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DIY Storage Boxes: A Stylish Way to Organize Your Home 

It’s time to say farewell to clutter and sayonara to the mess! In order to have a neat and organized home you’re going to need some storage space for those items that like to roll around the house and create unnecessary mess. Get your home in order, room by room, by investing your time into making stylish DIY storage boxes that will save much of your clutter problems!

1. Navy Blue Storage Boxes


Dress up your storage boxes in a navy blue fabric to bring some charming coastal decor into your home. Aside from adding much beauty to your interior, they are also able to store many items you don’t want to see lying around but still like to keep at hand. Visit Making Home Base to learn how these lovely storage boxes are made!

2. Adorable Fabric Storage Boxes 


If you love fabric shopping you’ll be happy to know that Houseful of Handmade is about to give you an excuse to immerse yourself in a good old fabric shopping spree! Pick out some adorable and bright fabrics that you’ll be happy to admire in your house – they will soon be turned into stylish storage boxes!

3. Elegant Storage Boxes


A home that celebrates minimalism cannot afford to look cluttered. Sort through all of your items and pick the ones that could be put in storage boxes. Visit Northstory to get a tutorial for simplistic and elegant storage boxes that won’t disrupt your minimalist interior.

4. Diaper Box Storage Box 


Having a baby brings so many changes into the house – and so many items! Clothes, pacifiers, toys and diapers! Repurpose the diaper boxes into chic storage boxes to assure your home is always organized despite the baby madness! Mandy’s Crafty Exploits shares the whole process.

5. Rope Storage Basket 


Every room of the house needs to have an organization strategy in place and a bathroom is no exception. If you want it to look tidy and squeaky clean, a rope storage basket can help! Thanks to Elizabeth Joan, your toilet rolls and other important essentials will finally get their designated place!

6. Polka Dot Storage Boxes 


Honestly, is there anything cuter than polka dots? These adorable storage boxes we found at iHeart Organizing are so charming to look at they will actually inspire you to organize your home. They are perfect for procrastinators; trust us, you won’t be able to resist them!

7. Sweater Storage Box 


Got an old sweater that you want to repurpose? Thrifty & Chic will show you a simple way to turn it into a storage box! It’s going to have a very cozy and unique look, completely different from the basic storage boxes you see in stores. Don’t blame us if the next time you see a sweater on sale you immediately think storage box fabric! 

8. Cube Storage Box 


The majority of storage boxes are big and with a lot of volume, with a purpose of being able to store as much as possible. But sometimes you want to organize some smaller items, those that you wouldn’t really call clutter but you know they would do better in a storage space. Solve the problem with mini cube storage boxes by The Sewing Directory!

9. Black and White Storage Box 


The main goal of finding a good storage option is to get your hands on something that is able to store everything you need it to while naturally fitting into your interior without disrupting its flow. A black and white storage box by Erin Spain is a modern option that won’t disappoint!

10. Weathered Wood Storage Box 


Make sure to label your storage boxes when you are organizing the items that you’re constantly using, such as food or clothing. Bless’er House has a tutorial for amazing labeled storage boxes with a weathered wood look. We’ll let you in on a little secret: there is no actual woodworking involved, so this is totally lazy-person friendly!