate and peanut butter together will be a pleasant surprise to your non-vegan friends. We definitely recommend this one by One Green Planet!

9. Special dark chocolate vegan cake

VIEW IN GALLERYSpecial dark chocolate vegan cake

If you’re  dark chocolate lover, or a family member who’s skeptical of your vegan recipes is, then One Green Planet is here to save the day once more! This cake is rich, dark, and chocolaty without being full of ingredients that aren’t vegan-friendly.

10. Raw layered banana ice cream cake

VIEW IN GALLERYRaw layered banana ice cream cake

This banana ice cream cake recipe is like a magic recipe. Because it’s both vegan and raw, it’s accommodating to all different dietary needs. As if that’s not enough, it’s full of delicious ingredients that make us want to get backing immediately. Get the recipe from One Green Planet.

11. Vegan lemon cake

VIEW IN GALLERYVegan lemon cake

The Vegan Society reminds you how good your favourite classic recipes can be even though you’ve substituted many of their ingredients for vegan ones. This fragrant lemon cake is proof.

12. Vegan raspberry chocolate cake

VIEW IN GALLERYVegan raspberry chocolate cake

Sometimes a good chocolate cake recipe needs a little something extra just to take it to the next level. The raspberry part of this chocolate raspberry cake by The Vegan Society does just that.

13. Raw apple caramel cheesecake

VIEW IN GALLERYRaw apple caramel cheesecake

Some people balk at the idea of “raw” cooking because they forget how delicious pure, uncooked, and unprocessed ingredients can taste. This apple caramel cheesecake from The Vegan Society will show them the kind of refreshing taste they’re missing!

14. Vegan vanilla sponge cake with raspberries

VIEW IN GALLERYVegan vanilla sponge cake with raspberries

Do you like the idea of a vegan raspberry cake but wish there was a less rich option than the chocolate recipe above? Try The Vegan Society‘s raspberry vanilla sponge cake recipe instead!

15. Basic white vegan sponge cake with strawberries

VIEW IN GALLERYBasic white vegan sponge cake with starwberries

Just in case raspberries aren’t your thing, here’s a deliciously classic vanilla sponge cake recipe that uses strawberries for added flavour instead. Get the recipe on AZHealthWellness.

Do you have another favourite vegan cake recipe that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about it in the comments section.