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A Spooky Invitation: Best DIY Halloween Door Wreaths

We’ll be fully honest with you; we are obsessed with door wreaths. We often see wreaths we like in stores, but there’s just something so satisfying about making our own, no matter the season or what themed we’re making it for. We’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you, then, that we’ve amassed a whole collection of DIY Halloween door wreaths that we’ve made and displayed over the years… nor that we’re totally still on the lookout for new designs to try despite that fact.

Just in case you’re as in love with the idea of making Halloween themed door wreaths for your home as much as we are, if not more, here are 15 of the very best and spookiest looking ideas that we’ve come across so far!

1. “Best witches’ wreath


Besides making door wreaths, we’ve also always loved a good play on words. On top of that, we’re pretty sure witches are our favourite of the classic spooky Halloween characters! That’s probably why this awesome “best witches” wreath, outlined step by step on Plateau Culture, appealed to us so much.

2. DIY spider web wreath


Have you got access to a black foam crafting circle that you’ve been hanging onto, just waiting for the right project to use it in? Well, if you’ve ever appreciated the spook appeal of spider webs, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how A Pumpkin and Princess made this creepy, sparkly, and floral wreath in just a few simple steps.

3. Mesh and ribbon Jack-O-Lantern wreath


Ribbons have always been a crafting material that appeals to use a lot. There are just so many different ways that you can use them! Between that fact, the hand painted candy corn element and the funny Jack-O-Lantern doll, it’s no wonder we bookmarked this mesh and ribbon looped wreath from The Wreath Depot immediately.

4. Halloween ruffle wreath made from cupcake liners


Do you like the idea of adding some kind of ruffling texture to your wreath but you’re just not sure that working with slippery silk ribbons is quite the direction you’d like to go in? Then maybe you’d prefer this funny repurposing idea featured on Lolly Jane instead! They show you how to make a ruffled Halloween coloured wreath using layered cupcake liners instead.

5. Embroidery hoop and webbing wreath


Have you always been really intrigued by that faux decor webbing you can find in crafting and novelty stores because you’re always impressed with how effective it looks, but you’d rather use it in a slightly more creative way than just wrapping it around your furniture? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Sisters Suitcase used it with an embroidery hoop and some plastic spiders to create a very spooky and alternative looking wreath indeed.

6. Felt and pom pom embroidery ghost wreath


Did we catch your attention quite well when we started talking about wreaths made with embroidery oops, but you’re actually an embroidery enthusiast all year round as well, so you’d prefer to put those skills to good use here too? Then we think you’ll get along very well indeed with this tutorial from Flamingo Toes that shows you how to make a simple stitched ghost and spider motif! We adore the way they added pom poms around the border as well.

7. Bouncy ball eyeball Halloween wreath


Just in case you’d like to get your kids in on the project and you think they’re prefer something a little more gory looking, here’s a bouncy ball upcycling idea that almost gives us the creeps! Check out how Boo Turtle used felt tip pens to turn their plain white bouncy balls into veiny eyeballs and fastened them around a black leaf wreath in just a few simple steps.

8. Easy wrapped mummy wreath


Have your kids always had a bit of a preoccupation with mummies and the way they’re wrapped up so tightly? Then we have a feeling you might get along very well indeed with this mummy wreath design outlined step by step on Pretty Providence! We love the way they wrapped their wreath tightly in strips of scrap fabric and weathered it to make the mummy look old and undead.

9. Real candy corn wreath


Speaking of crafts that your kids might be enthusiastic to help you with, here’s one for the candy corn lovers! Woman’s Day shows you how to decorate a foam wreath base in actual candy corn, making this the perfect project for an afternoon when your kids feel like getting creative but also want a snack. Just make sure they don’t accidentally eat any of the candies that have been dipped in glue!

10. Glittered Halloween skulls wreath


Are you actually scrolling through our list looking for a design that’s somehow both a little more morbid and a little more glam? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Tried and True made this sparkling skull wreath that’s somehow both intimidating and appealing all at once.

11. Yarn wrapped bats wreath


Did you really like the idea of using wrapping techniques to make your wreath but you’re just not sure the mummy idea quite speaks to you, since your favourite spooky creature has actually always been the bat? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Eighteen 25 carefully wrapped their wreath in yarn before cutting out and affixing felt bats in all different sizes.

12. Chevron fabric flying bats wreath


Maybe you liked the wrapping element and the idea of including bats, like we talked about above, but you can’t help but wonder whether there’s a way to make the bats look a little more like they’re actually flying? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Tater Tots and Jello used strips of fabric and some string to create a mini bat “clothesline” in the centre of the wreath so the bats appear to be flying around in the middle.

13. Looped Halloween ribbon “Boo” wreath


Just in case you’re still thinking about how much you love crafting with ribbons and using them to add texture to things, here’s another idea outlined step by step thanks to Create, Craft, Love! They show you how to use different colours and patterns of Halloween appropriate ribbon in order to create a looping effect that’s very impressive indeed, particularly for how simple it actually is to do.

14. Fuzzy yarn wrapped black cat wreath


Have you had an eye on all these yarn wrapping wreath ideas because it’s a simple technique that you and your kids both love, but you’ve also kept scrolling, holding out for a black cat themed idea since that’s your favourite holiday creature? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Shaken Together Life used fuzzy mohair yarn to mimic a cat’s fur and added ears to make their wreath look like a spooky feline with pipe cleaner whiskers.

15. Yarn pumpkin wreath


Just in case you’re not quite over the idea of doing some yarn crafting yet but you’d prefer something a little more challenging or interesting looking than the average basic yarn wrapping technique, here’s an idea from Craft-O-Maniac that will be super fun for both you and your kids! They show you how to make lots of little yarn wrapped pumpkins, as well as how to attach them all around a circular base to make a very cool looking wreath indeed.