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DIY Ribbon Roses That Look Delicate and Pretty

We came across these professional-quality ribbon roses quite some time ago and we have to say they’re still a favorite of ours.

The results speak for themselves – wonderfully pretty and delicate roses that can be used in a thousand and one different ways for everyday decorations and special occasions alike. From gift wrapping to simply brightening up the rooms of the home, you’ll always be finding new ways to use them and new excuses to make more.

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As much as it may look like a complicated task, just as soon as you pick up the technique you’ll be able to make your own roses in no more than a couple of minutes.

So even if you plan to whip up a whole bouquet, you’ll be able to do so in no time at all. Use the same kind of shiny ribbon as picture here or use any other kind of similar material – it even works with shoelaces, believe it or not!

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Stylish, Simple, Outstanding Results

There’s really very little to the process and you won’t need to invest in any specialist tools or equipment – just a few basic craft supplies and you’ll be on your way to remarkable results.

We personally cannot think of a better project to be used for adding decorative touches to things like wedding invitations, place settings or really to embellish any thoughtful gift at all –the fact that it’s homemade just makes it that extra bit special.

The lovely red roses are of course the classics, but we highly recommend mixing it up with a few other colors of your choosing. From whites to blacks to yellows to blues – you really cannot go wrong.

And what’s more, you can even mix and match the colors as you build the layers to come up with seriously eye-popping results every time.


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