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Wonderful DIY Refresh Pretty flat shoes

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If you have an old pair of plain flats in your closet, why not freshen them up?
Learn how to transform a pair of basic flats into a cute pair with our easy DIY tutorial .

What you will need:

–  flat shoes
-1 Yard of 2” satin ribbon
-2 Rhinestone buckles
-Glue for shoes
-Hot glue
-Needle & thread


1. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon to the length you measure on the shoes (where you will place it).
2. Measure where you will put the buckle and pierce a hole in your ribbon with your scissors.
3. Pass your ribbon through the buckle.
4. Glue your buckles to your shoes and let it dry. If you’re using hot glue, apply your hot glue directly to the top of your shoe where you will be placing your buckle and press your buckle into it. Hold it until it dries/cools.
5. Pull your ribbon easily but firmly toward the sole of your shoe. Make a line, on your ribbon, along the edge where the upper side of the shoe meets the sole. Cut your ribbon along the line where you marked it.
6. Using hot glue, mark a line of glue on the shoe along the edge where you want to glue the ribbon to it.
7. Take your remaining ribbon and cut it in half. Take one piece of the ribbon and your needle and thread, fold your edge over about a ¼ inch and stitch it down right along the edge. Then continue making small pleats before you feel your ruffle is wide sufficient for the shoe. When you get to the end trim the ribbon and fold it over the same as you did at the beginning about a ¼ inch and stitch it down.
8. Fix your ruffles inside your shoes with hot glue, but be prudent not to put too much hot glue because it will squish out and add plus bulk you really don’t want. VIEW IN GALLERYfabulous flats decoration F

Photo credit: trinketsinbloom