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Trying Out Something Delicious: Best Homemade Pop Tart Recipes

Now that we have kids of our own, we’re especially intent on making our own pop tarts because then our little ones can enjoy the same junky breakfast food we loved so much without consuming all that mass produced sugar and icing we ate as kids. Don’t get us wrong; we know that making your own pop tarts at home doesn’t mean they’re healthy, but it’s comforting to at least be in control and aware of all the ingredients our kids are eating! Besides, making your own means you can fill then with any flavour you please, including ones you can’t find in stores.

Just in case you love pop tarts as much as we do, here are the 15 best homemade pop tart recipes we’ve found and tried so far!

1. Strawberry jam and sprinkles pop tarts


No matter how many homemade flavour possibilities there are out there, are you the kind of treat lover who will almost always stick to the classics? In that case, here’s a great homemade recipe that will teach you how to make a pop tarts original in your very own home! Check out how Leanne Bakes made these deliciously and super fun looking breakfast pastries filled with strawberry jam and covered in vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles.

2. Nutella filled pie crust pop tarts


If you had to choose a junky childhood breakfast favourite, would you actually be kind of torn between pop tarts and toaster strudels, even though you actually kind of like chocolate better than fruit fillings? Well, why not merge all of those ideas in one place, since you’re in the driver’s seat now when it comes to making them? Happiness is Homemade guides you through the process of doing just that in order to create these chocolate hazelnut spread filled pop tarts that are made with pie crust for a flakier texture than the originals.

3. Iced raspberry pop tarts


Strawberry jam might be the most popular filling for deliciously filled treats and baked goods in the stores, but if we were given the choice of any jam flavour in the world, we’d actually choose raspberry nine times out of ten! Just in case you love raspberries as much as we do, here’s a deliciously iced and sprinkled raspberry pop tart recipe you can make in your very own kitchen. get the full instructions for making it on Rumbly in My Tumbly.

4. Strawberry preserve pop tarts


If you’re going to make something from scratch, would you rather make it completely from scratch, right down to the filling? Then we think perhaps you’ll prefer this version of a good pop tart original flavour that features homemade strawberry preserves that you made yourself! Just A Pinch walks you through the entire process step by step.

5. Chocolate peanut butter pop tarts


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about the Nutella filled pop tarts above but one of your actual favourite ways to enjoy chocolate, especially as a filling for something, is with peanut butter? Well, you’re in control here, so you can totally make that happen! Home Joys shows you how to make the pop tart curst and how to blend your two fillings together in the perfect ratio until they’re an ideal delicious texture.

6. Cinnamon sugar pop tarts


When we were little, most brand name stores used to sell a kind of pop tart that was cinnamon sugar flavoured and, besides raspberry, it was one of our very favourite recipes. Sadly, however, that flavour got discontinued after a few years and we have missed them ever since! That’s why we were so darn excited to stumble upon this homemade cinnamon sugar pop tart recipe from Bigger, Bolder Baking. We were so happy to have them after all these years that it’s possible we thought these ones tasted even better than the ones we remembered from childhood!

7. Heart shaped chocolate pop tarts


If you’re going to make things at home, are you a huge fan of changing the appearance a bit to be like a fancier version of the original, just to make it extra fun for your kids? After all, a homemade pop tart will taste the same no matter what shape you make it in! We thought these chocolate filled heart pop tarts from Crazy Adventures in Parenting were a pretty cute idea, especially with Valentine’s Day coming next month.

8. Peanut butter jelly pop tarts


Were you pretty intrigued by the peanut butter and chocolate filling combination we talked about earlier on our list, but you can actually think of something even more delicious to combine with your peanut butter instead, even though it was never a store bought pop tart flavour (at least, not where we come from)? Then we’d be willing to bet tis peanut butter and jelly filled pop tart idea from Cleverly Simple is right up your alley!

9. Homemade apple pie pop tarts


There might have been apple flavoured pop tarts in stores when we were kids, but we promise you that, no matter how much you liked them, they won’t hold a candle to this absolutely scrumptious homemade version outlined on Busy in My Oven! They teach you how to make little breakfast pastries that take so much like apple pie you’ll have trouble believing that you’re not just eating a big old slice of apple pie first thing in the morning.

10. Pumpkin pie pop tarts


Did we almost have the decision made for you when we started talking about pie flavoured pop tarts… until you realized that there’s actually one kind of pie you like even more than apple? Then here’s the recipe choice that will have you practically running to the kitchen! Get the full ingredients and instructions for making a delicious pumpkin pie pop tart on Cooking Classy.

11. Homemade lemon pop tarts


While we’re on the topic of pop tart flavours and fillings that you probably wouldn’t have found in stores (and probably still couldn’t, to be honest), have you ever thought of how delicious a lemon pop tart would taste? Well, thanks to this recipe from Tater Tots & Jello, you can make your own and finally find out! This might actually be our favourite homemade pop tart option on our entire list.

12. Summer peach pop tarts


We’ve shown you quite a few homemade pop tart recipes on our list so far that involve fruit jam but, besides the apple pie flavoured pop tarts, not very many of them have been filled with actual fruit. This amazing peach recipe, however, is here to change the game! Foodista guides you through the process of making one of the most delicious breakfast treats you might ever experience.

13. S’mores pop tarts


If you had to choose another flavour of pop tart that didn’t involve fruit, so you couldn’t have your usual delicious raspberry choice, what would you choose? We would opt for S’more pop tarts, bought or homemade, no questions ask! Since the theme here is homemade pop tarts, though, here’s a recipe that will help you try what we’re raving about, just in case you haven’t before. Get the details on PBS!

14. Apple and maple butter pop tarts


Were you pretty intrigued by the idea of making apple pie flavoured pop tarts but, if you’re going to be in control of the fillings and flavours, you’d actually kind of like to try something a little more gourmet or unique in its combination? Then we can’t wait to share with you possibly our greatest discovery: the apple and maple butter pop tart! The First Year shows you how to make both the military and the crust, as well as how to make a cute heart shaped outline on the top.

15. Blueberry pop tarts


We know we’ve shown you some pretty fancy homemade pop tart flavours with some pretty unique fillings on our list so far, but we’d like to close it out with a recipe that’s a little more classic and absolutely irresistible when it’s homemade! Find out how to make the best blueberry pop tarts that ever existed thanks to Food Coma! Whenever we make these at home, we make sure to make extra so we can enjoy them for a few mornings in a row.