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Wonderful DIY A Pretty Non Sew Tutu

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My daughter loves tutu and like dancing with it .Every little princess deserves a pretty tutu. This classic tulle tutu is a perfect project for beginner crafters because it is super easy to make without sewing.It is ideal for a flower girl’s wedding dress, playtime, ballerinas-in-training or just for the fun of it. Have the kids help with this project — even if they’re not handy with scissors, they can help lay out the fabric and tie it onto the elastic.

You will need:

  • wider elastic (1.5 inch);
  • tulle fabric;
  • scissors.


  • Measure the waist dimension need for the tutu
  • cut a piece of elastic a little longer than that size.
  • Tie or sew the ends of the elastic together to form a circle.
  • Cut the tulle strips twice the length you wish for your finished tutu.
  • Take one strip at a time and form an “upside-down” U shape.
  • Place the “upside-down” U piece of tulle behind the waistband.
  • Make sure the ends are even and then put the 2 ends on top of the waistband and through the opening between the top of the tulle U and the waistband.
  • Pull the ends of your tulle through tightly.
  • Add all your tulle pieces until the waistband is full.
  • Slide the tulle pieces together so they are close and no distances are showing between them.