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12 DIY Bead Necklaces with a Remarkable Style and Design 

Making your own jewelry at home can become quite an addiction. You have the total freedom to pursue every single idea that pops into your mind and somehow you never run out of them. We’re here today to give you some more! Surely you’re familiar with beaded jewelry, as it’s one of the simplest ones to make yourself. If your necklace collection could use some new and fresh pieces, find the inspiration with these 12 DIY bead necklaces! 

1. Faux Marble Bead Necklace 


Are you totally obsessed with the marble trend but just can’t get over the price of actual marble beads? Thanks, I Made It will show you how to create a necklace from faux marble beads with a super realistic look that will fool even the most skillful eye!

2. Braided Bead Necklace 


If the simple beaded look isn’t enough for you and you wish to give your necklace a special design that rivals those seen on the runways, check out Crafts Unleashed‘s outstanding braided bead necklace! It’s a big piece that will cover much of your neck and beautifully complement any dress you choose to wear for a gala night out.

3. Painted Bead Necklace 


Let your imagination run wild as you’re holding a paintbrush and decorating the beads that will be a part of your DIY necklace. You can truly opt for any color or style and match them together to challenge the boundaries of fashion! Find the tutorial at Think. Make. Share.

4. Ombre Seed Bead Necklace 


Beads come in a variety of sizes. The smaller beads definitely have their charm and you can use them to create a less bulky necklace that lies flat against your neck. You can also experiment with colors, creating an exceptional seed bead necklace in ombre coloring, as seen at How We Live.

5. Chunky Bead Necklace 


If you like your jewelry pieces to be super noticeable and reigning over your whole outfit, you’ll absolutely want to make this chunky bead necklace! It’s going to be noticeable from far away, stealing all of the attention and making you the target of countless compliments! Get the how-to at Fizzy Pops.

6. Polymer Clay Bead Necklace 


It’s time to go polymer clay shopping! Decide on the colors you want your necklace to be beforehand, to make your shopping trip less stressful. Once you have both the clay and the tutorial at Design Sponge, you can commit to making a variety of beads in different colors and sizes to create your most amazing bead necklace yet!

7. Ribbon Bead Necklace 


A bead necklace can be a playful piece that you wear to a coffee shop date with friends, or it can be a high-fashion piece that takes anyone’s breath away with its unique and daring style. Decor and the Dog‘s ribbon bead necklace is definitely one of the latter!

8. Modern Bead Necklace 


The beauty of modern accessories is that they are not afraid to capitalize on diversity. The rules don’t apply anymore and if the traditional jewelry pieces strived for consistency, the modern ones seem to go for an organized chaos. Take a look at Design Love Fest‘s free-spirited modern bead necklace!

9. Monochrome Bead Necklaces 


The monochrome color palette directly contrasts the trend of vibrant colors. The black and white accessory pieces have a chic and elegant look, always ranking as people’s favorite choice. Check in with Craft and Creativity if you’re looking to add some monochrome bead necklaces to your collection.

10. Tetris Necklaces 


If Tetris was one of your favorite childhood games, you can now channel some of that nostalgia with a Tetris necklace! Arrange the square beads in your favorite Tetris shapes under the watchful eye of Moms Crafters and voila! You’re can have a piece of your childhood around your neck all the time!

11. Wood and Copper Bead Necklaces 


Combining together different materials is a great way to ensure variety and dynamic within your accessory pieces. See Kate Sew paired wooden beads with tiny copper tubes to make modern bead necklaces that reach the compromise between natural elements and a metallic trend.

12. T-Shirt Bead Necklace 


Upcycling is one of our favorite ways of crafting! You take something that isn’t serving you anymore and turn it into a brand new piece that is going to be a part of your life for many more years. It’s the circle of life! Peek at Kojo Designs if you want to learn how an old T-shirt can become a beautiful bead necklace!