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12 Adorable DIY Snowmen You Can Make With Your Kids! 

We can all agree that the number one reason kids love winter so much is because they get to make snowmen everywhere they go. One in your back yard, one in the school yard, one on the way to their friend’s place … it’s impossible to stop a child’s creativity during the snowy season! The downside of winter are, of course, the short days, so if your little one is disappointed because they would love to make snowmen in the afternoon as well, here are 12 adorable DIY snowmen you can make together!

1. Yarn Wrapped Snowman 


Open your big box of yarn and pick the whitest one, or at least one in a very light color tone. You’re going to use it to make a simplistic snowman that is going to become a really lovely part of your overall wintertime decor! Frugal Mom Eh shares the process.

2. Sock Snowman 


If you are a parent, you are familiar with the struggle of finding countless socks without a pair. Seriously, does the washing machine eat them? Luckily, Easy Peasy and Fun shares a really fun way to make use of a sock without a pair: turn it into a cute little snowman!

3. Snowman Washcloth Puppet 


Kids love puppets! They can play with them all day long, inventing dialogues and situations. It’s a joy to watch for us adults and an incredible experience for the kids. This winter, you can make a snowman puppet from a washcloth, thanks to Hello Bee!

4. Sweater Snowmen 


There are plenty ways to repurpose an old sweater, but during the holiday season we are naturally drawn to projects that fit into the cozy winter ambiance. When the days get too cold to be outside, make yourself a big mug of hot chocolate and make these sweater snowmen by DIY Beautify!

5. Crochet Snowman 


If crocheting is your passion, you are already wondering how you can use it to create your winter decor. Good news friend, Midwestern Moms has a tutorial for a crochet snowman ornament! You can make as many of these as you want and hang them around the house!

6. Clay Snowman 


Clay is one of the best materials to craft with, especially if you’re trying to include the kids into the creative process. Ask them to help you make One Artsy Mama‘s clay snowman! They can roll the three parts of the body and you can finish it up with the details. Teamwork for the win!

7. Terra Cotta Snowman 


Are you wondering how you can use your terra cotta planters during the winter? The Home Depot has a fantastic idea! Spray paint them white, stack them from the biggest to smallest and decorate them to create a unique snowman that’s going to catch the eye of all your neighbors!

8. Felted Wool Snowman 


The best thing about decorating your home for the winter is that you can create countless tiny decor pieces and strategically place them around your home, so that every single room feels festive and welcoming. One of our favorite pieces is Lia Griffith‘s felted wool snowman!

9. Mason Jar Snowman 


Honestly, what can’t you make from a mason jar? We usually hop at every chance to try another mason jar project, so you can imagine our excitement when we stumbled onto this dapper mason jar snowman at Canary Street! It’s the perfect piece for your porch!

10. Plastic Spoon Snowmen 


Another thing that tends to quickly pile up in your home once you have kids are the plastic spoons. Why is it that kids are always given plastic spoons and then it’s up to you to figure out how to use them all? Crafts by Amanda will show you how they can be turned into tiny snowmen!

11. Snowman Candy Jar 


December is the month of giving and since you’re already crafting together with your kids, you can use this opportunity to talk to them about the spirit of giving presents. Encourage them to help you make this snowman candy jar by Inside Bru Crew Life and give it to a friend or a teacher!

12. Tin Can Snowman 


The best thing about DIY projects is how little it takes to create something new, something that totally changes the ambiance of our house. Practically Functional shares a really simple tutorial for a tin can snowman that is going to bring a lot of smiles into your home!