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Click Away: 15 Awesome Crafts For Polaroid Enthusiasts!

Digital cameras are probably the best thing that ever happened for photography (or maybe not!), but there’s still something very special about printed photos that just can’t be replaced by a screen. Because of that special quality, many people have begun buying Polaroid cameras again, years after they were first popular.

If you’re a Polaroid lover, check out these awesome DIY projects that incorporate your favourite little snapshots!

1. Picture frame memory wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYPicture frame memory wreath

Polaroids are the perfect size for a wreath made of adorable little silver frames, just like this one by Infarrantly Creative! The different pictures around the wreath will enthrall your guests and tell a whole story, calling your fond memories to mind.

2. Polaroid coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYPolaroid coasters

Dark Room and Early shows you how to transform your favourite Polaroid pictures into drinking coasters so that you and your guests can enjoy the images every time you take a sip. They’ll also give your space a slightly more vintage atmosphere!

3. Nailed Polaroid photo blocks

VIEW IN GALLERYNailed polaroid photo blocks

Rather than placing your pictures in a frame, go for a rustic look, just like Shanty 2 Chic did, by nailing the pictures to the side of a little wooden block using very small nails. Pile many blocks together to make a unique display that just doesn’t work the frames!

4. Polaroid lampshade

VIEW IN GALLERYPolaroid lampshade

Ashley Ann Photography

shows you how to paste Polaroid photos (or any printed photos, really) all around a plain lampshade using Mod Podge or vellum. The effect is comfortable and sentimental, and watching the light from the lamp glow through your memories will probably make you feel pretty nostalgic!

5. Polaroid wall display

VIEW IN GALLERYPolaroid wall display

Would you a simpler, more visibly DIY way of displaying your favourite Polaroids? Try hanging them form horizontally fastened strings using mini clothes pints, just like The House of Smiths!

6. Polaroid magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYPolaroid magnets

Popsugar walks you through the steps of making these adorable little memory pagnets out of Polaroid pictures mounted on foam card and glued to pieces of magnetic strip. You’ll get to look at some of your favourite places and faces every time you walk by the fridge!

7. Polaroid frame

VIEW IN GALLERYPolaroid frame

We think Verbosity‘s awesome Polaroid frame idea is totally fun and unique! Instead of mounting the pictures and placing them behind glass, use the same string and mini clothespin technique we described above, but fasten the strings between the sides of a picture frame. The Polaroids will hang down inside and look like a 3D collage.

8. Polaroid terrarium

VIEW IN GALLERYPolaroid terrarium

This idea is so unique that we never would have thought of it ourselves, but it’s also so adorable that we’re really glad Polaroid Arts and Crafts did! Building a small “terrarium” for your favourite Polaroid picture set a little scene in a jar and keeps the picture safe. Set it on your beside table where it can remind you of happy things every day.

9. Polaroid cake toppers

VIEW IN GALLERYPolaroid cake toppers

Use pliers to curl soft crafting wire into a spiral (make sure the wire is clean before you stick it in people’s food, of course) and slide the bottom edge of a Polaroid picture between the rounded wires. The Polaroid will stand upright and remind everyone of birthdays past and other good memories. Check out how to do it on Oh Crafts.

10. Giant Polaroid display

VIEW IN GALLERYGiant Polaroid display

Are you having trouble picking just a few Polaroids as your favourites? Craft Gossip has a big DIY framing solution that will let you display almost all of your favourite Polaroids at once so you don’t have to pick!

11. 3 Polaroid frame art

VIEW IN GALLERY3 Polaroid frame art

Polaroid Arts and Crafts

shows you how cute three Polaroids can look evenly space within a glass frame that’s actually intended for a larger print. Letting the backing of the frame show through adds a bit of a chic upcycled feel to the display.

12. DIY Polaroid necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Polaroid necklace

This unique jewelry idea from Crafthubs helps you make a little Polaroid shaped pendant out of the image captured in your actual favourite Polaroid picture, without ruining the picture itself. You get the best of both worlds!

13. Polaroid wall

VIEW IN GALLERYPolaroid wall

Did you try to make the huge glass Polaroid frame and realize that you still can’t narrow your favourite Polaroids down to a small enough number that will fit in that frame? Maybe it’s time to just go all out like this photo featured on Popsugar and stick those precious Polaroids all over your walls! Neat rows of pictures all the way across and down a blank wall in your bedroom will make you feel surrounded by your friends and family even when they can’t be there.

14. Polaroid greeting card

VIEW IN GALLERYPolaroid greeting card

This adorable faix Polaroid greeting card design by Magbooth takes the middle picture in a strip printed from a photo booth and makes it look like a single Polaroid snapshot on the front of the card when you close it. We love how the card incorporates two different classic styles of printed photo!

15. Quilted “Polaroid” pillow case


Perhaps you just love the vintage appearance and nostalgic style of Polaroid pictures, even when the “pictures” aren’t real snapshots of you and your friends.  Collected Nest shares your fondness and walks you through the process of creating a quilted pillow case that features hand sewn mock Polaroids of whatever you like!

Have you created other beautiful DIY projects with Polaroid pictures that you don’t see on our list? Tell us about them in the comments section!