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15 Stylish Ideas for Working with Faux Fur

Faux fur crafts might not be the first thing on your mind right now with summer coming and the weather starting to warm up, but it never hurts to think in advance! Making yourself a beautiful faux fur project now means it’ll be ready to wear come fall and winter.

Check out these ultra stylish faux fur projects! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how how unexpectedly simple they are to create.

1. DIY faux fur vest

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY faux fur vest

Runway Done My Way shows you every step of how they sewed this gorgeous, long faux fur vest. If you prefer, however, you could easily adjust the pattern to make yourself a shorter version too. Paired with a little black dress, you might even find this garment useful in the summer when the sun goes down and the evenings get cooler.

2. DIY faux fur lined hood

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY faux fur lined hood

We loved a good fur-lined hood, but we don’t condone the animal cruelty that goes into making many of the big brand name coats available in stores. Instead, try this faux fur lning method by Chic Steals.

3. DIY faux fur throw

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY faux fur throw

City Farmhouse shows you how easy it can be to create a “fur” throw from a simple length of faux fur fabric. It’ll make your living space look rustic and cozy in the winter months and making it now will ensure that it’s ready when the temperatures cool!

4. Faux fur bag


Habibi walks you through the process of recreating a faux fur bag style that you’ve probably seen in countless fashion magazines. We love being able to DIY our own versions of things for much less money and zero genuine fur content!

5. Faux fur stool

VIEW IN GALLERYFaux fur stool

Do you just love the slightly 1970s feel that shaggy furniture and accessories gives to a room? Then you’ll adore making this faux fur stool by House on the Way! It’s actually an easier furniture reclamation project then you might think.

6. Faux fur stole

VIEW IN GALLERYGorgeous Faux fur stole

Whether you love the idea of a fur stole because it’ll keep you very warm, or whether you’re just really into how it accents an outfit, we have the tutorial for you. Check out Chictopia to see how these adorable faux fur stoles were made!

7. Faux fur leg warmers

VIEW IN GALLERYFaux fur leg warmers

This tutorial by Instructables teaches you how to add faux fur to a pair of boots you already own by making yourself a pair of legwarmers, rather than investing money in an expensive new pair of faux or real fur boots.

8. Faux fur floor rug


Luxe Nice outlines the process of making this chic little faux fur floor rug, letting you easily customize your space for a cozier look and atmosphere this fall and winter.

9. Faux fur wrap

VIEW IN GALLERYFaux fur wrap

Is the faux fur stole just a little too small but you’re looking for something classier than the faux fur vest? Mr. Kate suggests making this perfectly medium sized wrap instead! Throw it on over a fancy dress if the evenings get cool so that you can stay warm without compromising your entire outfit!

10. Part faux fur clutch

VIEW IN GALLERYPart faux fur clutch

If you like the idea of a purse that involves faux fur, but you’re not so into how the completely fur purse from earlier in our list looked, then we have a solution for you! The Stripe‘s pattern only involves fur down one side and on the flap.

11. Oversized faux fur coat

VIEW IN GALLERYOversized faux fur coat

See Kate Sew

teaches you how simple it really can be to make yourself an entire coat! We love how this faux fur coat is just slightly over-sized, but in a stylish way, rather than a way that just makes it look like your clothes don’t fit.

12. DIY faux fur scarf

VIEW IN GALLERYDIT faux fur scarf

Trinkets in Bloom shows you how to make a toasty faux fur scarf to keep your neck and face warm in the winter, just by getting crafty with an old pair of sweat pants! Check out each step on their page.

13. Faux fur and flannel blanket

VIEW IN GALLERYFux fur and flannel blanket

The soft side of faux fur material might feel fluffy and warm, but the material on the underside is often scratchy and rough. A Beautiful Mess shows you how to solve this by attaching the fur to one side of a comfy flannel blanket.

14. Faux fur pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYFaux fur pillow

Melanie Ham

Why not have a warm, fuzzy faux fur pillow to go along with your fluffy new faux fur blanket? Finishing these projects will feel extra satisfying knowing they’ll keep you super cozy all winter!

15. Faux fur pompoms

VIEW IN GALLERYFaux fur pompoms

Thanks, I Made It‘s tutorial is a versatile one because you can use these faux fur pom poms for just about anything! Try attaching them to a pair of knitted slippers, the top of a hat, or even a little key chain.