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Eccentric Color and Brilliance: Fantastic Graffiti Inspired Projects!

When it comes to graffiti art, we can’t say we’re the most knowledgeable out there, as we’ve never exactly painted public wall murals or tagged buildings, but we’ve always held a deep rooted appreciation for the art form. There are just so many colours, visual textures, and angles involved that we think deserve the utmost respect! We’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you, then, that we’ve long been enamored with the idea of making art, crafting, and DIY projects that emulate the awesome styles and themes found in beautiful graffiti and other forms of street art.

Are you feeling just as intrigued with the idea of practicing your hand at recreating graffiti art styles in projects of your own as we were? Then check out these 15 awesome DIY ideas, designs, and tutorials that will help you get creative in all kinds of graffiti inspired ways!

1. Construction paper and pencil crayon graffiti art


Even though you’re interested in graffiti yourself, is the interest actually primarily rooted in the fact that your kids are the ones who really love it? Then you’ll most likely be interested in finding a craft that your kids can get involved in or do all on their own! We’re pretty big fans of these graffiti inspired pencil crayon drawings that are drawn, cut out, and pasted onto a background piece lined to look like a building wall, as though it’s really street art. Check out the whole concept in more detail on Emily Katy!

2. Popsicle stick graffiti fence


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about making a background to the graffiti aspect of your craft that actually looks like a real tagged setting, but you think you’re feeling up for more of a challenge than just drawing brick pattern lines on some construction paper? Then we’d suggest reaching into your polymer clay drawer and taking a look at this awesome free moulded and hand painted fence complete with a classic graffiti design, featured on Graffiti Diplomacy. Feel free to shake up the tag and create a street art inspired design of your own!

3. DIY graffiti thank you card


When we are in a situation where people have done something kind for us, we adore sending them thank you cards to make them feel appreciated. Because we’re such DIY geeks and thorough craft lovers, however, we always get a much deeper sense of satisfaction when we make the cards ourselves. We love that our friends and loved ones might feel a little bit more appreciated when they see the level of personal effort that went into their card! That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t make the design trendy and contemporarily influenced. We’re completely obsessed with this graffiti style thank you note design created by Angry Kitten Crafts.

4. Graffiti monogram painted canvas


Perhaps you actually already have a tag of your own developed and in circulation and, whether you actually tag buildings or participate in street level graffiti culture, you’d like to incorporate that into your home decor scheme in some way without, say, painting an entire neon graffiti piece on the wall of your living room? Then perhaps you’ll find some inspiration in the way Tattoo Pins painted this simplistic but attention grabbing tagged canvas wall art!

5. Graffiti name on metallic wall background


Are you still thinking about how you can get your kids involved in the process of making graffiti inspired art and you still love the idea of making a background setting that looks like a building’s wall, but neither of the ideas we’ve shown you so far have quite caught your eye enough to try out with them? Then perhaps this more personalized (and shinier) crafting idea is a little more their speed! Happy Hooligans shows you some lettering options for creating street art inspired names in any colour you please. They also guide you through the process of using reflective paper or tinfoil to make an awesomely eye catching brick lay pattern in the background!

6. Felt tip pen graffiti lettering art


Do most of your artistic and DIY skills actually lie in drawing and you’re simply trying to learn new styles and diversify your skills with simple doodling projects that will let you get used to make new shapes? Then we definitely think you should check out this lovely hand drawn art tutorial outlined on Graffiti Art Collection! Leave yours black and white, add contrasting colours like you see here, or try it out in all different kinds of technicolour patterns.

7. Canvas and string graffiti art


Just because so many graffiti designs and classic tagging styles centre around text, fonts, and wording doesn’t mean you can’t try out other types of graffiti inspired geometric colour play too! This wonderfully bright string painted canvas art outlined in detail on Indulgy is the perfect example of what we mean. We love the way they blended colours together lightly to give the piece a distinctly bright aesthetic while still letting each colour have its moment in different sections.

8. Wooden graffiti speaker case


Are you skilled enough in your hand drawing and hand painting skills that you feel like you’re ready to add another crafting element into the mix? Well, if you’re also a music lover and a fan of working with multi-mediums in your art, then perhaps this wooden speaker case is the perfect project for you! Check out the tutorial on Intermono to see how this case was not only built but also hand decorated following artistic conventions typical of graffiti styles.

9. Graffiti inspired art supplies box


Are you the kind of artistic soul and DIY enthusiast who just can’t help decorating a “blank canvas” no matter the shape or form it comes in? Then you’re probably no stranger to customizing the containers, cases, and boxes that you keep your art supplies in, just like us! Just in case you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration, here’s an absolutely awesome (and wonderfully colourful) wording and splatter design idea from Masculine Inspirations in Paper & Crafts.

10. Embellished popsicle stick graffiti letters


We’ve shown you a couple of kid-friendly ideas that are great for getting your kids involved in creating art and learning about graffiti styles, but we certainly know that many of them were geared towards older kids who are ready for things like designing fonts. What if your kids are a little bit younger but still artistically inclined enough to want to get involved too? Then perhaps this adorable embellished popsicle stick art featured on Graffiti Diplomacy would be a more useful idea for you! Help them make a geometric letter and then let them go wild drawing colourful shapes all around the outside of the letter like a border.

11. Magnetic, metallic paint marker graffiti note board


Are you the kind of family that keeps very busy and often communicates by whiteboard to make sure no one misses a detail, but you enjoy trying to make that as fun as possible so the kids will actually feel inclined to use it? In that case, we absolutely think you should take a look at how Posed Perfection took their family note board as an opportunity for more colour, doodles, and graffiti inspired font practice. It’s like an ongoing art project that you can all do in partnership!

12. 3D graffiti art on paper


Have we really caught your attention with all our mention of practicing graffiti inspired fonts and lettering, but you’d like even more practice? Then we have a feeling you’re going to adore this tutorial for drawing, shadowing, and adding colour to 3D letters that actually look like they’re popping out from the page by the time you’re finished! Find out how they’re done in more detail on My Crafts.

13. Neon graffiti style table markers


Are your kids so artistic that you’re actually planning them a street art and graffiti themed birthday or graduation party, so you’re looking for graffiti inspired decor pieces, activities, and so on to really keep the party on theme? In that case, we absolutely think you should take a look at these totally fun looking graffiti inspired place markers made by Marked Private! We love the way they made their letters in a sort of rainbow ombre, but you could play with colours and customize as you see fit.

14. DIY upcycled graffiti shorts


Are you actually such a graffiti fan that you wish you could basically just wear street art around all the time to show your appreciation to the whole world? Perhaps you’ve adored all the different designs we’ve shown you so far but your art skills primarily lie in fabric crafting and clothing alterations and you’re looking to incorporate that in some way. In that case, we definitely think we’ve found the project for you! Check out how Pear Mama created hand painted graffiti inspired cut offs with a cool worn denim aesthetic.

15. Graffiti designed birthday cake


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about graffiti inspired parties because you’re actually throwing one but you’re already covered for things like decor? Well, rather than just stopping at the activities and decorative pieces when it comes to the theme, why not get really thorough and create your own graffiti inspired cake design too? We think you’ll be surprised at how simple and awesome that process really can be, especially thanks to this simple guide from Maribith Ramos.