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Color, Nostalgia and Unique Style: Best Pop Art Inspired Crafts

One of our favourite ways to help our kids learn about new things is through crafting. That’s why, when they came home from school asking us questions about vintage pop art styles or art and creation, we started looking up all kinds of new DIY projects that might help familiarize them with some basic knowledge of that movement and aesthetic.

Just in case your family is just as curious about pop art as ours is, if not more, here are 15 of the best projects that we came across in our search!

1. Pop art selfie DIY


Besides learning through art, our kids also get a kick out of art and DIY projects that are very custom or personalized! That’s why we thought they’d get along so well with this selfie pop art crafting idea featured on Chica Circle.

2. Pop art leaf prints


If you ask us, there’s something kind of poetic about the idea of combining pop art with nature! That’s why we loved this pop art leaf design, created using various leaf printing techniques. Get the full details for making it on Kids Craft Room.

3. Pop art clay portraits


In our house, some of the most popular crafts are the ones that let our kids work with as many techniques, supplies, and mediums as possible. That’s probably why these awesome clay print and hand painting pop art selfie art pieces outlined step by step on Blick Art Materials were such a hit!

4. Pop art inspired pet collages


Collaging has always been an activity we found amusing and we’re lucky that our kids love it too. That’s why we knew this super fun patterned and textured dog pop are, created with cut out and collage techniques, would be a huge success in our home. See how these were made on Trudy K Taylor.

5. Alphabet pop art kids’ craft


Are you actually looking for a way to introduce your very young children to the bright colours and primary hues of pop art but in a way that’s accessible to them? Then we think you’ll love the way Teach Beside Me used some crayon based wax resist painting as an opportunity to learn about the aesthetic elements of pop art.

6. Fall pumpkin pop art


Just in case you were very interested indeed in the idea of combining nature with pop art, especially since it’s fall right now, but you’ve already had your fill of leaf based crafts this season, here’s an alternative idea for your consideration! The Pinterested Parent shows you how to make pumpkin pop art that’s perfect for this time of year.

7. Pop art painted self portraits


Are you actually still thinking about how much you really loved the selfie based art idea but you think your kids would rather just get freehand creative with some like brightly coloured paint? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Crate and Barrel made this neon self portrait pop art!

8. Pop art greeting cards


Have you always loved drawing and colouring and you’re also always interested in sharing art with your loved ones? Then we think you just might be the perfect person to make and give these fantastic DIY pop art greeting cards outlined on Art with Jenny K.

9. Pop art girl makeup tutorial


Is your usual method of creativity almost always through makeup rather than with paint or glue? Then we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with this fantastic Lichtenstein comic inspired pop art girl makeup tutorial featured on Popsugar!

10. Hama bead pop art


We’ve always loved making crafts with hama and perler beads ever since we were little but we hadn’t thought of them for expressing pop art shapes and colours until we saw this completely awesome tutorial from Mark Crossey! We’re particularly fond of the “Pow!” design.

11. Paint and stencil squirrel pop art


Just in case you’re a big fan of free hand painting but you’re also looking for a pop art project that will help you work some other techniques into the mix, here’s a funny tutorial and design from Cheap Eats & Thrifty Crafts that will help you get crafty with- yes, you’re seeing that right- squirrels!

12. Magazine and newspaper pop art


We’ve always loved the way pop art focuses on and inherently involves elements of the media, so we’re sure it’s no surprise that this project, which combines the use of collaging techniques with newspapers and magazines, is one of our favourite on the list. Check out how it was made on Mad in Crafts.

13. Pop art portrait hand painted eggs


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about projects that require careful hand painting but you’re still scrolling because you’re quite confident in your skills and you think you’re capable of more? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Art Club hand painted these fantastic pop culture and pop art inspired hard boiled egg shells!

14. Paintbrush pop art wall hanging


Here’s a pop art inspired project that’s a little more subtle and likely to fit in with your regular decor scheme, just in case that’s what you’re aiming for! YKE shows you how to dip differently sized brushes in paint and mount them once they’re dried so that the tools actually become the art.

15. Political figure pop art


We’re sure you’ve seen Andy Warhol’s iconic primary colour repeat piece of Marilyn Monroe, as well as the countless recreations of that piece depicting all kinds of pop culture and Hollywood stars, but what if you’d rather choose a different kind of familiar face or public figure? We love the way Art with Jenny K mimicked the style with a political twist by creating pop art from a photo of Rosa Parks!