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15 Eggs Benedict Recipes That Will Brighten Your Mornings!

If we really think about it, eggs Benedict might be our very favourite breakfast meal. Even just the classic recipe is enough to make our mouth water, so imagine how good it tastes when you switch it up a bit and get fancy with the ingredients!

Check out these 15 deliciously unconventional eggs Benedict recipes that are not just easy to make but also make our stomachs rumble just thinking about them.

1. Kale and tomato

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Perhaps you’d like to shake things up a little, but not too much? If health with a bit of flavour is your main concern, then this kale and tomato recipe is the one for you. It’s a pretty green alternative to the original, but it’s still completely delicious. It’s also vegetarian! Get the details from Food Network.

2. Spinach and pesto

VIEW IN GALLERYspinach-and-pesto

Have you always thought there was just a hint of something missing in each bite of your eggs Benedict, even though it’s still completely delicious? We’d be willing to bet that the missing flavour was pesto! Isn’t it always? Add some spinach for health and taste, just like Alisa’s Garden did.

3. Grilled chili tofu

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Have you been looking everywhere for a gluten free version of eggs Benedict? Well, good news! We’ve found it for you! Instead of using English muffins as the base for your egg creation, Janessa’s Dinners suggests making grilled chili tofu instead! This recipe has some bite to it, but it’s also vegetarian.

4. Avocado and roasted red pepper

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Are you still looking for a meat alternative to bacon or ham but the ideas you’ve seen haven’t quite made your mouth water yet? Maybe this one will do it! Oh My Veggies suggests pairing avocados and red peppers together between your eggs and English muffins! It’s a flavour experience that’s not uncommon but delicious every time we have it.

5. BBQ Hollandaise sauce and asparagus

VIEW IN GALLERYbbq-hollandaise-sauce-and-asparagus

Sometimes the secret to changing the flavour of your favourite breakfast is in the sauce and not the actual ingredients! A Farm Girl Dabbles suggests changing up your Hollandaise sauce by adding a tangy barbcue flavour that is basically unforgettable.

6. Asparagus on quinoa cakes with mint aioli

VIEW IN GALLERYasparagus-on-quinoa-cakes-with-mint-aioli

Are you looking for another gluten free option, but you’d really like something a little more gourmet? This mint aioli and quinoa cake recipe from Local Milk might be just what you’re looking for! We love the idea of subtle mint flavours contrasting the prosciutto with each bite.

7. Potato latkes and smoked salmon

VIEW IN GALLERYpotato-latkes-and-smoked-salmon

This might be our favourite option on the whole list! We think anyone with a taste for seafood will agree. Potato latkes also add a little extra novelty to the recipe that will come as a pleasant surprised if you make this for guests who are used to the regular English muffin recipe! Check the recipe out on What Jew Wanna Eat.

8. Biscuit and pulled pork

VIEW IN GALLERYbisuit-and-pulled-pork

Are you looking for a version of the classic recipe that’s a little more of a hearty, down home recipe rather than a health conscious alternative? We’d say biscuits topped with pulled pork pretty much do the trick! This one makes us feel like we have full bellies just looking at it and we have Spicy Southern Kitchen to thank!

9. Crunchy baguette and sriracha Hollandaise

VIEW IN GALLERYcrunchy-baguette-and-sriracha-hollandaise

Have you always like the original recipe but wished a little bit that the English muffin wouldn’t get so soggy under the sauce? Yes to Yolks shows you how to add a little bit of crunch! Place all of your ingredients on a crunchy baguette and pour sauce over it, then add some sriracha sauce for a little extra bite!

10. Caprese eggs Benedict

VIEW IN GALLERYcaprese-eggs-benedict

This option is like a meal on top of a meal, and who doesn’t love two meals in one? The Curvy Carrot suggests building an entire caprese salad between your English muffin and eggs and then topping the whole thing off with classic Hollandaise sauce. You’ll be full by the end, but you’ll be pretty pleased too!

11. Sweet corn cakes with avocado Hollandaise

VIEW IN GALLERYsweet-corn-cakes-with-avocado-hollandaise

Are you currently so obsessed with avocados that you absolutely need to put them in every meal you have, at least for the foreseeable future? Then here’s a good version of eggs Benedict for your avocado craving! Rather than putting it between your egg and base, which in this delicious recipe is a corn cake, put it in the sauce to make a unique version of Hollandaise! Get the recipe for the whole thing on How Sweet Eats.

12. Irish eggs Benedict with corned beef and cabbage hash

VIEW IN GALLERYirish-eggs-benedict-with-corned-beef-and-cabbage-hash

Every good eggs Benedict needs a great side! We love the idea of pairing the meal with this corned beef and cabbage hash by Fabtastic Eats (and we also like that they threw some extra corned beef right under the eggs while they were at it).

13. Guacamole and chorizo eggs Benedict with honey chipotle lime sauce

VIEW IN GALLERYguacamole-and-chorizo-eggs-benedict-with-honey-chipotle-lime-sauce

Are you looking for a recipe that has a bit of a Southern American spice to it? This chili lime sauce over guacamole and chorizo eggs Benedict sounds like the perfect combination to us! We’d probably keep a glass of water or milk next to the plate just in case of spice though, but that’s because we’re wimps. Check it out on Half Baked Harvest!

14. Eggs Benedict and asparagus breakfast skillet

VIEW IN GALLERYeggs-benedict-and-asparagus-breakfast-skillet

Have you seen the current food trend of turning basically every good breakfast dish out there into a casserole or skillet dish? We have, and to be honest, we’re pretty pleased about it! You get all the ingredients you love right down to the Hollandaise sauce in this recipe by Kitchen Simplicity, but all you need to eat it is a fork.

15. Polenta cakes and crab

VIEW IN GALLERYpolenta-cakes-and-crab

Did your eyes perk up at the mention of a salmon option because seafood is your absolute favourite? Well, salmon isn’t the only alternative eggs Benedict out there! We love this polenta cake recipe from Foxes Love Lemons because it’s topped with delicious chunks of crab.

Do you have another favourite unconventional eggs Benedict recipe that you absolutely adore sharing with people? Tell us all about it in the comments section!