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12 DIY Projects That Will Turn Your Home into a Bohemian Paradise

Oh bohemian décor, how we love you! Admit it, you are totally jealous of the Instagram-famous people who have the most gorgeous canopies and floor pillows. Turn your envy into action and let us take you on a journey through 12 DIY projects that, when added to your home, will make you feel like you are truly living the bohemian dream!

Check out these 12 DIY bohemian projects!

1. Macramé Curtain

VIEW IN GALLERYMacrame Curtain

First things first: you need some macramé curtains! You will have so much fun making them and every time you walk through them you will feel special! They are the hanging perfection and a really simple way to decorate a doorway! A Beautiful Mess shares the how-to!

2. Rope Ottoman


What is a bohemian home without an ottoman? You know you need one, there’s no way around it! We know, we know … they’re super expensive! Well it’s kind of our job to make your life easier, isn’t it? Here is a simple way of making an ottoman in only four steps – yep, that’s right, only four! Hurry over to Style Me Pretty Living!

3. Floral Dreamcatcher

VIEW IN GALLERYFloral Dreamcatcher

There’s a variety of dreamcatchers that you can fall in love with but we chose this floral one by Mom Spark because it embodies the colorful and free-spirited energy of bohemian décor! It will surely make a captivating piece, wherever you chose to hang it!

4. Bohemian Pendant Lamp

VIEW IN GALLERYBohemian Pendant Lamp

Don’t let a lamp throw your decoration game off course! This project is incredibly creative and innovative! Love Maegan came up with a way of dressing up your lamp into some bohemian vibes and as you can see in the picture, the result deserves an A+!

5. Hanging Library

VIEW IN GALLERYHanging Library

Art is ever so important to the bohemian lifestyle, so do honor your favorite books and make them an adorable hanging library that will contribute to your continuous décor! It is a small yet important addition to your cozy hippie home! Find the tutorial at BLDG 25.

6. Bohemian Canopy

VIEW IN GALLERYBohemian Canopy

Canopy has the power to transform your entire bedroom in a blink of an eye! Turn your sleeping quarters into a colorful paradise, one that will always make you feel safe and inspired! Head over to Hunted Interior to get the instructions!

7. Bedside Bench


Another great element to include in your bedroom, and thus make your bohemian dream a reality, is a bedside bench! It will easily become your favorite piece in the room because of its simple but poignant look! Peek at how A Beautiful Mess got it done!

 8. Floor Pillows


If you don’t have a pile of floor pillows that you can bury yourself in, you need to make it happen asap! Lucky for you, Brit + Co has some pretty cool tutorials for them! Once you experience the joy and comfort of floor pillows you’ll wonder how you went so long without them!

9. Branch Photo Mobile

VIEW IN GALLERYBranch Photo Mobile

Always keep the pictures of your loved ones near. As you pass them every day, you will feel your heart warm up! This photo mobile is a great way to keep your favorite pictures on display! Check out Simple as That to learn how you can make one for your home!

 10. Scarf Curtains


As the light shines through these scarf curtains, the entire room will be embraced in a colorful light that will surely have a calming effect! This project by Design Sponge is a great way to repurpose some of the scarves that have piled up throughout the years and end up with stunning curtains!

11. Mason Jar Lanterns

VIEW IN GALLERYMason Jar Lanterns

Don’t forget about mason jar lanterns! Suburble will show you how to make simple mason jar lanterns that will be an amazing addition to your free-spirited household! It is also a great craft project for the children, to wake up some boho-love in them too!

12. Jewelry Trays


If you’re a bohemian soul, it’s safe to say that you own numerous jewelry pieces! Put them on display in these amazing jewelry trays that we found at Jennifer Rizzo and can’t take our eyes off! They are dynamic, unique and lively – surely they will take great care of your favorite pieces!

We hope you enjoy your bohemian paradise!