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Homemade Doughnut Recipes That will Make Your Drool

We loved baked goods, but few things satisfy our sweet baked cravings as well as doughnuts. As if the awesome consistency that’s somewhere between chewy and fluffy wasn’t enough, doughnuts come in all different kinds of flavours, making them one of the most diverse treats you can enjoy. You can go to a doughnut shop and choose between the flavours they have, but we have a lot more fun when we make our own at home. Making your own doughnuts means you can customize them with whatever icing and toppings you want!

Check out these 15 delicious homemade doughnut recipes that will make your mouth water!

1. Meyer lemon baked donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYMeyer lemon baked donuts

Have you always loved lemony citrus flavours in baked goods, no matter what kind? We have too! Whether it’s a dessert loaf, a cheesecake, or a cupcake, few things are quite as refreshing as a good lemon taste. Doughnuts are no exception! Check out this delicious citrus recipe from Kiran Tarun.

2. Spiced cocoa donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYSpiced cocoa donuts

Chocolate doughnuts are always delicious, but we’re especially big fans of them when they’re covered in powdered sugar! Do you find, however, that even though you like sugar as much as the next person, these doughnuts need another bit of flavour to break up all that sweetness? Then follow in Secondhand With Style’s footsteps and give them some spice by adding cinnamon.

3. Apple cider donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYApple cider donuts

We’re always interested in sweet recipes that combine flavours and taste like other delicious things so that you can enjoy the sensation of having more than one treat at once. That’s why these fragrant apple cider doughnuts caught our eye! BHG shows you how to spice, bake, and ice them to perfection.

4. Peach glazed donuts with white chocolate and pistachios

VIEW IN GALLERYPeach glazed donuts with white chocolate and pistachios

Do you often find yourself wishing that more places had doughnuts involving more fruit options? Sure, you’ve probably seen doughnuts filled with strawberry and blueberry jam before, but there are so many other delicious fruit options out there that the doughnut world is missing out on! That’s why Veggie Wedgie thought up a delicious peach doughnut complete with white chocolate and pistachios for extra crunch.

5. Cherry lemonade donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYCherry lemonade donuts

Hot Polka Dot has a great tutorial on making adorable little mini doughnuts like you see in the picture, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make full sized versions yourself! Check out their ingredients list and instructions for creating baked goods that taste just like your favourite summertime cherry lemonade.

6. Baked chocolate donuts with chocolate glazed and sprinkles

VIEW IN GALLERYBaked chocolate donuts with chocolate glazed and sprinkles

Are you intrigued by novelty doughnut recipes, but what you’re really looking for is a way to make your favourite classics from the doughnut shop at home on cold days, or holidays when the coffee shop might not be open? Then chocolate lovers can certainly rejoice, because The Milkman’s Wife has the perfect chocolate dipped chocolate doughnut recipe for you, complete with whatever kind of sprinkles you want!

7. Vanilla bean heart donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYVanilla bean heart donuts

Are you looking for a simply flavoured doughnut that would make a nice gift for someone you love? Then vanilla bean is a great choice! Just in case the sentiment of making homemade doughnuts wasn’t enough in itself, Whipperberry shows you how to make them heart shaped to really show the person you love them.

8. Cherry blossom donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYCherry blossom donuts

Did you like the sound of the cherry lemonade doughnuts a lot, but you’re a little wary of the lemonade part? Try making a simple but flavourful cherry blossom version instead! Canelle at Vanille shows you not only how to make sugared cherry doughnuts, but also a delicious fruit syrup to dip them in!

9. Chocolate donuts with blood orange glaze

VIEW IN GALLERYChocolate donuts with blod orange glaze

Maybe you’ve been scanning this jam packed list hoping for a doughnut flavour that’s a little more unique and gourmet than what you’d see in the average doughnut store on the corner? Then try making a classic chocolate doughnut but covering it with blood orange glaze rather than regular sugar glaze! Heather Christo teaches you how to do it.

10. Maple bacon donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYMaple bacon donuts

If you’re going to make and eat doughnuts, you might as well go all out and really treat yourself, right? Cherry Teacakes certainly thinks so! That’s why they outlined this whole delicious maple bacon doughnut recipe for you to try making at home. The flavour is the perfect blend between sweetness and saltiness.

11. Banana donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYBanana donuts

Were you intrigued when we were talking about unique fruit doughnut options earlier but the peach idea didn’t really take your fancy as much as you were hoping? Well, here’s another idea we love, and we have Tartelette to thank for it! Banana doughnuts might appeal to us even more than traditional banana bread, especially covered in pecans like this picture!

12. Coffee cinnamon donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYCoffee cinnamon donuts

Did you like the sound of the spiced cinnamon doughnut we outlined above but you thought perhaps the idea was missing another flavour of some type? Well, Chocolate Chili Mango agrees with you, so they added the rich taste of coffee as well! The two tastes complement one another beautifully, especially if you eat the doughnut with an actual coffee.

13. Strawberry donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYStrawberry donuts

There are many classic doughnut shops out there that do make strawberry doughnuts, but the fruity part is usually limited to the icing. That’s fine and well, but even then, the strawberry icing doesn’t often contain actual strawberries, but rather just fruit flavouring. Heather Christo shows you how to change that up when you make these delicious treats at home! Check out their version of icing that actually contains pieces of real berries.

14. Vanilla Chai donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYVanilla Chai donuts

Maybe the vanilla bean doughnuts we talked about earlier on this list were almost what you’re looking for, but you’d prefer that your doughnuts have a little more kick or spice as well? Try adding the taste of Chai, just like you would to a delicious tea or latte! Check out a full tutorial for making these delicious treats on Inside Bru Crew Life.

15. Iced blueberry donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYIced blueberry donuts

Blueberry doughnuts aren’t necessarily difficult to find in regular doughnut shops, but if the area you live in is anything like ours, you’ll probably find that they’re really regular doughnuts that have been filled with blueberry jam. Wouldn’t it be nice, for once, to try a doughnut that actually has real blueberries in it? Well, thanks to Yesterday on Tuesday, that’s something you can make yourself quite easily at home!