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Take a Break: 15 Fun Beaded Crafts That Aren’t Jewelry!

Working with beads is always exciting for DIY enthusiasts, but there are only so many bracelet and necklace designs you can make before you need a break. If beads are your favourite thing, however, and you still want to work with them, why not just take a break from jewelry rather than from beading all together?

Check out these super fun beaded crafts that making working with beads exciting again between your regular jewelry projects!

1. Beaded lizards

VIEW IN GALLERYFun beaded lizards

Sugar Bee Crafts shows you how to weave simple nylon string through colourful plastic beads in a pattern that lets you create little lizards! You can make the big or small, but no matter their size, these fun little creatures are a project that kids will get endless amusement out of once they learn the technique.

2. Tetris magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYTetris magnets

Wooden beads shaped like cubes make the perfect Tetris pieces! Choose colours and shapes that look just like the playing pieces that fall down in the classic video game. Glue them together, glue a magnet to the back, and stick them up, just like Moms and Crafters did!

3. BBQ bead sun catchers

VIEW IN GALLERYBBQ bead suncatchers

Chica Circle walks you through the steps for creating these gorgeously colourful sun catchers out of bright plastic beads. Arrange an array of coloured beads in a tinfoil muffin tin and place the tin on a low heat setting on top of the barbecue. Let them melt together and then set them to cool. Hang them up to catch the light beautifully!

4. Pony bead fish

VIEW IN GALLERYPony bead fish

It Happens in a Blink

suggests this quick and easy crafts for little kids who love arranging little pieces and colourful things. All you need are some regular plastic pony beads and some coloured pipe cleaner! The beads will look like little fish scales and the pipe cleaner can be twisted into a little fish tail.

5. Hungry Caterpillar

VIEW IN GALLERYHungry Caterpillar

Not all beaded crafts require plastic beads! Big, rounded wooden beads are fun for kids to work with as well. String them along a coloured pipe cleaner, knitting or bending it at each end to keep them on. Draw a face on the top bead and you have a little caterpillar, just like this one from A Mummy Too!

6. Beaded linen twine bookmark

VIEW IN GALLERYBeaded linen twine bookmark

Metallic beads and bead charms are always fun to create artistic looking combinations from. String them along a piece of black twine or thin leather string, knitting to keep them at one end or the other. Learn how to make  a book mark that looks just like this on Happy Hour Projects.

7. Pearl bead and burlap napkin rings

VIEW IN GALLERYPearl bead and burlap napkin rings

If you have a basic knowledge of how to hand sew, then you’ll be able to sew delicate pearled beads to a simple burlap napkin ring with no problems at all! Moms and Crafters shows you the steps for creating this decorative little piece that’s fit for a summer wedding.

8. Perler bead buttons

VIEW IN GALLERYPerler bead buttons

Working with heat always takes some care, but perler bead crafts are worth the extra effort! Arrange them into a flower shape on top of some wax paper, cover them in another wax sheet, and lightly iron them so they melt together. Don’t forget to leave holes for the thread to go through then you sew the buttons on! See how it’s done on Maker Mama.

9. Perler bead cup covers

VIEW IN GALLERYPerler bead cup covers

Perler crafts are pretty versatile! Twin Dragonfly Designs guides you through the process of creating a cover for your cup with a straw hole in the middle. It’s fun, it looks hilarious, and it’s practical!

10. Perler bead bowls

VIEW IN GALLERYPerler bead bowls

Who knew working with beads could involve melting so many things? Kids will have a total blast making these colourful bowls with your help, of course)! Put one on the side table with candies in it for guests and another by the door to hold your kets and spare change! Get the instructions on Yesterday on Tuesday.

11. Cork magnets with bead features

VIEW IN GALLERYCork magnets with bead features

Moms and Crafters shows you how to make these adorable little characters our of beads, corks, wires, and a magnet strip. Use the beads as facial features, hands, and feet!

12. Beaded garden spider

VIEW IN GALLERYBeaded garden spider

This beaded garden spider craft is a little more involved, but also a little more intricate looking. Grab red beads of different sizes, a black bead for the head, and some black crafting wire. The Crafty Blog Stalker walks you through the rest of the process.

13. Bead and pipe cleaner snakes

VIEW IN GALLERYBead and pipe cleaner snakes

Kid Activities Blog has another quick idea for keeping your kids amused using beads! Grab pipe cleaners and some googly eyes and make an even simpler snake than the idea we listed earlier. This one’s perfect for very little kids who are practicing their fine motor skills!

14. Beaded wind chimes

VIEW IN GALLERYBeaded wind chimes

Beads are bright and colourful, but many beads together are also great for making pleasant sounds. Happy Hooligans makes the most of that quality by creating colourful wind chimes using water bottles, beads, buttons, string, and paint.

15. Turtle magnet with bead features

VIEW IN GALLERYTurtle magnet with bead features

Moms and Crafters shows you how to make a tiny turtle fridge magnet from a plastic bottle cap by painting it green and gluing on feet and a face made from beads. Stick a strip of magnet to the back and stick it right onto the fridge!

Have you made other beaded crafts besides jewelry that you don’t see here? Tell us how you did them in the comments section!