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Trying Out the New: 15 Sewing Projects Involving Mesh

We’re not the most experienced sewing enthusiasts in the world, but we sure do love doing it each and every time we tackle a new project. Above and beyond trying out different types of patterns, garments, and pieces to try and help ourselves learn, we’ve also started challenging ourselves by trying out sewing patterns that force us to learn how to work with new materials! So, what’s our most recent material challenge, you ask? We’ve been looking for projects that will help us practice using mesh!

Just in case you’re also interested in learning how to sew with mesh, here’s a list of 15 of the neatest projects we found in our search that we think would be great options for you to give a try yourself.

1. Funky mesh tote bag


The benefits of having a tote bag that has mesh around the top is that you can very easily see what you’re reaching for inside from just about any angle. That’s why we enjoyed this tutorial from Jerisew so much! They guide you through the process of attaching mesh to the top half of a DIY canvas tote in a way that’s neat and even but surprisingly simple.

2. Clipping mesh zipper bag


Do you like the idea of being able to see what you’re reaching for in your bag thanks to a mesh panel but you’ve actually already for a bag you love using and you don’t feel like swapping? Maybe you’re not ready to tackle sewing an entire tote sized bag with mesh just yet but you still want to try the technique. In that case, check out this mesh bag insert pattern from Sew Sweetness instead! You can add this insert to any bag you already own and keep smaller things that you find yourself reaching for often.

3. Mesh bag with snaps


Do you really like the idea of the mesh bag insert we just talked about above, both because it’s a mostly manageable project and because you think you’d actually use it, but you’re just not sure about the idea of sew mesh and zippers in one place because it might be a little too much for your skill level right now? In that case, consider trying this version from The Inspired Wren instead! It features snaps for closing rather than a zipper, so you can concentrate on sewing the mesh and not psych yourself out knowing that a zipper is what comes next.

4. Fun mesh beach bag


When you decided that you wanted to learn how to sew with mesh, did you actually start scouring the Internet with the intention of making something entirely of mesh, rather than just working it into a single section of the project? Then we have a feeling you’ll find this awesome mesh beach bag interesting! Peekaboo Pages shows you step by step how to make a simple bag that’s easy to grab and fill, easy to carry, and easy to search through because you can see exactly what you’re looking for through the mesh sides.

5. Mesh front long sleeve shirt


We know that we’ve talked about bags a lot up until this point, but that’s not the only thing you can make with mesh! The entire reason we actually originally wanted to learn how to sew with mesh was so that we can begin making awesome clothing with it, since it’s so trendy right now. That’s why we were excited to come across this surprisingly simple pattern from Fabricmart Fabricistas for sewing a mesh front top that has a layer of opaque fabric behind it for coverage.

6. Comfy mesh shorts


Are you intrigued with the idea of making clothing from mesh but your personal style is rather casual and your kids are very active and usually clad in sports wear? Well, it’s a good thing that fancy tops aren’t the only kind of clothing you can transform mesh into! We love the way Naptime Creations used mesh in combination with jersey fabric to sew a pair of homemade shorts that are lined for comfort but shockingly simple to put together. Now you can make all kinds of shorts in team colours for the kids or replace their shorts more conveniently when they start growing out of the ones they have!

7. Crocheted mesh bag


Okay, we know that technically this mesh project doesn’t quite fall into the same category as the rest of the projects we’ve featured on this list, but the finished project is just such an awesome mesh design that we couldn’t help including it anyways. If you’re the kind of multi-talented DIY enthusiast that can crochet on top of your sewing skills, then you’re going to love this crocheted mesh bag that’s perfect for taking to the gym or to pick a few things up from the market. Get the full pattern and a few helpful tips for making the best finished project possible on My Crochet Stuff.

8. Woven rag and fruit bag mesh jacket


Have you long been interested in unique custom fashion but you’re not quite confident enough in your own sewing skills yet to started creating your own designs without a tutorial or something guidance? In that case, here’s an absolutely awesome step by step guide for making yourself a fantastic jacket from an upcycled mesh fruit bag and some stripped bags! Sew Tawdry shows you how to cut the plastic mesh fruit bags into the correctly shaped and sized pieces, weave the rags through the holes in the mesh, and sew the whole thing together. We can’t get over how cool the finished project looks.

9. Tips for sewing mesh seams


Perhaps you’ve been sewing with mesh for a while and now you’re really just look for some tips and guidance on seams specifically because you’d like to perfect your technique as much as possible before you tackle your next big project? In that case, Wookie Costuming has the perfect series of tips, tricks, and helpful pictures to get you through.

10. Mesh panel workout pants


Is the kind of mesh you were actually the most interested in working with not really the rougher mesh with the large holes like we showed you in the tote bags, but rather the fine mesh often used in fashion and workout clothing? Then here’s a great starter project that only requires you to insert a couple mesh panels into the garment. Check out how The Last Stitch made these cropped workout leggings!

11. DIY mesh water bottle bag


Are you a big gym enthusiast with a family who are active in various types of sports and physical activities, so everyone’s always carrying water bottles around? Then here’s a DIY accessory that pretty much any of you will find useful! This little sling style water bottle bag from Super Simple Sewing uses jersey mesh on the top to give the bottle room to breathe and decrease condensation but still make it simple for you to put in a cinching top so the water bottle actually stays safely in the bag.

12. Homemade travel tote with mesh pockets


Are you an avid traveler who often carries a lot of small trinkets with you? Whether it’s makeup and makeup brushes, crafting supplies, or small toys and amusing things for your kids, a kit like this zipping design from Ms. Elaineous Teaches Sewing is useful in innumerable ways. The best part, if you ask us, is the mesh pocket in the top that will help you practice your mesh sewing techniques now and also let you keep the smallest parts of what you’re carrying safely in the top where you can see them through the mesh.

13. DIY crafting project bag with mesh pockets


Did you really like the idea of making yourself a kit like the one above, but you already now that you want it to be specifically for crafts and DIY supplies? Then check out this DIY kit design complete with mesh pockets and pen bands from Sew Sweetness! This tutorial is simple to follow but does present more of a challenge, since you’re working with edges, seams, and zippers.

14. Mesh topped sheath dress


When you think of mesh clothing, do you pictures something a little more cutting edge and avante garde? Then perhaps you’d prefer making this awesome mesh-topped sheath dress to some of the sportier designs we showed you earlier? Mood Sewing Network guides you through the process of adding a mesh top and overlay to an awesome asymmetrical cocktail dress! No matter what pattern or colour of fabric you choose, the finished product will be awesome.

15. Reversbile mesh shorts


Did you love the mesh sports shorts design we showed you earlier but you kind of wish they featured more colour so they could be more versatile for easily dressing your kids? That’s why Life Sew Savoury made a reversible version! They’re still awesomely simple to sew but you’ll feel like you’re getting two pairs of shorts in one.