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Fresh Scents on the Go: 11 DIY Car Fresheners

Many people who commute to work every day spend much of their time inside of a car. With a lifestyle like this your car becomes almost like a second living room. You want it to be neat, clean and filled with good scents. A car freshener is a must have, but store-bought car fresheners often have a repulsive aroma, having a counter-productive effect. Lucky for you, we’ve found 11 DIY car fresheners that you can make yourself, using only the aromas you actually like!

1. Wooden Car Freshener 


Once you learn that a simple wooden ornament can be turned into a car freshener in a matter of minutes you’ll never look at ornaments the same again! Buy an affordable wooden ornament and follow the tutorial at Lemons, Lavender and Laundry to make it into an air freshener that may even get a second job on your Christmas tree!

2. Car Freshener Bags


If your collection of bandanas could miss one or two pieces, Naehmarie will show you how to turn them into stylish car freshener bags! You can fill them with your favorite aromatic herbs, making each bag a unique freshener that will assure your car always smells like home.

3. Felt Lemon Car Freshener 


Citruses represent freshness and that is something you’re definitely striving for if you are on the road a lot. Being around so many fumes all day takes the freshness out of the air, so balance the scale with this felt lemon car freshener we found at Courtney’s Sweet.

4. Clothes Pin Car Fresheners 


Most of the car fresheners are made to be hung on the rear-view mirror, but you can also make ones that attach to the air vent. Clothes pins will be a great resource in this case, giving you an opportunity to create many cute fresheners that you can rotate throughout the week! Get the details at Live Craft Love.

5. Bottle Car Freshener 


When your car has a nice smell the commute to work will feel a lot less stressful, even on the busiest and gloomiest workdays! To add another component of cheerfulness to your car, make a freshener that looks bright and colorful – such as this bottle car freshener by Oh, The Things We’ll Make.

6. Bulky Felt Car Fresheners 


Chana Dawn Designs has blessed us with four tutorials for felt car fresheners! You can choose between pineapple, donut, lemon and cactus freshener. The motives are different indeed, but they all have an adorable bulky look and very bright choice of colors!

7. Flower Car Freshener 


If you are a busy mom who spends much of her day carpooling the kids around, you desperately need a car freshener. Children are our greatest joy, but every parent knows how much they contribute to a smelly car. From spilled beverages to peeing accidents, you car needs a pick-me-up! Get your flower car freshener at Living Well Mom!

8. Coffee Filter Car Freshener


Coffee filters can be repurposed in a multitude of creative ways, one of which happens to be a car freshener! Run Wiki will help you turn regular coffee filter in an extraordinary rose that will infuse your car with the scents of your favorite essential oil!

9. Lavender Heart Car Freshener 


Is road rage a daily thing for you? We can imagine that being on the road every day and seeing all kinds of mishaps in traffic can be very frustrating. Make sure your spirits are lifted and energy calm with a heart-shaped car freshener by What No Mints infused with calming lavender!

10. Classic Tree Car Freshener 


If you are a stickler for tradition you won’t want to part with the classic tree car freshener. The good news is that you don’t have to! Crafting a Green World has the instructions for the very same tree freshener that has been hanging in so many cars all these years!

11. Felt Balls Car Freshener 


If you’ve read this roundup closely you already know that felt is the go-to material for a car freshener. It’s very versatile, ideal for creating something something unique and unexpected! Check in with Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body to see how felt balls can become a lovely and aromatic car freshener.