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Decorative Homemade Bunting Designs for Any Occasion

It’ll come as no surprise to you, that they’ve been teasing us lately about how we’ve been spending a lot of time looking at all kinds of homemade decorative garland and bunting ideas again, despite the fact that they’ve seen us make them and hang them all over our house so many times before. There’s just something about them that we love! There are so many techniques for making them in so many different styles that we just can’t get enough of them.

Just in case you adore making DIY garlands and decorative buntings as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the cutest and most unique designs, ideas, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far.

1. Scrap fabric flag bunting


Are you the kind of sewing enthusiast who loves saving your scraps, no matter how small, because you’re always convinced that you can use them later to make something else after every big project? Then we’d be willing to bet that you have just about everything you need to make this adorable scrap fabric bunting design outlined step by step on Hobby Craft! We love the way they alternated two different kinds of scrap fabric that clash in pattern but complement in colour.

2. Pretty paper bunting


Are you actually intent on making a decorative bunting for your next party but you’re not really a sewing enthusiast and you were hoping to use supplies that you already have in your home or your crafting closet? Then we think perhaps you’d get along better with this simple decor paper bunting idea featured on Linda Vandermeer! We love the way they used different types of paper featuring various floral patterns and even some awesome paper doilies, just for a little pretty detail.

3. DIY rag strip bunting


Did we really get your attention when we started talking about how much we loved the idea of making a bunting out of your scrap fabric, but you’ve actually already got the pointed flag style of bunting hanging elsewhere in your house because you’ve made it a couple times before? Then here’s an alternative for you to try instead! We love the way Sincerely, Sara D chose to cut their scrap fabric into strips instead, tying it around a string so it all hangs down like eclectically coloured fringe.

4. No-sew bunting flags


Do you absolutely adore the way the triangular bunting we talked about earlier looks but you don’t actually sew, so you’re not sure it’s really possible to do until you’ve learned? Then maybe you should give this no-sew version a try instead! We love the way Homemade Gifts Made Easy cut their fabric with zig-zag scissors to give their flags a cutely textured border, stringing them together across the top but cutting slits in the flags and feeding a string through.

 5. Miniature bunting cake topper


Do you actually love the way decorative buntings look at parties so much that you’d love to make as many different styles and sizes as you can? Then we have a feeling this miniature birthday bunting cake topper outlined step by step on Something Turquoise might be right up your alley! They show you how to make it using kebab sticks, string, paper, and fine point felt tip pens.

6. Pretty paper envelope bunting


Have you always been the kind of person who adores sending physical letters and keeping pen pals, even though social communication has pretty much gone entirely the way of online contact for most people? Then we think perhaps you’ll have a particular appreciation for this lovely little bunting idea featured on Poppytalk! They show you how to fold a row of pretty patterned envelopes over a string, sealing them with contrasting stickers to keep them in place. Our daughter has a bunting just like this strung up across her headboard.

7. Clay and ribbon bunting


By now, you’ve probably noticed that even though some of the bunting designs we’ve shown you so far are pretty durable and definitely reusable, a lot of them aren’t, so what if you’re looking for one that’s really going to last you because you just love the way simple garlands look so much that you’d like to leave it hanging all the time? Then we have a feeling you’re going to be very into the way Hobby Craft made their lovely quote garland from pieces of clay and a ribbon.

8. Scalloped bunting banner


Have you actually been scrolling through our list and thinking about how much you really love the way the scrap fabric buntings and garlands look, but for some reason you’re just not sure about the sharp angles involved in the way the triangular flags look? Then we have a feeling you’d get along way better with this rounded off scalloped version instead! Get the full details for making a scalloped garland of your own on The DIY Mommy.

9. No-sew fleece garlands


Are you actually still thinking about how much you loved the idea of making a no-sew garland because, whether you can sew or not yourself, making a version that doesn’t involve needles is more kid-friendly so that your little ones can help you? Well, the bunting we already showed you is totally doable with your little ones, but we also wanted to make sure to show you this even simpler version featured on Creative Jewish Mom. Their tutorial shows you how to make a cool garland just by cutting shapes and tying knots using different colours of fleece. Our kids loved working with the soft material.

10. Book page bunting


Well, we know that this particular garland in the photo is pretty holiday specific and it’s not quite Christmas yet, but we couldn’t help including it anyways because we just liked the simple concept so much! Lashes of Lifestyle guides you step by step through the process of making a beautiful bunting by cutting shapes from the pages of old, damaged books in order to upcycled them into something beautiful. Remember you don’t have to make Christmas trees; try making this garland in whatever shape you like!

11. Fabric chain bunting


Have you ever made those funny paper chains that kids often make in kindergarten around Christmas time by loop strips of paper around each other and taping or stapling them together? Well, that might not really sound like the kind of decorative bunting or garland you were hoping to make since it’s so simple, but what if we told you there’s a way to use that same basic concept to make something prettier and more permanent? Check out how Lindsey Rhodes made this fantastic fabric chain using those scraps of material we’ve talked about so much!

12. Fabric tassel garland


Okay, we know we’ve talked a lot about scrap fabric by now, but there are just so many awesome and diverse ideas out there that we can’t wait to try out or loved making when we tried them ourselves! This fantastic scrap fabric tassel bunting idea outlined step by step on Pretty Prudent is no exception. In fact, we’ve made several different versions of this idea in all different colour schemes.

13. Vintage doily bunting


Have you actually been scrolling through our list and thinking about how, even though you do like some of the designs and ideas you’ve seen so far, you’d actually really prefer to make something slightly prettier and more delicate looking? Then we have a feeling you might much prefer making something like this vintage lace doily bunting outlined step by step on My So Called Crafty Life! We love the way they mixed in a few scraps of contrasting coloured materials and lace fabric of other kinds as well.

14. DIY photo bunting


Are you actually making a bunting for a specific event because you want to celebrate a special occasion? Perhaps you actually just want to make a decorative garland because you’re a nostalgic person and you always love celebrating the people in your life. In either case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Dessy made this fantastic printed photo bunting shaped just like the classic flag garlands you’ve seen elsewhere.

15. DIY kids’ art bunting


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about ways to get your kids involved with making buntings and different types of garland with you but your kids are still quite small and you know they’d rather get messy than do things like tie knots? In that case, we encourage you to take a look at the way Design Improvised had their kids create fun art using different painting techniques and then cut that into the classic flag shape and strung them up to make a garland.