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15 Unique Cocktail Recipes for Christmas Parties

We’re not usually that big on cocktails and alcoholic beverages because we tend to get headaches easily, but we make an exception around the holidays because it’s our favourite time of year! If we’re going to drink, though, we always make sure to find the coolest Christmassy cocktail recipes out there, just to really make sure we enjoy what’s in our glass.

Just in case you’d like to get a little more creative with your Christmas cocktail recipes for all the holiday parties you’re hosting and helping with this season, here are 15 of the tastiest looking recipes and ideas we’ve come across so far!

1. White Christmas margarita


Even though it’s cold outside, there’s still a lot of joy to be found in a delicious blended ice drink if it’s got the right flavour, and this idea from Delish certainly has! They show you how to make a white Christmas margarita that can be garnished with whole cranberries for a little extra flavour as you sip.

2. North pole cocktail


Are you actually feeling a little torn when it comes to choosing the kind of flavour you want your cocktail to have, so you’re hoping to find one that’s a blend of different delicious holiday inspired tastes? Then we think we might have found just the recipe for you! Half Baked Harvest shows you how to make a North Pole cocktail that has chocolate, cinnamon, peppermint, nutmeg, and cream.

3. Winter sangria


On the rare occasions that we do drink around the rest of the year, we actually usually choose a sangria of some kind because we love the way it blends so many fruit flavours without being too sweet! we’re sure you can imagine, then, just how pleased we were to come across this fantastic winter sangria recipe from Baked New England that has a slightly deeper, richer taste thanks to certain holiday ingredients!

4. Orange cranberry mimosa


Orange and cranberry are common partners in crime when it comes to baked goods, especially around the holidays, but have you ever wondered whether they might taste fantastic together in other kinds of recipes too? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to adore this delicious orange cranberry mimosa recipe featured step by step on Women’s Day!

5. Holiday mule


Just in case you were almost tempted by the holiday sangria idea but you think you’d actually like something sweeter, colder, and a little less wine based, here’s a recipe from Home Sweet Jones that will still get you all that multi-fruit flavour blended together in one rich, flavourful place. We love the idea of garnishing with sugared cranberries!

6. Jingle Juice


We’d by lying to you if we said we didn’t absolutely love a cocktail with a novelty name! That’s the first thing that caught our eye about this jungle juice from Baked Bree but it was the delicious blend of fruit juices and whole holiday fruit pieces that kept our attention. We’d make a whole batch of this up in a punch bowl and let guests serve themselves.

7. White Christmas sangria


Maybe you really were intrigued by the idea of making a holiday sangria but you’ve always preferred lighter wines to the slightly more bitter taste of red? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Cake Knife made a delicious sangria that’s heavy on apples and cranberries but features all kinds of fragrant things.

8. Sugar cookie martini


Just in case you really are a sweet and novelty drink lover, here’s a cocktail that smells and tastes just like you’re eating another Christmas favourite treat… sugar cookies! No really, we gave this recipe from Crazy for Crust a try and we didn’t really think it was going to be a success, but it tastes exactly like the sugar cookies we love to bake so much with our kids.

9. Candy cane shooters


Have you always loved flavoured shooters because the themes and flavours are always fun, you like the presentation ideas, and you’re usually too busy at parties hosting or socializing to sip at a drink so yours often go untouched? In that case, we have a feeling this delicious peppermint shooter from A Night Owl will be a little more up your alley! We love their crumbled candy cane rimmer idea.

10. Cinnamon eggnog martini


As if regular eggnog around the holidays isn’t already a great enough thing to enjoy, Mantitlement turned the drink into a stunning tasting cocktail that’s been amped up just a little for extra flavour! They show you how to add white rum, ground cinnamon, and a rimmer of delicious gooey caramel.

11. Chocolate peppermint martini


Has your favourite Christmas flavour actually always been mint? Well, we certainly can’t say we blame you since we’ve been completely obsessed with candy canes since we were little kids! What better way to celebrate peppermint than mixing it with delicious chocolate for a rich, yummy drink? Get the full details for this chocolate peppermint martini on Growing Up Gabel!

12. Cranberry cider punch


Were you intrigued by the idea of making an entire batch of punch that you can set out in a bowl and let people serve themselves from but you’re prefer one that tastes a little more holiday inspired and a little less like fruit juice? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at the way Skim Resources made this cranberry cider punch that’s a blend of somewhere between the punch you saw before and the holiday sangria!

13. Grinch drink


If you’re going to make holiday cocktails from scratch would you rather get silly with them and make something full of colour and novelty, since you only get this chance once a year? In that case, we thin you simply must take a look at how Shugary Sweets made this hilarious and very green Grinch inspired drink in surprisingly few simple steps.

14. Jack Frost cocktails


Just in case you’re still obsessed with the colourful novelty idea but the ingredients in the Grinch cocktail don’t really appeal to you, here’s an awesome alternative with a totally different theme and taste! Check out how Homemade Hooplah made these very blue Jack Frost inspired cocktails that taste like peppermint and feature a snowy shredded coconut rimmer.

15. Vanilla cranberry mimosa


Maybe you’re still thinking about how much you liked the idea of a cranberry cocktail but you can’t help wondering whether there might be a flavour combination out there that lets you blend the flavour you love with something other than more fruit? In that case, we think you’ll be very pleased indeed to come across this fantastic vanilla cranberry mimosa recipe featured on Honey and Birch!