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Home Away From Home: Modern DIY Ideas for Decorating Your Dorm Room

Staying in a dorm room can be such a fun life experience, but if you are far away from home or the room is plain and boring, you can quickly get homesick and start feeling like your little room doesn’t feel like home at all. We’ve rounded up the best DIY dorm room decor ideas that are not only going to make your dorm feel like a proper home, they will also infuse it with a fresh and modern style!

1. Flower Wall Headboard


Flowers instantly bring a whole new energy into the room. They bring a little part of nature into our living space, even if they are faux. The sight of them is uplifting and gentle, a great energy to have around when you’re stressing about exams. Visit Sweet Teal to learn how you can make a flower wall headboard!

2. Hanging Photo Display 


Being away from your family can be hard, but the college experience is all about making memories with your friends! Bring the two parts together in a DIY hanging photo display by Homeyohmy, where you can feature pictures of your family as well as memories you’ve made with your new-found best friends.

3. Painting Jewelry Storage 


Dorm rooms have a constant problem with storage space. They are small and have limited storage, so you’re going to have to be creative if you want to make the best of it. Teeny Ideas will show you an awesome hack of hanging up a painting that doubles as hidden jewelry storage!

4. Memo Board Key Rack 


Moving into a dorm is often the first experience of being a responsible adult for most people. All of a sudden you need to be organized and mindful of important due dates coming up. We love the memo board key rack from A Little Craft in Your Day that is a truly lovely and exceptionally functional decor piece!

5. Color Blocked Geometric Vase 


You’ll definitely want to bring some plants into your dorm room! They will make your living space more lively and give it that important feeling of home. Your youthful spirit is going to want a modern planter, so how does Proper‘s color blocked geometric vase look like?

6. Teardrop Hanging Planter


Here’s another idea for a modern, dorm room friendly planter. This one is very dynamic, ideal for anyone who gets bored of things quickly and loves to decorate their room in an innovative way. You can DIY this teardrop hanging planter with Vintage Revivals‘ help!

7. Brass Swing Lamp 


Dorm room life isn’t all just parties and troublemaking. You’ll be spending a lot of time behind your desk with your nose buried into thick books, prepping for challenging exams. Make sure you have a good (and trendy!) lighting option. Hello Lidy‘s brass swing lamp would be our first pick!

8. Glowing Mason Jars 


If you want to give your dorm room a more dreamy and romantic ambiance, you need to go shopping for mason jars of different sizes and some string lights! This is a quick and simple way to turn your dorm room into an enchanting place for a movie night or a date. Find out more at Light Bulbs!

9. Newspaper Wall Art


Are the walls of your dorm bare and boring? One of the first things you can do to fully embrace your dorm room as a second home is to decorate it with wall art. Check in with Brit + Co if you need some inspiration. We love their epic DIY newspaper wall art!

10. Painted Pouf 


At the end of the long day full of classes, all you want to do is put your feet up and  enjoy a couple of hours of your favorite Netflix show. This painted pouf we found at Camille Styles is going to be a unique element in your dorm room as well as your most cherished element whenever you want to chill!

11. Braided T-Shirt Rug 


A rug can give a living space a more domestic feeling, but let’s be honest, you can’t spend loads of money on a store-bought rug. Being in college means having to DIY your way through life and we’re always here to help! Start with a braided T-shirt rug from My Poppet Makes!

12. Dixie Cup Garland


Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your dorm room with Rhiannon Bosse‘s garland made from string lights and dixie cups. What might seem like an unusual pairing at first, will actually result in an enchanting and cozy decor element!