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15 Cool Ways to Repurpose Old Cutting Boards

The beauty of upcycling projects is that you can repurpose almost anything into something new and surprising; even with objects that you thought were useless beyond their regular function. Your DIY skills pretty much guarantee that nothing will ever go to waste if you really don’t want it to.

In the category of things you probably weren’t sure how to upgrade, here’s a shockingly useful list of 15 ways to repurpose your old cutting boards!

1. Chalk cutting board

VIEW IN GALLERYChalk cutting board

Mac Cutting Boards suggests painting a square of chalkboard paint in the centre of an old cutting board and using it as a noteboard instead. Put it in the kitchen to keep to do lists on, by the phone to take phone call notes, or in the playroom just to give the kids an extra surface to get creative on!

2. Stenciled board

VIEW IN GALLERYStencilled board

Whether you use the final product as simple wall or sideboard decor, or create a sign for your small business that you can hang in the window, we love Snug Harbor Bay‘s of wood etching a quote into a wooden cutting board, classic pyrography style. Etch your name, your favourite saying, or anything else you think you can reasonably sketch out!

3. Cutting board note clips

VIEW IN GALLERYCutting board note clips

Beckwith’s Treasures suggests fastening a horizontal binder clip near the top centre of an old cutting board and pinching note paper in place so you can use it as a clipboard. Like the chalkboard idea, you can use this new clipboard for a wide range of things. Isn’t it nice to have options?

4. Breadboard shelf

VIEW IN GALLERYBreadboard shelf

If you’re trying to upcycle an old bread board, which is slightly larger than your average cutting board, then you have a little more space to work with! We really like this wall hanging shelf idea from Organized Clutter for recycling such a thing. Check out their full tutorial to lean about building and firmly attaching the shelf.

5. Completely chalk board

VIEW IN GALLERYCompletely chalk board

Did you like the idea of turning your old cutting board into a chalkboard, but you’re not so sure you want to bother with clean edges and evenly measured squares? Listen to your gut and paint the whole thing with chalkboard paint instead, just like Love Grows Wild did here ! Now, no matter what you use it for, you can’t mess up the wood.

6. Reclaimed cutting board wall art


My Creative Days suggests creating a wall collage of different styles, size, and shapes of repurpsoed cutting boards to create an area of rustic wall art. You can choose any artistic alteration you like when it comes to how you display the boards, but pyrography and faux weathered painting look rather nice together, as you can see here!

7. Cutting board quotes

VIEW IN GALLERYCutting board quotes

Do you feel like your kitchen lacks the motivational energy you need to tackle that pile of dishes or learn that fancy new recipe you’ve been wanting to cook? On a Whim can help you fix that! Stencilling empowering, cute, or even silly quotes onto the face of a cutting board gives you immediate decor that both you and any visitors will enjoy reading each time you walk past.

8. Rustic cutting board wall hanging

VIEW IN GALLERYRustic cutting board wall hanging

Are you interested in building a neat wall hanging from your oldest cutting board, but you’d really like to stick with the shabby chic, rustic aesthetic that you’ve slowly built over the years? We think this little candle shelf and hanging rack by theprimplace adds a pretty unique touch, even if you customize it to your own colour scheme or preferences.

9. Decoupage cutting board

VIEW IN GALLERYMural painted cutting board

RusticCraftsBySue walks you through the process of creating a pretty little decoupage scene on the surface of an old cutting board. We love this little toadstool scene for a bit of autumn wall decor, but you could also choose a bright, sunny picture and colourful paint for the background and change the whole mood of the project!

10. Hand-painted cutting board

VIEW IN GALLERYHand-painted cutting board

Are you a painter who’s been itching to try your hand at testing your skills on new mediums? Follow in vintageanita‘s footsteps and take advantage of the blank surface that an old cutting board provides to practice your hand painting skills however you please. We adore this colourful floral pattern!

11. Themed quote cutting board

VIEW IN GALLERYThemed quote cutting board

Do you have a kitschy old cutting board cut into the shape of an object or an animal? Try stencilling and staining it with a relevant quote so that it looks faux vintage, but amuses people who see it. We love this “mama bear” design by BigSkyPicker!

12. Kitchen gadget cutting board wall art

VIEW IN GALLERYKitchen gadget cutting board wall art

Timaracs suggests turning your old cutting board into the base piece for some kitchen themed abstract art! Gather whateever old tools you can find in your kitchen that don’t get used anymore, and follow their footsteps in scattering them across the surface (and even off the edge) of your cutting board. The finished product is whacky and we love it.

13. Cutting board serving tray

VIEW IN GALLERYCutting board serving tray

Perhaps you have a cutting board that’s actually quite new or in good shape, but you just haven’t used it because you own more than one? Upcycling is still helpful in this situation too! Hometalk suggests screwing a small handle on each end, perpendicular to the shorter sides, and using it was a wooden serving tray instead. It’ll be perfect for serving your loves ones breakfast in bed!

14. Cutting board TV shelf

VIEW IN GALLERYCutting board TV shelf

Have you been meaning to build an additional small shelf on top of your TV unit to raise the screen a little and give you a bit more storage space for other electronics, DVDs, or games and gaming systems? Try attaching spare shelf legs to the bottom of a flat cutting board to make a TV shelf, just like this one by Delightfully, Kristi.

15. Cutting board tool caddy

VIEW IN GALLERYCutting board tool caddy

Whether you use it for actual tools, garden tools, art supplies, or makeup brushes, this rustic little caddy is as useful a tool as anything you’ll put in it. Hometalk walks you through the process of making it from an upcycled cutting board with a handle in one end and four tin cans wrapped in old leather belts.