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Epic DIY Bandana Accessories You’ll Wear All Year Round 

Got an old bandana you need to find a new use for? As always, you’ve come to the right place! There are countless things you can make out of a bandana that has already served its time, but in this roundup we’ll only focus on accessories! Why? Because one, they have the power to define an outfit and two, we can never have enough of them! If you’re ready to bless your accessory collection with a couple of new pieces, check out some epic bandana accessories down below!

Bandana Drawstring Bag 


Martha Stewart knows that drawstring bags are the young people’s favorite! You can use them for basically anything – going to the park, the gym, a party or a casual lunch with friends. A drawstring is simple to carry around and fits inside an abundance of items! The bandana look is just the sweet icing on the cake!

Sunglasses Pouch 


An accessory for our favorite accessory? Sign us up! You cannot leave the house without a sunglasses pouch if you value your sunglasses. They protect your eyes from the sun but (more importantly) they also make you look hella cool! Check in with Hello Glow and learn how your bandana can become the chicest sunglasses pouch around!

Bandana Bracelets


Summer is just around the corner, but festival season has already opened! If you haven’t put together a whole selection of hippie bracelets yet, Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom has a train for you to catch! These stylish bandana bracelets will earn you a lot of envious looks at the next Lollapalooza!

Bandana Camera Strap 


If you’re the one friend of the group that is always snapping pictures of everybody else, you are probably inseparable from your DSLR. With that said, there is always a way to upgrade it and make it look just a tiny bit more trendy! Visit One Good Thing and see how you can repurpose your oldest bandana in a nifty way!

Bandana Headband 


Headbands are the ultimate accessory, approved by Blair Waldorf herself! They are like a modern version of a crown, clearly presenting you as the royalty of fashion! If you want to give your headband a slightly more bohemian look, Mine for the Making has a great tutorial!

Bandana Skirt 


Wait, can skirt be an accessory? You tell us! The beauty of having a unique and custom-made bandana skirt is that there are countless ways to wear it and pair it with other garments! If you’re already getting ideas as we speak, DIY Candy is the place to go to!

Bandana Necklace 


Busy mommas, you will love this one! Sometimes you really need a new necklace, but all you have at home is a bandana and your kids marbles! Well, Happiness is Homemade turned this situation into her advantage and crafted herself a new bandana necklace in five minutes! Mom skills for life!

Bandana Tote Bag 


Tote bags are definitely the future. They are an incredible accessory that pairs with your daily outfits and has so much space you can even use them as grocery bags! They are simple to clean and simple to store! If you have a bandana to sacrifice, eHow will show to make the coolest tote bag!

Bandana Neck Wrap 


A Girl and a Glue Gun shares a fun spin on the classic way to tie a bandana! You fill it with some beans, stitch it up and then use it as a cooling neck wrap on hot days or when you struggle with neck pain! Functionality adds so much value to the accessory and makes it a real keeper!

Bandana Top 


This bandana top is probably going to become your favorite summer piece to wear and you can blame it on Trash to Couture! It’s incredibly breezy, perfect for hot days or windy afternoons at the beach when you need something to wear over your swimsuit!

Bandana Jewelry


Have you always wanted to make your own jewelry but didn’t want it to look too fancy?  Here’s a way for you to combine the glamour of the silver jewelry with the free-spiritedness of a bandana! Fancymade came up with this idea and it’s the most unique piece of jewelry you will ever make!

As if you needed more reasons to be crazy over bandanas!