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Useful and Stylish DIY Makeup Bags

Anyone who loves makeup knows that you can never have too many makeup bags! Sure, there are endless little baggies and pouches that you can buy in the store, and most of them are very cute. As a DIY enthusiast, however, you probably already know that it’s a lot more fun to make one yourself!

Check out these 15 useful (and completely adorable) DIY makeup bags that will make storing or traveling with your makeup easier and more stylish!

1. Zipping eyeball makeup bag

VIEW IN GALLERYZipping eyeball makeup bag

This pattern from My Friend Court is great for storing makeup pencils or lipsticks, and it’s also totally aweseome looking! We love the kitschy, all-over eyeball pattern. On the other side, you could hand paint more small eyes or create just one big, detailed one!

2. Wide zipping box pouch

VIEW IN GALLERYWide zipping bock pouch

Do you need a bag that’s a little bigger for storing things like compacts and palettes, but that’s still soft sided and easily packed? This zipping boxy bag by Minki Kim is exactly what you need! Stacking larger or rectangular shaped things inside will be much easier in a square bag, without getting you into the realm of hard sided boxes.

3. Tall oilclotch makeup bag

VIEW IN GALLERYTall oilclotch makeup bag

Makeup products can get messy, so storing things in a canvas or soft material bag requires intermittent cleaning. If you’re looking for an option that’s easier to keep neat, try making this oilcloth bag by Lia Griffith instead! The shiny oilcloth is simple to wipe excess makeup off of.

4. Easy-packing flat zipper pouch

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy-packing flat zipper pouch

Are you looking for something very small that you can just stick a few products in and carry in a small overnight bag? This simple zippered pouch by Fall For DIY is easy to make and the perfect size.

5. “I’m so fancy” zipping pouch


Polka Dot Chair teaches you how to make a simple zipping cosmetic bag that lets everyone know just how fancy you really are! Even if you’re a beginner, this bag makes a simple sewing project that you’ll actually enjoy learning.

6. “Zip your lip” pouch


Do you prefer unique things that have a little more character? Instead of a square bag, make this hilarious lip shaped bag with a zipper for the opening and keep your lipsticks in it! Get the full tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.

7. Repurposed leggings pouch

VIEW IN GALLERYRepurposed leggings pouch

Do you have a surplus of old leggings that you don’t wear anymore and you’re looking to upcycle? Achieve two things at once by repurposing them into a makeup bag! This size is great for loose shadows or pencils and eyeliners. Get the instructions on Michele Ng.

8. “Hello!” cylinder pouch


Are you looking for a small, easily stored pouch that would hold pencils, brushes, or makeup tools of other kinds? This little cylindrical bag is the perfect shape and size! Check out how it’s made on Brit + Co.

9. Zipping black and white stripe pouch

VIEW IN GALLERYZipping black and white stripe pouch

Technically this tutorial calls this awesomely sized bag a pen or pencil case, but it would totally work for makeup too! DIY in PDX has the full tutorial for you.

10. Rolling brush organizer

VIEW IN GALLERYRolling brush organizer

Art Gallery Fabrics teaches you how to make an adorably patterned pocketed roll. They used their to store crayon and drawing utensils, but this project is constructed exactly like a makeup brush roll. It’ll make traveling with your brushes much easier!

11. Mini oilcloth brush organizer

VIEW IN GALLERYMini oilcloth brush organizer

Are you looking to transport just a few brushes? Would you prefer to be able to wipe the roll clean easily rather than having to fully wash it if you get excess makeup on it? Then you’ll love this little oilcloth brush roll that’s easy to clean off quickly! Check out how it’s done on Lia Griffith.

12. Rounded iKat printed pouch

VIEW IN GALLERYRounded ikat printed pouch

Are you completely obsessed with delicate, almost tie dye looking iKat patterns and prints right now? We are too! eHow teaches you how to make a small zipping case out of them. They’ve put pencils in theirs, but we’d use this for long, thin makeup products!

13. Mini boxy bag

VIEW IN GALLERYMini boxy bag

Did you love the shape and storage capacity of the previous boxy, rectangular bag but you’re worried it’s a little too big for your suitcase or the number of products you need to store? Try making this smaller version from All Women’s Talk instead!

14. Global brush organizer

VIEW IN GALLERYGlobal brush organizer

Are themed accessories your favourite thing? Do you love to travel and need a better way to store your makeup brushes when you do? This cute little global brush roll is the perfect project for you! Plan B shows you how it’s done.

15. Pocket filled cosmetic caddy

VIEW IN GALLERYPocket filled cosmetic candy

If you’re looking for a more permanent makeup bag to put things in, or even just a bigger one that you can carry from place to place within your home while you get ready, then you might be more interested in an actual makeup caddy rather than a little zippered bag. eSheep Designs has a great pattern for you.

Maybe your own ‘makeup zone’ could use a quick revamp? Or you might know someone whose makeup could do with a little organization at home or when they travel? Be sure to share this post with them!