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The Hottest Beauty Trend ATM: DIY Silver Hair 

The times when we all dreaded getting gray hair are long over. Right now, everyone with gray and silver hair is turning heads, no matter the age! We’re happy that this color is finally being embraced because it has been unappreciated for far too long! Right now, shades of white, gray, silver and everything in between are the hottest trend in the beauty industry. We’re bringing you some epic tutorials to learn how you can DIY silver hair like a total pro!

1. Male Silver Hair 


Since we usually start all hairstyle roundups with women, we’re making a change in this one! Men can look drop-dead-gorgeous with silver hair so if you’re on the fence  about it, we say don’t hesitate any longer! Check out Alex Fraction‘s fabulous silver hair tutorial!

2. Male Grayish Silver Hair 


Maybe you don’t want your hair to be completely silver to the point where they’re almost white, in which case you can opt for the silver that borders on gray. It’s a darker tone that is perfect for those who don’t want to make a full transition. Luca Santagelo shares the how-to!

3. Curly Silver Hair 


Okay ladies, time for a summer hairstyle change! Once you chop off some of those split ends and get to a length that you are comfortable with, the silver color can come out to play! Alexis Mae has a great tutorial for silver hair that looks absolutely perfect with some curls and untouched roots!

4. Lavender Silver Hair 


Our favorite things about silver hair is that there are so many different shades, each and every hairstyle is completely unique. Silver is a color that dances beautifully with other tones and really turns your hair into a fairytale-like image. Check out how Guy Tang gave the silver hair a lavender undertone!

5. Silver Hair with Extensions 


Many of us wear extensions and they can be a super useful tool when you’re trying out new hair colors or simply want to spice up your look a bit. If you’re worried about how your extensions are going to fit with the massive silver change, check in with Miss Nosebleed!

6. Targaryen Silver Hair 


Perhaps one of the reasons why silver hair is gaining in popularity so quickly is because of the fictional Targaryen dynasty from the popular Game of Thrones franchise. In the books their hair is described as silver-white and if you want to channel your inner blood of the dragon, Evelina Forsell‘s silver hair is on point!

7. Long Fairy Silver Hair 


Another fictional and mythical creature that often inspires silver hair is the fairy. Dyeing your long hair to a silver shade is instantly going to give you a dreamy and enchanting appearance, slightly resembling forest fairies. If you love the sound of that, thank Miranda Hedman for the idea!

8. Dark to Silver Hair 


We know that many of you who are reading this have dark hair, so you may be wondering if it’s even possible for you to go silver and if it is, can you do it at home or do you have to bankrupt yourself at the hairdresser’s? Tasha Leelyn can answer all of your questions!

9. Silver Hair Highlights 


If you’re still just playing around with the idea of gray hair and maybe don’t want to instantly make a full commitment, highlights are a great option for you! They provide you with a general picture of how the color suits you and give your hair a refreshed style! The Lashing Hairstylist documented the whole process!

10. Titanum Silver Hair 


We already mentioned how beautifully silver pairs with other color shades and here is another example. The color of Kallen XO‘s hair is titanium silver, meaning there are visible shades of blue throughout the hair which give the whole style an immense depth and uniqueness!