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DIY Crafts for Fishing Enthusiasts

Sometimes the best crafts that you can make yourself or for someone else are the ones that help you out with another favourite hobby! How great is it that you can actually use your DIY skills to make yourself something you’ll actually use, and totally have fun with, while you enjoy two of your cherished pastimes.

Are you an avid fisher no matter what time of year it is, on top of being a huge DIY enthusiast? Then you’d definitely fall into the category of people who can craft their way between hobbies! Checkout these 15 awesome fishing hacks that you can make all on your own.

1. DIY paracord fishing lure with a hook

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY paracord fishing lure

Prepforshtf shows you just how useful even a small length of frayed paracord can be for fishing, as long as it’s nice and bright! This simple technique involves sliding the end of a paracord rope onto a fishing hook and fraying the ends so they flare out like the tail of a smaller fish.

2. Universal fishing line winder

VIEW IN GALLERYUniversal fishing line winder

Replacing the line on a worn fishing rod can be quite the task but, much like a yarn winder in knitting, using a fishing line wire to thread the line through the rod will help you avoid knots and snags. Check out how id.steelheader made this universal winder that will work with any kind of line, no matter how thick.

3. DIY wooden topwater fishing lure

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY wooden topwater fishing lure

Despite how shiny and store bought these lures look, they’re actually a DIY project and cdot can show you how to make them! They’re simple and made of wood, which makes them perfect for top water fishing because they’ll float well.

4. Pocket sized fishing pole

VIEW IN GALLERYPocket sized fishing pole

Do you have the kind of outdoor job or lifestyle that lets you pop to the waterside for a quick fish throughout the day? That’s ideal, but what if you don’t have the space to carry your whole rod and tackle box with you for hours? That’s where this neat little project comes in handy! Toglefritz shows you how to make a little pocket-sized fishing rod that you can pull out whenever you have a spare moment around a little watering hole!

5. Pocket tackle box

VIEW IN GALLERYPocket tackle box

Do you need a few more supplies to carry with you that will make sure your pocket fishing rod stays ready to use? Then you’ll love this miniature tackle box that’ll slip right into your other pocket! Find out how to make one from an Altoids can using this tutorial from Halotriple3.

6. DIY plastic lure


Do you like the idea of making your own lure but you don’t have any wood to work with right now? You can still make yourself the perfect fishing accessory using plastic! Try making differently designed lures so you have options on days where the first one you choose just doesn’t help you get any bites. ffrater shows you how they’re made.

7. Fishing rod carrying tube

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Fishing rod carrying tube

Have you always disliked carrying your rods around the way they come, all long and spindly? It is kind of risky, when you think about it. Rods can be vulnerable and you really have to look where you’re going while you carry them. Take care of the issue by putting them in a carrying case, but as usual, try to make one of your own! We love this easy, totally effective design by ralema69.

8. Bottle top spinner

VIEW IN GALLERYBottle top spinner

Putting a spinner on your hook near the lure is a great way to catch the attention of the fish the way a smaller fish or insect that they want to eat would. Spending money on such a thing is silly, though, when you can make your own by upcycling a simple bottle cap! netneo shows you how to bend it in half and attach it.

9. DIY fishing line spooler

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY fishing liner spooler

Are you looking for a more advanced type of fishing line spooler than the previous one, which simply coiled line before you attach it to the rod? Then this design by Ethan6 might be more up your alley! It lets you feed line straight from the spool to the rod or vice versa with space to lay the rod underneath.

10. DIY cedar fishing lure with joints

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY cedar fishing lure with joints

Did you really enjoy the idea of making your own wooden fishing lure, but you have some experience with wood working and you’d like to try something slightly more advanced? Try making a wooden lure with joints instead, just like tetra28! Lures with joints move more realistically, like little fish, and that’ll help attract the bigger catches.

11. PVC tube fishing rod stand

VIEW IN GALLERYPVC tube fishing rod standjpg

Do you have a pile of fishing rods leaned against the wall in the corner of your garage that you’re always carefully balancing to make sure they don’t fall over? That’s a hassle that you can solve with this easy DIY suggestion from timwest95! A couple plants of wood and some cut lengths of PVC tubing are all you need.

12. Garage ceiling fishing rod storage

VIEW IN GALLERYGarage ceiling fishing rod storage

Do you like the idea of storing your rods in a better way, but you still don’t have the floor space for a PVC rod stand? Perhaps you’d just prefer to keep your rods out of reach where your kids won’t grab the hooks. Both issues can be solved by building a ceiling rack for your rods! It’s easier than it looks and teejmiller’ will show you how it’s done.

13. Artificial fishing lures made of hot glue

VIEW IN GALLERYArtificial fishing lures made of hot glue

Are you a whiz with a glue gun in other areas of crafting but you’re not sure whether those skills are useful when it comes to your love for fishing? Well, we’re here to tell you that they are. This entire hand painted fishing lure by unexplained_3 is actually made of hot glue!

14. Paracord fishing lure without a hook

VIEW IN GALLERYParacord fishing lure without a hookjpg

Just in case you’d prefer a lure that’s separate from your actual hook and will simply attract sea or lake life, here’s a tutorial on how to make a simple frayed-end lure from a strip of paracord. RedneckEngineer lays it out for you.

15. Ultra light DIY fishing rod case

VIEW IN GALLERYUltra light DIY fishing rod case

Do you like the idea of a tube shaped carrying case for your rod like you saw above, but regular white PVC tubing is a bit cumbersome for what you’re looking for? Try this ultra light design instead! Even once you’ve broken your road down and stored it away inside the case, it’ll still be shockingly easy to carry. Learn more about it on Wood Trekker.