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15 Creative Ways to Make or Alter Bras

When it comes to the world of bras, we can be quite particular in the fits and styles we like. If we’re not comfortable in the bra we’re wearing, we might feel distract all day, even if we’re trying to concentrate on work! At the same time, we find that sometimes our visual tastes are a little different and more interested than what we’ve found in stores before as well. That’s why we started looking up different ways to make and alter bras ourselves.

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of making or altering bras as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the cutest and most creative designs, ideas, and tutorials that we’ve come across in our search so far.

1. Pretty applique and pearls bra


Halloween might not be for quite a while yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a jump on things by coming up with costume element ideas or getting started on making certain pieces now! Last year, we decided to get our our favourite feather boa and do a pretty, 1930s style showgirl look, but with a bit of a flashy modern twist. That’s why we followed this fantastic pearl and applique bra tutorial outlined step by step on Missmettaxiong!

2. DIY cage bra


Have you long been admiring the amazing cage bras that are sold in stores now, loving the way they use straps to create a criss-crossing pattern at the chest, but you can’t help but notice that all of the best cage styles are featured on bras that simply won’t give you the cup size or level of support you really need when you wear a bra? Then perhaps it’s time to take design matters into your own hands and make a fantastic cage bra of your own! That’s precisely what OhLalaHolly did here and they’ve been kind enough to lay their steps and process out nice and clearly for you.

3. Simple unlined racer back for petite busts


Do you actually have the opposite problem to what we described above, finding that most of the bras you see in stores come in a cup size or style that has too much room and won’t hug your chest properly or stay in place the way you need? In that case, we think you might get along with something like this fantastically simple and super comfortable racer back bra featured step by step on Cut Out and Keep! They show you how to make a casual style that’s good for down days are home or simple, light work outs, without even having to line the inside.

4. Simple lined sports bra


Did we actually catch your attention quite well when we started talking about making better fitting gym bras of your very own but your bust is slightly bigger than the above style calls for so you think a lining is actually very necessary indeed? Then perhaps this clearly outlined and extremely helpful lined gym bra tutorial featured on Brandi Jackson Wellness will be a little more up your alley! They show you how to make it in custom sizing to give you a whole range of options.

5. How to increase cup sizes


Perhaps you actually already have a large collection of bras that you quite like, but weight fluctuation or the arrival if a baby has changed your bust size drastically enough to require a different cup size quite suddenly? Well, we can understand not wanting to spend the small fortune it might take to replace your entire bra collection, as we’ve been there before as well, which is why we were so pleased to come across this simple bra cup altering tutorial featured on Shushanna! They show you how to increase the cup size using foam bra inserts attached to the pre-made cups of the bras you already have.

6. DIY lounge bras


Were you quite intrigued indeed by the idea of a “house bra” that’s comfortable enough to wear on your down time because you don’t always enjoy wearing underwire but you also don’t like the feeling of going completely braless either? Then we think perhaps you’ll get along very well indeed with these super comfortable “lounge bras” outlined nice and clearly on Sew DIY!

7. DIY nursing bra


Did your attention really perk up when we started talking about the concept of needing new bras or bras in different shapes and sizes because you’re expecting a baby because you’re about to be a new mother, but you’re trying to keep things as thrifty and affordable as possible? Well, first off, we’d like to say congratulations! Next, we’d love to direct your attention to the way Hour Glassy made a nursing bra of their own by making just a few quick DIY alterations on a well fitting bar from the thrift shop. By attaching a couple hooks, they guide you through the process of making the bra into one that will pull down for simple nursing access (so that you don’t have to buy fancy brand-name nursing bras).

8. Victoria’s Secret inspired lace bustier bras


Is your interest in making your very own bras actually stemmed from the fact that the ones you like the best in stores are always the laciest, fanciest designs… which means they always cost the most? Well, we’ve been there as well, so we feel you on that, but we’re also glad to report that we found a way around spending all our money on brand name prices! Check out how Runway Done My Way carefully altered and embellished the fine details on cheaper base bras to make them look like the brand name lingerie you love the look of so much.

9. DIY no-sew bra purse


Have you actually been scrolling through our list and thinking about how you have some old bras that are worn out and beyond saving, so you’d rather get creative with different ways of transforming and upcycling the pieces? Well, don’t be discouraged by the fact that you’re not necessarily the most experienced person at sewing, because Slapdash Mom has a totally unique and interesting tutorial to show you how to make your old bra cups and straps into a purse without making a simple stitch!

10. DIY mermaid bra


Did we actually catch your attention so well at the very beginning, when we started talking about the bra decorated with appliques and pearls, that you’ve been hoping to scroll by another similar idea ever since, but you can’t help wishing there was a way to theme your bra a little more, rather than just making it look fancy? In that case, we have a feeling you might get along very well indeed with this lovely mermaid bra outlined step by step on Jessnuts! They show you how to make it happen with the pearls you liked so much, but also with actual seashells for a neat, authentic look.

11. Simple DIY lace bralette


Have your favourite designs that we’ve listed for you so far undoubtedly been the adorable, casual bralettes but you can’t help but wonder whether you can make something that mimics how comfortable those are without looking quite so casually “lounge wear”? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how With Wendy made these lovely elastic and lace bralettes that let you feel a little more dainty, even in your comfort.

12. How to make a classic foam cup bra


If you’re going to go to the trouble of making yourself a bra, would you rather really invest in the idea and actually make every element step by step, from scratch? In that case, you’ll have to learn how to make every piece, right down to the foam cups! Lucky for all of us, Cloth Habit has a fantastic tutorial for that. This way, you can make custom, awesome fitting bras or replace the foam inserts from your other bra tops and bathing suits if they wear out or you lose one.

13. Stunning strappy lace bralette


Perhaps you were very intrigued indeed by the idea of making yourself pretty lace bralettes, but you’d actually like to take yours to the next level and make it a little prettier or more intricate, rather than making it more on the casual side? Then we have a feeling you’ll really adore the way Tailor Made fully outlines, in very clear steps, how to make a beautiful lace bralette featuring extra fashionable straps around the cups and below the bust.

14. Strappy halter bra tops


Were you perhaps a huge fan of the “strappy” idea we just showed you above, but you’re not sure that you want quite such a delicate lace look? Maybe you’ve actually just never liked the way a triangular bra looks on your bust, or perhaps you’d rather make a sort of “bra top” that you might wear as a crop because you loved the idea of showing off the extra straps so much. In any case, we think this lovely (and surprisingly simple) strappy halter bra design featured on Ohhh Lulu might be right up your alley.

15. How to sew a shelf bra into a tank top


Have you ever worn a store bought tank top that has a shelf bra built right in and found it so comfortable on a casual day or during a workout that you wished all the tank tops you already have at home had shelf bras built right into them as well? Then we have a feeling you’ll feel very enthusiastic about this useful tutorial from Imagine Gnats indeed! They show you how to add a simple shelf bra to just about any tank top, regardless of style or material.