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Gift Idea for Your Gentleman: DIY Cufflinks

Cufflinks have become somewhat of a chosen accessory among men. Aside from being useful, they can also be very stylish, elegant and personalized. With holiday season just around the corner you’ll find yourself wondering what to buy for your significant other. We’re happy to report that these DIY cufflinks are a lovely gift idea for the gentleman in your life! Surprise him with cufflinks that will always remind him of you!

Map Cufflinks

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Is you man a wanderlust soul? Hopelessly in love with traveling and exploring new destinations? These map cufflinks are just what he needs! Include a destination that is on his bucket list or one that he holds in a special memory. Bespoke Bride has a brilliant tutorial and you can apply it to other motives as well!

Monogram Cufflinks

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It’s hard to imagine more personal cufflinks than monograms. If you feel indecisive when it comes to picking out a gift for the man in your life, you should know it’s impossible to miss with this one – everyone has a soft spot for monograms! Almost Makes Perfect shares the tutorial!

Bullet Cufflinks

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Welcome to the danger zone! If your guy is a force to be reckoned with, let him show off these edgy bullet cufflinks. They might make him feel like Bond. James Bond. Ready to drive around in fancy cars and catch some villains? Of course you are! Find the instructions at Instructables!

Anchor Cufflinks

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An anchor for your anchor. These cufflinks are subtle and adorable, especially appealing to those who are in love with all things navy. With these on, your guy will look absolutely charming; even more so than he usually does! Get the how-to at Clones n Clowns.

Custom Wedding Cufflinks

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You can’t let wedding cufflinks be ordinary! Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and while the grooms don’t normally make a big deal out of it, they do love it when the wedding attire is special! You can give him these custom wedding cufflinks as an intimate wedding gift and watch him swoon! Head over to Something Turquoise for the show-and-tell!

Button Cufflinks

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If your dearest prefers something more traditional and minimal, these button cufflinks will surely make him happy. They are not over the top, they get the job done fantastically and they remain unique. Crème de la Craft is the mastermind behind them!

Scrabble Cufflinks

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Can’t go wrong with scrabble, can you? The rule that applies to game night also applies to cufflinks, judging by this perfection we discovered at Polka Dot Bride. It makes for a wonderful Christmas present that will make your gentleman stand out anytime he wears them!

Geo Cufflinks

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For the man who likes to stay in touch with the latest trends, these geo cufflinks are the perfect accessory! Dynamic and innovative, they will make him look neat and modern, raising the bar for everyone else! Check out how you can make them happen, at Almost Makes Perfect.


Dinosaur Cufflinks

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We can’t blame our boys for being obsessed with dinosaurs, can we? Let’s be honest, we’ve all re-watched Jurassic Park more times than we can count! These dinosaur cufflinks are funny and unusual, therefore a total must-have for more informal, friendly occasions! Paper & Fox has all the details!


Steampunk Cufflinks

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Here’s an amazing set of cufflinks that brings minimalism and uniqueness together. Your man will be one of the rare lucky ones who get to walk around with steampunk cufflinks! They don’t make ‘em like this anymore – but you do, by visiting Polka Dot Bride and snatching the instructions!

Christmas shopping list just got a whole lot shorter and far more snazzier!