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DIY Yogurt Beauty Products That Will Change Your Life Forever 

Every person with a strong beauty routine knows we cherish our products as if they are made of gold. We also love to make them ourselves, which gives us full control over what goes in them and bypasses the use of many toxic chemicals. Today’s secret weapon for your beauty routine is yogurt! If you haven’t tried it in your beauty products yet, now’s the time do so! It will absolutely change your life, so don’t hesitate to dive into these fantastic DIY yogurt beauty products! 

1. Yogurt and Kiwi Face Scrub 


The benefits of yogurt mixed with the benefits of kiwi make for a rejuvenating face scrub that will nourish your skin and make it smell like the exotic fruit. Nobody will blame you if you steal a spoon away to try the taste – it kind of tastes like a smoothie!  Suburbia Unwrapped shares the details!

2. Green Tea Yogurt Mask 


Face masks are a very important part of skin care. You want to find a mask that gives you a glowing skin but also one that is natural and gentle. Honeysuckle shares a wonderful face mask that fits the description and brings together the magic of green tea and yogurt!

3. Chocolate Yogurt Face Mask


Here’s something for our dearest chocoholics! We know how much you adore chocolate and we found a way for you to use it in your beauty routine as well, together with plain yogurt. You’ll need to peek at Chronicles of a Beauty Nerd to see what we’re talking about!

4. Banana and Yogurt Frizzy Hair Mask 


Does your hair often get frizzy and has a very stubborn character when it comes to styling? It’s time to nourish it with a healthy hair mask! Style Tips 101 shares a recipe for a hair mask that consists of yogurt and bananas, protecting your hair from frizziness!

5. Turmeric Yogurt Mask 


You’ve surely heard of turmeric’s countless benefits and are not surprised to see it on this list! A great way to include it into your beauty routine is to mix it together with yogurt and use it as a face mask, as seen on The Indian Spot! This way you’ll also get to experience yogurt’s soothing effect on the skin!

6. Avocado and Yogurt Face Mask 


If your heart can permit you to give up an avocado for beauty purposes we urge you to make this avocado and yogurt face mask! It has a thick and creamy consistency which makes it the perfect moisturizing mask for dry skin. Check out the how-to at Naive Cook Cooks.

7. Oats and Yogurt Scrub 


What may look like the counter set for a breakfast is actually your future face scrub! Oats are one of the best ingredients you can use for a homemade scrub and combined with yogurt they won’t be too harsh on your skin. Watch how BeBe Suchada made it!

8. Citrus Yogurt Scrub 


Citruses can be very good for your skin, but make sure to use them in moderate doses or pair them with soothing ingredients that prevent irritation, such as yogurt. We found a recipe for a citrus yogurt scrub at Mother Earth Living and believe it to be a perfect balance between cleansing citruses and calming yogurt.

9. Moisturizing Yogurt Face Mask 


What do all beauty gurus have in common? They’re saying the word moisturize all the time! And they’re doing so with a good reason – moisturizing your skin is essential if you want to look fresh and radiant. Check out a great moisturizing face mask at Hello Glow that is based on yogurt!

10. Yogurt and Honey Conditioning Mask 


You’ll be tempted to eat this with a spoon, but save it for your hair! It’s a conditioning hair mask with yogurt and honey, a dream combination that is perfect for damaged hair. This one will become a constant in your hair care routine and you’ll have Little Green Dot to thank!

11. Egg and Yogurt Hair Mask 


You’ve probably heard that one of the oldest beauty tricks is putting eggs on your hair. If the idea of that has repulsed you before, let us introduces you to a hair mask that makes use of eggs but combines them with yogurt to make it easier to apply and full of extra benefits! You’ll find the tutorial at Beauty Munsta.

12. Cinnamon and Yogurt Mask 


Cinnamon is getting a very good reputation in the beauty industry, not only because of it’s fantastic aroma but also because of many benefits it has for the skin. Start using it in your daily routine today with this brilliant cinnamon and yogurt mask we found at Homegrown in the Valley!