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Spring Magic Unleashed: DIY Floral Jewelry Ideas of All Styles

Now that spring is here, we just can’t get enough of flowers, floral prints, and blossom inspired fashion. That’s why we love wearing flower themed jewelry so much; we can incorporate our favourite part of spring into our look without suffering from allergy, watering eyes and sneezing! The best kind of floral jewelry, of course, is the kind we make ourselves because we can customize colours and styles that way.

Just in case you love the idea of DIY floral jewelry as much as we did, if not more, here are 15 fantastic ideas, styles, and tutorials that will make you feel inspired when it comes to accessorizing this spring!

1. Anthropologie inspired floral chain


We’re by no means the first people to adore floral inspirations in our accessories for spring! There are many brands out there that have made absolutely stunning pieces, but we find we don’t always have the cash to buy the ones we like most. That’s why we’re always pleased to find tutorials that help us recreate designer pieces for less! This guide to making an Anthropologie inspired flower necklace, featured on Crafts Unleashed, is the perfect example of what we mean.

2. Metal piece and beaded floral bib necklace


Have you long been a collector of beads and broken jewelry pieces for times just like this but you haven’t used them yet because you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity? Then it sounds like you might just have enough salvageable floral pieces to make a bib necklace! We love the way Craft or Nothing layered little plastic rosettes over metal petal pieces to create a layered bib shape that makes a statement in all different colours.

3. Chiffon rosette necklace


Are you intrigued by these layers and rows of faux flowers on necklaces but you’re not sure you want to wear something as heavy as the pieces we’ve shown you so far? Then maybe you’d prefer this light fabric take on the idea instead! The Funky Junkie shows you how to make pretty little lined up blossoms from chiffon, as well as how to attach them and put chains on each end.

4. Fabric and pearl flower chain necklace


Are you feeling quite intrigued by the idea of making fabric flowers but you’d prefer that they have a little more shape than just being bunches of soft fabric? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Why Buy it, DIY it made these cute daisy shaped blossoms covered in water-colour inspired floral print. Our favourite part is the pretty pink pearl in the centre of each one!

5. Wire woven bead flower earrings


Necklaces aren’t the only pieces of jewelry you can make if you want to create lovely floral pieces for spring! We’re crazy about how Bower Birds Jewelry used pearl, flat beads, and gold jewelry wire to create a pretty wrapped flower the winds seamlessly up into an earring hook. We’re particularly big fans of this tutorial because it’s a great, clean place to start for people who have never tried working with jewellery wire and wire bending techniques before.

6. Simple plastic rosette pendant


Are your tastes a little more simple when it comes to making your own jewelry pieces? Perhaps you’re actually just a little newer to the world of DIY so you’re looking for a floral jewelry project that’s better for beginners. Then we think maybe we’ve found the perfect tutorial for you! We chose to make a necklace just like this one featured on Mommy Like Woah because we came across an old vintage looking rosette pendant kind of like this one in a thrift store and we needed a little bit of help in the ideas department when it came to turning it into something beautiful.

7. Spiralled blossom lace and fabric necklace


Do your primary DIY and crafting skills lie in the world of fabrics and soft materials, so it’s kind of never entered your mind to try jewelry making? Then we think you’re going to be pretty darn pleased to hear about fabric jewelry making to create things like this lovely spiralled rosette and pearl necklace featured on Memento Mori! They show you how to use strips of scrap fabric and lace to make flowers and a “chain” using glue and knotting.

8. Pearl and chiffon blossom necklace


Did we really catch your attention when we mentioned the idea of using fabric and pearls to make a necklace but you’ve never really thought that lace is quite your style? In that case, we think you might prefer this pearl and chiffon flower necklace instead! Instructables guides you through the process of making the double stranded pearl necklace itself, as well as the little gathered chiffon flowers with pearls in the centre.

9. Pearls and paper roses


Did the style and aesthetic of the necklace we showed you above really catch your eye but you’re kind of skeptical about working with fabric because you’ve always preferred more structured materials that will have a stiffer look to them when you’re all finished? In that case, we think this pearl and paper rose version outlined on Abbi Kirsten Collections might be a little more up your alley! Their tutorial walks you step by step through the process of making beautiful layered roses from card paper. They even show you how to make cute little matching earrings!

10. Wire wrapped and nail polish dipped floral headband


If you’re going to make yourself a floral accessory would you rather it be something a little more delicate looking than paper or fabric allows for? We’re huge fans of floral pieces that look very real from afar because they get us that springlike, feminine aesthetic but they have a longer shelf life than real flowers! We simply adore this wire bending and nail polish dipping technique outlined step by step on Live Healthy With Patty because the resulting hairband looks stunning no matter how you wear your hair.

11. Fabric and bead bib necklace


Are you still completely enamoured with the idea of making flowers with fabric but your personal style is actually a little simpler and more vintage inspired that the tutorials we’ve shown you so far for that kind of piece? Then here’s an alternative that’s a little more classic! Sweet Blooms Boutique shows you how to layer an gather the material in the correct shape, add beautiful beads in the centre of each flower, and attach a simple piece of chain at each end of the floral bib for fastening.

12. Denim flowers and dark pearls


Perhaps you’re completely in love with the basic idea and structure of the fabric and chain necklace we just showed you but, even though you like the style of it, you prefer things that are a little more modern looking over vintage pieces? Then perhaps you should follow in Tea Rose Home‘s lead and make the flowers out of denim instead! We love that this project makes not only a beautiful urban looking necklace but also a great upcycling opportunity for old clothing.

13. DIY seashell flower necklace


In our house, the most popular kinds of crafts are the ones that involve crafting with supplies that are a little bit unconventional. That’s why we thought this seashell flower necklace pendant idea from Debi’s Design Diary was so cool! Their tutorial shows you how to carefully layer pink seashells on a circle, decreasing to a gem in the centre. Hang it from a beaded chain and you’ve got yourself a totally unique piece that’s perfect for spring and summer!

14. Kid’s flower beaded bracelet


Have you been scrolling through our list hoping to come across a floral jewelry idea that your kids can help you with, or at least one you think they’ll have fun wearing once you’ve made it? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at the way Cayman Code made this adorable coloured daisy bracelet from simple plastic beads and clear jewelry line! The flower shape might look intimidating but we think you’ll be surprised at how simple it really is.

15. Plastic bottle flower hoops


Have you been scrolling through our list hoping to find even more ideas that will let you make upcycling crafts, since those are your favourite kind, but you’re just not sure denim or shells are the kind of thing you’ll have access to? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll really dig this plastic bottle flower idea featured on Blog Lovin’! They show you how to punch out little pieces from plastic drinking bottles and transform them into cute dangly flowers in just a few simple steps, as well as how to turn those flowers into pretty, colourful hoop earrings.