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Awesome Purple DIY Ideas You Must Check Out

When it comes to our daily mood, we’re generally pretty happy go lucky people. Like anyone, however, there are a few things in particular that make us extra happy on a regular basis and, since we’re super huge crafting enthusiasts, sometimes we find that our guilty pleasures are a little bit different than other peoples’. One of our funnier ones, for example, is that we find we’re at our happiest when we’re positively surrounded by our favourite colours! That’s why we tend to decorate our homes and rooms with as much of our preferred shades as possible, and our DIY skills help us with that by letting us customize almost any décor piece we please. What’s our favourite colour lately, you ask? Well, you’d only have to take one look at our almost-entirely purple apartment to find out!

Just in case you’re total purple addicts too, here are 15 awesome DIY and homemade purple décor projects that will help you transform your space just the way you like it.

1. Purple and music sheet heart garland


Are you living in a pretty temporary place right now, like a short term apartment lease or a college residence, so you can’t really make any in depth or permanent changes to the rooms? Well, you’d be surprised how many awesome décor pieces you can make out of something as simple as paper, making them the perfect option for your right-now home. For example, we’re actually hgue fans of paper garland strings and we adore that there are so many genuinely cute designs you can make with them. They’re easy to create, easy to put up, and easy to take down again and, on top of that, they’re affordable to do just in case they get damaged when you move. Check out how Weddbook made these cute little layered paper heart garlands from purple card paper and sheet music for contrast.

2. Purple lace trim mason jar candles


We’ll fully admit to you that we’ve always been obsessed with mason jar DIY. We love crafting with mason jars when it’s trendy and we still love making things with them when it flows out of style. We just think all of the DIY options are so useful and we also love upcycling whenever we can! That’s why we’re such big fans of mason jar tea light candle holders, but if you’ve ever looked into tutorials for making those, you know as well as we do that there are about a million different kinds you can make. We suggest you try as many as you can and rotate your décor to keep things exciting, but one of our favourite ideas is this one from Lovely Lace Designs that uses purple lace to create a patterned glow on the walls when you light the candle inside.

3. Purple bouquet balls


Sure, these amazing floral décor balls were originally created by It’s All About Weddings using actual flowers for a wedding ceremony, but we like them so much that we’d adapt the idea using silk flowers and hang them up in our home! Whether you put them on the end of the headboard in your daughter’s room or hang them all around the outside verandah, they’ll add a fresh, spring-like look to your space all year round.

4. Purple striped walls


Have you been browsing through this post hoping to find a purple décor option that’s a little more drastic and permanent because you really do just love the colour purple that much? In that case, you’re the perfect person for trying out this awesome purple striped painted wall idea from Sayeh Pezechki! Their tutorial shows you how to use carefully measured, space, and straightened tape borders to really get those stripes nice, even, and neat.

5. Tied lavender candle vase


Did you like the sounds of a making yourself a tea light candle vase that involves the colour purple but you prefer an aesthetic that’s a little more natural looking than purple lace on a mason jar? In that case, take a look at this pretty little clear glass vase wrapped in dried lilac flowers and hemp twine instead. Weddbook made these as dining table centre pieces but we like them so much that we’ve actually made several of them in real life for our mantle and side tables all year round.

6. Purple yarn floral nail and canvas art


Are you also a yarn crafting enthusiast who loves to knit, crochet, or cork and always has stash or bulk yarn lying around waiting to be used? Then perhaps it’s time to combine your love of yarn techniques with a kind of crafting that’s a little bit different than what you’re used to in order to make some awesome wall décor! We love this tutorial from Crème de la Craft that teaches you the steps for designing, mapping out, and creating yarn wrapped nail art on a simple canvas.

7. Purple paper flowers


Were you rather intrigued when we were talking about the joys of making décor out of simple paper earlier but you’d rather something a little more dramatic than a few little hearts on a string? Then perhaps you’ll prefer these awesome layered flowers from Sengerson! Sure, you could make these in any colour that you can find the write card paper for, but we’re obsessed with how pretty they look in this pretty lilac purple.

8. Purple wooden LOVE sign


Are you so in love with the colour purple that you’re already prepared with an arsenal of paint to turn just about anything in your sights purple? Then grab some scrap wood that’s been sitting around waiting to be upcycled and check out how Make It, Love It  turned just that into a “Love” themed quote sign that- you guessed it- heavily features your favorite colour. Once again, this could technically be recreated in any colour you please, but look how great the purple looks as a background for crisp white wooden letters!

9. Button branches and butterflies in a purple sky


Were you kind of enthralled by the idea of creating purple dimensional canvas art but you’re not entirely sure that working with yarn and nails isn’t your thing? Well, don’t worry! Busted Button is here to show you another way to get that cool textured or 3D effect while still using the colour you love most. They suggest taking two canvases and painting half a tree on each, gluing buttons onto the branches like blossoms and springy paper butterflies around like they’re fluttering from flower to flower, all against a purple sky.

10. Purple yarn wrapped and felt flower wreath


Did you like the idea of doing some yarn wrapping but you’re not sure a nail canvas is quite your style? Then perhaps you’d prefer a wreath instead! We love the idea of creating a sleek, simple wreath in a stunning eggplant purple and adding felt looped flowers for extra nice décor, just like Frankly Speaking Too did here.

11. Purple paper triangle canvas


No matter how old we get, there’s a part of us that will always love the simple cut and paste crafts we did as kids. They might not be projects that you make as commonly now that you’re an adult, but there’s an easy beauty to working with scissors, paper, and glue that’s both calming to do and calming to look at. That’s why we loved this purple patterned triangle canvas art by Lia Griffith! Gather as many different shades of purple or purple patterns on scrapbooking paper as you please, cut the sheets into triangles, and fit them all together like a puzzle, gluing them into place as you go.

12. Purple circles modern art canvas


Have your kids seen you do canvas art before and now they’re always intent on helping you whenever they see the canvases come out of your art room for DIY time? Then maybe you’ve been looking for a simpler canvas design to get creative with as you add purple to your décor scheme! We’d suggest recreating these adorable modern art trees with circular detail, featured on DIY Contemporary. Your kids can easily help you add circles to your branches and they’ll have extra fun doing it if you give them different shades of purple to work with.

13. DIY fabric chevron frame


Do you love the idea of piecing together a pattern, image, or design like you saw in the paper triangles idea, but you came across some pretty purple patterned fabric you liked before you found good paper? Well, lucky for us, that works just as well! Laura Wadsworth shows you how to make a lovely chevron design fro, cut pieces of fabric placed in a frame and hung on the wall.