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For Little Ballerinas: DIY Tutu Skirts!

Tutu skirts have always been the utmost adorable piece of clothing, one that captures the carefree time of childhood. They compel kids to dance and twirl around, pretending they’re prima ballerinas! Surprise your little one with a tutu skirt that you made yourself! Just imagine the joy in their eyes as they spin around the house all day! Check out these stunning DIY tutu skirts and surprise your little ballerina!

All-White Tutu


Before they’re old enough to daydream about their wedding dresses, they can enjoy this all-white, classy tutu. If you like it’s brightness and elegance, be ready to burry yourself in white tulle and closely follow the instructions at Girl Inspired!



Most tutus require a sewing machine, but not this one! The Hair Bow will guide you through the process of making a tutu solely by hand, no sewing required at all! You’ll need a crochet headband, a book, some scissors and, of course, tulle!

Crumpled Tutu


This tutu will appeal to the energetic kids who prefer messy-looking things! The crumpled look makes it edgy and daring, so it will surely make your little one feel like they can conquer any challenge! Visit DIY Ready to see the tutorial!

Ribbon Trimmed Tutu

VIEW IN GALLERYRibbon Trimmed Tutu

A little ribbon can make all the difference! It makes the tutu look neat and special! All the patience and time you’ll put into it will be well worth it once you see your toddler’s happy face! This ribbon trimmed tutu is a true treat and you can find it at The Ribbon Treat!

Fabric Scrap Tutu

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric Scrap Tutu

Maybe you’re not a fan of tulle, but you still want to make a tutu. Luckily, DIY Network has an amazing tutorial on how to make a tutu out of fabric scraps! Yes, it’s two birds one stone kind of situation – you get to use up some old fabric and your kiddo gets a tutu!

Ribbon Bow Tutu


Sometimes even the cutest of tutus need a special touch! This one has a ribbon bow, as well as an exceptional choice of colors, ones not usually seen in tutu skirts! You will find the instructions for this one-of-a-kind tutu at Heart Break Kids.

Lady Bug Tutu


Whether this one is used as a Halloween costume or a daily play-time outfit, it definitely serves its purpose of giving your toddler the opportunity to transform into a magical lady bug character! Daydreaming is everything, so head over to So I Saw This Tutorial and see the how-to!

Ballet Tutu


If your little one is dreaming of becoming ballerina, this tutu will make them really happy! They can wear it to a children’s ballet class or perform with it at home, entertaining the entire family. Either way, Ohoh Blog shares the instructions!

Purple Tutu

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade Purple Tutu

Here’s another super unique, extraordinary tutu! It’s decorated with ribbons and radiates purple in all its glory! It’s a great idea to make more of them, each of different color! Yay for a tutu making party! House Of Coleman has the details!

Bubble Ruffle Tutu

VIEW IN GALLERYBubble Ruffle Tutu

We found this at U Create and it is mesmerizing! Look at that bright pink! There’s a lot of sewing involved, but looking at the end result, you won’t even be able to tell! Imagine the proud moment when your kid asks you where you bought it and you get to say you made it yourself!

Enjoy making your chosen tutu and make sure to let us know how your little ballerina likes it!