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Time to Get Ready for the Big Day: 15 Best DIY Save the Date Ideas

When it comes to shaving dollars off of wedding expenses, there are certain places that are not worth skimping on and certain things that are totally reasonable to try out a more affordable option. If you ask us, save the date cards are one of the things that it’s okay to spend a little less on! That’s because it’s so simple to make them yourself, particularly when there are so many resources online that will help you make all kinds of lovely designs and layouts that you can customize, put together, or print and send by yourself instead of ordering from fancy suppliers. It’s a great feeling when your own crafting skills save you money!

Just in case you’re as intrigued by the idea of making your very own save the date cards as we were, if not more, here are 15 the the nicest and most creative looking designs that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration.

1. Mint and greyscale colour blocking template


Are you slightly new to the world of DIY and looking for something that you can customize yourself but otherwise have some pretty clear instruction for making happen? In that case, we think you might get along best with something like a save the date template. You’ll get some control over design and colour but, besides that, all you really have to do is put in your favourite photo and hit print! This lovely printable template design from The Southern Thing is the perfect example of what we mean.

2. Photo strip save the dates


Have you always simple adored the playful concept and aesthetic of photo booth strips no matter what kind of picture based DIY project you’re doing? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get a real kick out of the way Annie Franceschi turned a photo strip into their save the date cards in just a few simple steps! They even give you some tips for guiding your guests to a wedding webpage in order to make coordinating and giving out information about your big day even easier.

3. Neon calligraphy save the dates


Perhaps your DIY skills have actually always lied in your penmanship, or even just your ability to tell a nice colour story? In that case, maybe starting with a plain white card and free-handing your own save the date cards would be more fun a project for you! We love the way Oh So Beautiful Paper combined interesting calligraphy with neon colours to create an attention grabbing contrast.

4. Country Chic save the date


Is your wedding going to have a slightly more rustic feel to it, taking on a more casual and down home aesthetic in order to make your friends and family feel comfortable and welcome? Then why not make save the date cards to match? We love how Married in May combined their own love for photo strips with simple paper and jute string to create a country chic inspired feel.

5. Custom stamped watercolour save the dates


Ordering yourself a custom stamp with your wedding information on it is simple and pleasantly affordable, but you’ll still have to choose the design and layout of what you stamp that on! Now that spring is coming, we’re feeling very good indeed about this stunning watercolour paint design from Oh So Beautiful Paper that features a simple pastel colour wash below the stamp on each card.

6. Simple tape-mounted photo save the date


Are you actually the kind of person who is known to family and friends for making things yourself, so you’d prefer to make something simple and adorable that your loved ones can actually identified as homemade? In that case, maybe you’ll get a kick out of the way Molly Jacques Illustration made these lovely save the date cards that featured a photo mounted by a simple piece of patterned tape, letting your love speak for itself.

7. DIY balloon message save the date


If you’re going to make your very own save the date cards, would you rather create a design that has some kind of gimmick or interactive element that your friends, family, and guests will find intriguing and unique? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Bloved Blog made their very own “inflate and save the date” cards, where the information is printed on a balloon that displays it all when you blow it up.

8. Airmail themed save the dates


Regardless of the theme or aesthetic if your wedding, would you love to make slightly vintage inspired save the date cards that have a lot of character? Then we think perhaps this lovely tutorial from Oh So Beautiful Paper might be right up your alley! They teach you, step by step, how to design and make save the date cards that look like old airmail from the 1950s.

9. Floral postcard style save the dates


Just in case you’re still looking for a cute, simple, and character filled save the date template but you’d still like to keep at least a little bit of creative control, here’s a fantastic resources from Maritza Lisa! They show you how to make cards that are laid out just like a postcard, making them a great choice if yours is a destination wedding. Their floral design is also wonderfully fitting for weddings taking place this spring!

10. Layered vellum photo save the date


Have you always loved the way your modern photos look with a sort of vintage filter over them but you also know that applying the filter digitally and then printing it decreases the quality of the photo? Then we think you simply must take a look at the way Cards & Pockets created a similar effect by printing their photo first and then adding a layer of vellum over top! Print the words on the vellum sheet so that guests can look at your clear, unaltered photo underneath if they please.

11. Magnet save the date invitations


If you’re going to put in all the time and effort it takes to make save the date cards of your very own, would you prefer that they have some sort of keepsake element for each person you send them too? Well, we’re pretty nostalgic too, so we can’t say we blame you. that’s why we loved this idea from Something Turquoise; it shows you how to make a save the date card from a photo that has also been turned into a fridge magnet!

12. Vintage handkerchief save the dates


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about vintage inspired save the date cards but you’d actually like to take that concept even further? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Oh So Beautiful Paper actually made their save the dates on a set of lovely lace and embroidery clad vintage doilies, on that each set of guests can save as a keepsake!

13. “Perfect match” save the date cards


Just uni case you’re a huge fan of word play and puns, heres a lovely little idea that let you get creative with wedding theme metaphors! We’re kind of in love with the way Something Turquoise got some colour tipped matches and created “perfect match” themed save the date cards that are simple but bright and effective.

14. Scratch card save the dates


Did we really catch your attention with the idea of making save the date cards that are interactive and fun in some way but you’re not sure you like balloons enough to work with those and send them to all your family and friends? Then maybe you’d prefer to take a look at the way Planet Cards made a scratch card inspired save the date where guests scratch away the foil with a coin to reveal the wedding date!

15. DIY confetti save the dates


Are you the kind of bright, cheerful person who will be happy with just about any design so long as there’s some kind of sparkle involved? In that case, we think you’ll get along very well indeed with this tutorial from Evermine! They show you how to not only layout and print your own cute photo-based save the date cards, but also how to make adorable (and shiny) custom dated confetti packs for each card too!