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DIY Scarecrows: Farmer’s Raggedy Helpers

Birds are cute and adorable creatures but they can be very annoying when they come to nibble on your planted seeds and other goodies already growing in your backyard! Fool the birds into thinking you hired security to protect your farming land every hour of the day by making a big, raggedy scarecrow! You can customize him to only look scary to the birds, not to the kids! For inspiration and ideas, dive into this roundup of best DIY scarecrows!

Denim Scarecrow 


Who doesn’t have a pair of overalls at home from the time when they were pregnant? 2 Little Hooligans will inspire you to repurpose those giant denim pants and make a big colorful scarecrow! The straw hat and overalls may not earn him any fashion points, but at least the birds will leave your garden alone!

Life-Size Scarecrow 


Do you wish you could look over your garden all day long? Make a scarecrow version of yourself to make the birds believe you are always keeping an eye on your greens! The Gardener’s Notebook gave us the idea for this life-size scarecrow, but we’ll wait for you to tell us how it’s working out to have a straw twin!

Flannel Scarecrow 


Don’t like messy, raggedy scarecrows? Burlap Kitchen has a fantastic tutorial for a scarecrow that is dressed by the latest country trends! The flannel shirt is the go-to item every country man has in his closet and you know it goes best with hand-me-down denim pants!

Cute Scarecrow 


You don’t like scary and creepy scarecrows in ripped clothing but you’re also about to have it with the birds! Indie Crafts has the perfect scarecrow for you! It has a cute and welcoming face, so it won’t creep you out, but it’s still wide and noticeable enough to send a clear message to those thieving birds!

Mop Scarecrow


In the world of most modern vacuum cleaners, who needs mops? Turns out, you do! If you have an old mop lying around, ready to be thrown out, hold your horses! According to Farmhouse 38, you can turn it into a dashing scarecrow that will protect your planted goodies! Say what?!

Mini Scarecrow 


If you only need to secure a smaller surface from the hungry birds, a mini scarecrow  will do just fine! The small size instantly makes it feel like an organic part of your garden. It may be a tiny element, but it does have a lot of value! Get more details at HubPages!

Country Scarecrow 


Get yourself a scarecrow that carries a true country charm! Dressed in old denim trousers, big plaid shirt and a red bandana, he looks like the most charming farm boy in the village that all the lady-scarecrows will want to bat eyelashes at! Grow Organic has a video tutorial!

Adorable Scarecrow 


If you have little children, an adorable scarecrow is your only option. You don’t want to scare them with a big and intimidating scarecrow when you can make a friendly looking one, just like Barbara Miller did! Turn this into a family project and your little ones will love it even more!

Tin Can Scarecrow 


Traditional scarecrows are made of straw, but you can always just use the materials you already have at home to create a unique scarecrow and inspire your neighbors to do the same! As we learned from Crafty Imaginings, some old tin cans are more than enough for a proper scarecrow!

Lady Scarecrow 


Girl power for the win! Your scarecrow doesn’t have to be a man; it can be a lovely scarecrow lady with kind features that is eager to shoo the birds away from your field and make sure you have the best harvest yet! House of Hawthornes spills the details!

Kid’s Scarecrow 


Including kids into your gardening and farming activities is such a rewarding experience for them! A great idea is to let them make a scarecrow all of their own and have him protect anything their tiny hands have planted! From J to Z features a really adorable kid’s scarecrow!