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Simply Trendy: DIY Knitted and Crochet Pants for Kids

When it comes to kids’ clothing, we’re total guilty of buying the little ones in our lives way too many things. There are just so many adorable little dresses, sweaters, and novelty pairs of leggings that we can picture on them perfectly when we see them in the store. Also, we’re huge yarn crafting enthusiasts, so knitting and crochet are most often our techniques of choice when it comes to making kids’ clothes. So what’s our latest knitted obsession for our favorite babies and toddlers, you ask? We can’t stop making tiny pairs of knitted and crocheted pants!

Just in case you find just as much satisfaction in knitting your own kids’ clothes as we do and you also think the idea of warm knitted and crochet pants is adorable, check out these 15 wonderful patterns for kids of all sizes and ages.

1. Knitted monster pants


As if the mere idea of simply knitted pants wasn’t cute enough in itself already, Whiskey and Yarn has taken things to the next level and it’s possible we’ve never been so excited to knit something. These hilarious little pants are designed with a little bit of simple colour work to make the bum look like the face of a “scary” monster! Stripe the legs for some extra detailing and your very own “little monster” will really look the part.

2. Lunar pants


Are you a more traditional crochet enthusiast who has always loved and appreciated the classic granny square style of crochet the most, particularly when there are lots of fun colour changes involved? Well, we can’t say we blame you, since it’s such a classic style! We think you’ll be especially intrigued by that kind of design once you see these adorable toddler pants from Lunaress.

3. Simple knitted drawstring baby pants


Are you a fairly new knitter who knows how to do at least a little bit of shaping, but you’d still like to keep things quite simple, just in case? Then these adorable little knitted drawstring pants are great practice for you! These are the kind of project that we enjoy the nice simplicity of so much that we end up knitting them over and over again, making this pattern from Be Bright useful to have for things like baby shower gifts.

4. Baby harem pants


Perhaps you’re intent on having your favourite little ones be just as stylish as you or their parents are and that’s part of the reason that you love making your very own kids’ clothes? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love these adorable baby harem pants! Besides being just plain cute looking, they’re also roomy and comfortable for Baby to wear any time. Get the pattern from The Knit Café and see how they added adorable striped details.

5. Knitted top down toddler pants


Have you been practicing knitting in the round because seaming is your nemesis, but you didn’t think pants could be done that way? Well, surprise! They absolutely can be and Brought Up by Wolves is here to show you how with these cute little top down leggings. They’ll be toasty warm for the winter if you do them in a nice merino wool.

6. Cabled wool baby pants


Maybe you’ve got the basics of pants and legging knitting down pat and now you’re looking for something that has a little bit more detail than what we’ve show you so far in terms of actual knitting technique? In that case, try your hand at cabling all up and down the legs! These cute leggings from Knitsy Crochet look quite classy thanks to the twisted weaving effect.

7. Easy ribbed waistband pants


Are you looking for the simplest, easiest baby pants you could possibly find because you want to make as many pairs as possible for things like donation or local fair raffles? Then these wonderfully basic knitted baby pants with a ribbed waistband for easy stretch taking them on and off are exactly what you need! Crochet My Love has the pattern for you.

8. Seed stitch newborn pants


Do you quite like the look of the simple pants we just showed you above, but you’d rather a technique that’s at least a little bit more interesting looking than plain ribbing? In that case, we have a feeling you might prefer these cute pants from Little Miss Stitcher that have seed stitch at the waistband and leg cuffs instead!

9. Kanoko pants


Perhaps you’re an intermediate knitter who feels totally confident knitting pants but likes to stick mostly to knits and purls, rather than fancy things like yarn overs and cables? Well, believe it or not, there are still plenty of ways that you can create an interesting design across your next set of kids’ pants. Check out how Ymymmytm Blog made all kinds of cute ridges and notches in these ones!

10. Baby boy’s homecoming outfit


Has looking through all of these cute knitted pants patterns got you hankering to make an entire matching outfit set for the next baby born near you? Then check out this adorable pattern complete with pants, a sweater, booties, and a hat! Handmade by Inese made theirs in blue for a baby boy, but you could do any colour and have the set look equally wonderful.

11. Easy cuffed baby pants


Are you still intrigued by the idea of making a very simple pattern, but you’d like the pants to last a decent amount off time even when your child starts growing, since you’re putting in all that effort? In that case, these cute cuffed leggings from Stargraf Design Projects, which are knitted longer at the legs and simply rolled up a big until Baby grows into them at their full length, might be your best choice.

12. Basic baby pants with lace edging


Were you intrigued by the idea of making a simple pant that has just a hint of detailing at the ends of the legs for a subtle but very cute look, but you still want something even more challenging than either ribbing or seed stitch? In that case, we suggest trying your hand at a bit of very simple lace work! Cloud Nine Knit Designs shows you how to make that happen right around the cuffs by each foot.

13. Striped newborn pants


Have you always been a fan of cute colour blocking and fun stripes on babies, so that’s the kind of design you’ve been combing our list for? Well, we’ve found it! Melody’s Makings shows you how to make pants that keep the actual construction simple but stripe two colours of your choosing all the way down the legs. We like that their pattern also contains details for a matching hat!

14. Easy roll cuff baby pants


Maybe you’re looking for  more of a relaxed style that Baby can just lay around in while still staying warm and looking stylish just in cases company drops by? In that case, a rolled cuff is the way to go. This avoids having baby’s ankles irritated by right stretch cuffs because this style gives more room and movement. Green Mountain Woolies shows you how to make it happen.

15. Crocheted monster pants


We know we’ve already shown you a pattern for funny little knitted monster pants way back at the beginning of this list, but what about the people who adored the pattern but only know how to crochet? Well, we wouldn’t want anyone to fee like out of course, so here’s a crocheted version of the pattern as well, just in case! Get the full details to make a pair of your own from Yarnutopia by Nadia.

Do you have another adorable knitted or crocheted pattern for baby and toddler pants that you love making but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about it or link us to the pattern so we can all try it out too!