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10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Vinyls

Some vinyl records are evergreen, others were an impulsive purchase years ago when you were in your still looking for myself phase. Remember that one? It’s time to stop hiding your embarrassing old records, because we’ve all been there! Why else do you think the internet is full of tips on how to repurpose them? Bingo! Here are 10 creative ways to repurpose your old vinyls!

1. Vinyl Bowls


This is one of those projects that you feel compelled to try even if you’re saying to yourself “But I don’t even need new bowls.” Trust us, you need these! They are so simple to make and won’t cost you a dime! Sorry Hair soundtrack, it’s time for you to hold some candy! The Surznick Common Room shows you how to make them step-by-step!

2. Record Table

VIEW IN GALLERYVinyl record table

You get to repurpose an old vinyl record and you get a new piece of chic furniture! We dare you to tell us something sweeter! The table looks so neat it will surely add a special element to your living room. Can you already see it beautifying your living space? The Flourishing Abode will help you make it!

3. Desert Stand

VIEW IN GALLERYVinyl desert stand

Turn your old vinyls into a unique desert stand that you will get to fill with the utmost awesome recipes! (For ideas, visit our Food & Recipes category!). Just imagine those yummy baked goodies on display! Is anyone else already hungry or is that just us? Bubby & Bean has the secrets to this desert stand!

4. Handmade Vinyl Record Book

VIEW IN GALLERYVinyl record book handmade

Another great idea for repurposing an old vinyl is to turn it into a handmade book! You can fill it with your favorite lyrics, poems, pictures or memories; the choice is yours! This one is bound to have some sentimental value! Check out Homemade Ginger for the in-depth tutorial!

5. Vinyl Butterflies

VIEW IN GALLERYVinyl butterflies

What could be better than some vinyl décor?! You will love these vinyl butterflies that will turn your living space into nothing short of a wonderland! The idea comes from Threadsence and once you see how incredible it looks you won’t want to miss out on it!

6. Vinyl Purse


We all know vinyl records have a great look to them! There are a lot of purses out there that mimic them, but how about making a purse from an actual vinyl record?! This way you repurpose an old record of yours and get a one-of-a-kind, fashionable purse! Stars for Streetlights  will show you how!

7. Vinyl Dreamcatcher

VIEW IN GALLERYvinyl dreamcatcher

Horses & Hand Grenades came up with a fantastic way of turning a vinyl record into a dreamcatcher wall art! It looks absolutely stunning and impressive! You can get really creative with it and make it completely your own! And in case you catch a dreamcatcher bug, here are some more ideas!

8. Broken Record Wall Art

VIEW IN GALLERYvinyl ombre wall art

Even broken things can be beautiful and sometimes it is precisely them who have the biggest artistic value. This broken record ombre wall art is a stunning piece that will make a great impact on your home gallery! Tattooed Martha will show you how to make this special piece!

9. Vinyl Mail Holder

VIEW IN GALLERYVinyl mailholder

Can you tell this is a vinyl record or are you as surprised as we are?! Amazing project by Hearts & Sharts will leave you richer for a bright and funky mail holder that’s secretly a repurposed vinyl record! It’s simple and useful, the best combination!

10. Vinyl Candle Holders


Why not upgrade your least favorite vinyl record into your most favorite candle holder? Seems like a good bargain! These golden candle holders will take everyone’s breath away! They look elegant and glamorous, creating a charming atmosphere for some candlelight! Check them out in all their glory at While They Snooze!


Now that you know how to repurpose your old vinyl records, saying goodbye to them should be a little easier!