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DIY Lace Up Fashion: A Quick and Alluring Way to Update Your Clothes  

Every now and again we find ourselves in a situation when we still love a certain sweater or a T-shirt, but it just doesn’t fit our style anymore. It has either become too boring or we’ve moved on to more dynamic trends. Instead of making the harsh decision of giving up the clothes you actually secretly want to keep, give them a quick and alluring DIY lace up refashion! You can find some incredible ideas down below!

1. Lace Up Sweatshirt 


A sweatshirt in your favorite color that keeps you warm on chilly evenings is definitely not the kind of piece you could part from in the near future. Check out how Bunny Baubles made a lace up sweatshirt that is going to totally rock your wardrobe’s world!

2. Lace Up College Tee 


College T-shirts are always in style, but if you are that little rebel who still has some of the classic high school mischief going on, you’re definitely not going to play by the rules. Update your college tee with a simple lace up, following Style by Salli‘s instructions!

3. Lace Up Jeans 


One of the reasons why we love jeans so much is because they are true chameleons. They can be worn in a casual fashion with Converse sneakers or in an upscale style with high heels. If you want to give your jeans a look that totally sets them apart from the rest, look no further than Raven Elyse‘s lace up jeans!

4. Lace Up Short Sleeved Sweatshirt 


The lace up style has a reputation for being very sexy, but if you want to keep it casual you need to check out the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess! The short sleeved sweatshirt with a little lace up upgrade is the perfect casual and comfy piece to wear on a sunny day!

5. Lace Up Loose Tank Collar 


A loose tank top seems like a good idea when we first get it, especially because they are usually incredibly cheap. But when you suddenly have too many of them in your closet it’s time for a good old refashion project. Trash to Couture shares a unique lace up refashion for a loose tank collar!

6. Lace Up Tassel Top 


You’ve decided to give your basic black top a makeover but you want to push it a little further than just a simple lace up. We hear you! For an added element of playfulness and dynamic, tassels need to be a part of this! Find out more about this brilliant idea at Made Up Style!

7. Lace Up Baggy Sweatshirt 


Baggy sweatshirts are such a joy to wear. They are cozy, big and warm! If you have recently managed to steal one from your guy, give it your own personal touch and mark it as yours forever with a quick lace up makeover! Get the details at Merrick’s Art.

8. Lace Up Boot Covers


If you regularly watch red carpet events you’ve surely found yourself in awe of the daring lace up boots some celebrities show up in. They are a sign of boldness and confidence! Visit Trash to Couture to learn how you can make lace up boot covers that you can wear with any pair of shoes you want!

9. Lace Up Leggings 


Dare to be different and challenge the world of leggings by making these super innovative lace up leggings! We would definitely wear these to a concert or a festival! Some people are meant to stand out and Subject to Fashion totally gets that!

10. Lace Up Merch Tee 


Tell us honestly – how many merch T-shirts do you own? Merch tees have found their way into the hearts of youngsters even if they are not a part of a specific fandom. They just want to look super cool! Girrl Scout has the perfect project for you if you want to know what happens when merchandise meets lace up!

11. Lace Up Swimsuit 


What’s one of the most unexpected items you could refashion with a lace up? That’s right, a bathing suit! Give it a playful addition of a lace up and wow everybody at the beach with your top-notch style! You can learn more about it by visiting A Pair & A Spare.

12. Lace Up Corset Belt 


Belts used to serve the purpose of keeping your pants up, but they’ve since evolved into stunning accessory pieces as well. If you’re dreaming of showing off a captivating and remarkable belt that you made yourself, we’re totally voting for Ann Le‘s lace up corset belt!