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DIY Incense Holders For Hippie Souls

Incenses are becoming more and more popular as they don’t just smell lovely and infuse your living space with a divine scent, they also have a calming effect. But every incense needs a holder and those can get a bit pricey. Worry not if you don’t feel like spending a fortune on one, you can always just make it by yourself. Today we’re presenting you with some fabulous DIY incense holders that will proudly hold up your favorite incense and be a part of a calming environment.

Clay Incense Holder


If you love creating with clay, or just generally miss the good old school days when they made us make mother’s day gifts out of it, you will love this idea. Fall For DIY shares with you a quick and easy tutorial that will put all of the store bought incense holders to shame!

Simple Wooden Incense Holder


This beauty from The Merrythought will not only hold your burning incense but also store all the ones you’ve yet to burn! We love it when a DIY project is not only good to look at, but also really practical! If you like simple, wooden things, we recommend you give this one a try!

Hamsa Incense Holder


An incense holder and a protective amulet all in one! Everybody will envy you this amazing Hansa holder and will be even more impressed upon hearing you made it all by yourself. Honor your spirituality and visit Stellaire for more details!

3-Ingredient Incense Holder


Yes, you’ll only need three “ingredients” for this one! Find a piece of wood that you like, then go into your toolbox and dig out a hammer and a nail. That’s it. Don’t believe us? Head over to Free People and see for yourself!

Triangle Incense Holder


These are so easy to make we guarantee you’ll want to make more than just one! Maybe you can even surprise your friends with them or introduce someone new into the calming world of lighting incenses! Whatever your motives, Almost Makes Perfect shares the how-to!

Leaf Incense Holder


Honor Mother Nature by creating an incense holder that resembles a leaf! If you’re in tune with the changing seasons you can paint it so that it reflects the season you’re currently in! Green for spring or orange for fall! Find the details at Enthralling Gumption.

Tiny Incense Holders


If you prefer tiny holders to bigger, flashy ones, we have something for you, too! These cute little holders come from Instructables and you’ll totally fall in love with them! They’re quick to make and you can make a whole bunch of them, all different colors, so you never get bored!

Paint Splatter Incense Holder

VIEW IN GALLERYpaint splatter

Last but not least, this round incense holder will surely add a unique element into your living space. The paint splattered decoration gives it such a fun, dynamic look! Visit Curbly to see the instructions!

Now you’re ready to light up your favorite brand of incense and put it into a beautiful holder! The room will smell lovely while also having a new décor element. Win-win!