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Style Statement: Safe and Chic DIY Glasses Case Ideas 

Having a case for your precious pair of glasses means you get to take them anywhere with you and not worry about getting them scratched or broken. This way, you always have your little “vision helper” at hand – whether it’s to help you see more clearly or to block out the sunlight – and can rely on the fact that it will stay in top shape! Check out these DIY glasses case ideas that will not only protect your glasses but will also make you look trés chic!

Cotton Heart Glasses Case


When opened, this glasses case resembles a perfectly shaped heart. Its adorable and original look are hard to compete with. Looking like an accessory in and of itself, this case will be a lovely thing to add to your trendy style, not to mention it can be a really cute idea for a Valentine’s day gift! Get the tutorial at I Spy DIY.

Bandana Sunglasses Case 


Bandanas are the coolest! Sacrifice one of your bandanas to a greater purpose and turn it into an epic sunglasses case! If you are an eager music festival goer, this bandana case will make you feel right at home! Find out more at A.C. Moore!

15 Minute Glasses Case 


Busy bees, we have a super quick craft for you! All that’s needed is 15 minutes of your time dedicated to Hideous Dreadful Stinky and you will have a simple glasses case ready to use! A quarter of an hour for a case that will last for years seems like a pretty good bargain!

Handbag Set Glasses Case 


If you are one of the fashionistas who like to have everything matching and shudder at the thought of your glasses case not matching the rest of the items in your handbag, this coordinated handbag set is worth checking out! It includes a case for your glasses, obviously, and you can learn all about it at Crafty Nest.

Linen Glasses Case


Who wouldn’t want these hipster-looking and long-lasting glasses cases?! Especially appealing to our dearest millennials out there, these will surely become one of your favorite DIY items you’ve ever made! Don’t miss the instructions at Instructables!

Felt Glasses Case


Wishing for your glasses case to be extra soft? Felt is the material of choice! Look at these felt glasses cases by Gingermelon and fall in love with their cuteness factor! If you have children who need to wear glasses, these cases will make them really excited, given the happy and adorable motives!

Crochet Glasses Case


This crochet glasses case is a true work of art, easily fooling anyone into believing that it is but a tiny purse! Your glasses will always be safe within and even if you carry it around in your hands, it won’t ever look misplaced. It’s one of those accessories that work with everything! Rescued Paw Designs shares the how-to!

Curved Glasses Case 


Simplicity is crucial for people on the go! If you are constantly rushing from one place to another and have no time for super fancy glasses cases, this one by Sewing Rabbit will surely meet your needs! You can simply slip your sunglasses in and out, always taking no more than a second!   

No-Sew Glasses Case


Never underestimate the power of an elegant case for your glasses! For lovers of all things graceful, this glasses case will steal your heart! You don’t even have to have sewing skills, so there’s really no excuses anymore! See how to make this tasteful case at See Kate Sew.

Velcro Glasses Case


This is not a case for ordinary glasses; it’s is destined to be the home to your craziest pair of glasses you’ve ever purchased – we all have it, don’t we? If you want to get your hands on this retro glasses case all you have to do is head over to Thread Riding Hood!

Soft Glasses Case


What else is there to do in the middle of the winter, when we’re snowed in, other than to crochet our days away as we’re watching Friends for the millionth time? Look to Love Crochet for the pattern for these incredibly soft, dare we say delicate, sunglasses cases!