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Cheer for the Planet: Upcycled and Repurposed Sports Jerseys

We consider ourselves pretty lucky that they’re so motivated and active because it keeps them busy in really productive ways, they make friends, and they have lots of fun! What we didn’t realize about having sporty families, however, was that putting our kids in sports also presents us with even more DIY opportunities than we find ourselves already. That’s because growing kids means lots of old, unused sports equipment cycling its way through the house. Some of it we collect and donate or pass on as hand-me-downs to friends and cousins, but a lot of it we actually hang onto so we can upcycle it into all kinds of useful things!

Just in case you come from a family that’s simultaneously sporty and crafty too and always have your eyes open for upcycling opportunities, here are 15 awesome ways to repurpose team shirts, jerseys, and other sports uniforms into new and better things.

1. Men’s shirts into boy’s shirts


Does your team change logos, colours, or designs for their t-shirts each season so you’re always getting new ones and, even though you don’t tend to wear the old ones, you think it’s a shame to see them go to waste? Then perhaps one of the smaller members of your family could put the old shirt to good use, but in a smaller size! This tutorial from Peekaboo Pages shows you how to pattern out smaller shirts in all sizes and how to cut and remake them from larger sized adult shirts!

2. Patchwork team scarf


Perhaps your family members have collected quite a mass of team shirts, of their own or of big league teams they love, over the years and now they can’t possibly wear all of them so they’re not being used? Then perhaps you might get more use out of a scarf pieced together from the logos! Check out how South Lake Threads made a quilted effect scarf out of t-shirts pieced together.

3. Team shirt quilted blanket


Are you actually so into the idea of a quilted team shirt project that you think you’d like to make something even bigger than a scarf, since you have so many shirts to work with? Then perhaps an actual quilt would be a better option for you! This tutorial from Project Repat walks you step by step through the process of making a simple square quilt that portrays each logo nicely.

4. Sports team headband


Perhaps you have a team jersey or t-shirt that’s ripped along the hem or stained under the arms but the logo itself is still perfectly fine? Then You have just about everything you need to make an adorable twisted style wrapping headband just like this one from VictoriousPearl1! This is a great project for beginner sewing enthusiasts who want to actually be able to wear what they make.

5. Logo shorts from a t-shirt


Have you always been a sewing enthusiast who loves small projects and you’re a particularly big fan of sewing casual, comfy clothing for your kids because they always get lots of wear? Then these super fun sports shorts that are actually made from old sports jerseys are the perfect project for you! Get the simple pattern for a few different sizes on An Apple and A Tree.

6. Patchwork team lunch bag


Perhaps you’re very into the idea of quilting a project together from pieces of your old sports jerseys but you’d rather make something a little more practical that you think you’d use a lot more? In that case, we think you might be able to take some inspiration some this awesome quilted lunch bag design from Uncommon Goods! Their particular design isn’t made with sports jersey logos, but we can just imagine how cool yours would look if it was.

7. DIY team logo wallets


Here’s another tutorial for a very cool patched together project that, while not actually made with sports logos in the iteration you see here, would look amazing made from jerseys featuring all kinds of sports team illustrations! Keep America shows you how to upcycle material into an awesome folding wallet that actually fastens to keep your cards and cash safe inside.

8. Patchwork denim and logo dress


As you can tell, we just cannot get enough of the patchwork t-shirt crafting technique. There are just so many cool things you can make! Just in case you’re looking for something you can actually wear but that will still make you feel kind of cute, rather than just casual, here’s an awesome idea from CreoleSha! They used patchwork techniques but in longer strips to make a dress that fits comfortably but still flatters you.

9. Team t-shirt throw pillows


Have you always loved upcycling projects more than most other DIY projects and crafts? Well, we certainly can’t say we blame you, because we love transforming things into brand new things too! We’re particularly fond of transforming t-shirts, so it only makes sense that we’d be huge fans of making t-shirt pillows too! This particular tutorial shows you how to make a team themed throw pillow and we’re thankful for that. Check it out on Tee Cycle Shop.

10. Sports logo DIY patch hat


Instead of having home team shirts with logos lying around waiting for upcycling, have you actually mostly been a big collector of professional sports team merchandise? Then we’ve definitely found an awesome project for the avid patch collector! FanHatics shows you how to make a kitschy, purposely weathered cowboy hat featuring all the patches you’ve kept from your favourite teams over the years.

11. Upcycled team shirt skirts


Are you still feeling very into the idea of patchwork clothing to pay tribute to your favourite sports teams because you’ve got too many old shirts and jerseys sitting around, but tank tops and dresses just aren’t really what you had in mind? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to really enjoy these simply sewn skirts featured on Refried Tees.

12. Reversible team shirt infinity scarf


Would you rather make yourself an accessory rather than a central outfit piece because you think you’d wear a kitschy, sports themed scarf a little more? In that case, we’re pretty sure Ohzie has just the tutorial you’ve been looking for! They show you how to use the parts of the t-shirts that feature a clear logo to patch together a double sided infinity scarf that will show team support no matter how you wrap it.

13. Sport sweatshirt tote bag


Even though you appreciate all of these t-shirt tutorials, have you actually ben scrolling through our list hoping to find a project featuring a sweatshirt because that’s the only sports team merchandise you’ve got available for upcycling right now? Then we’d suggest taking advantage of having a bigger garment to work with by making yourself a larger project! Check out how Made By Oksana turned a sports hoodie into a bag that’s perfect for taking your stuff to the gym in.

14. Team t-shirt halter top


Are you still thinking about all of the different tank top styles you could possibly turn a t-shirt into? Well, we can’t say we blame you, because there really are tons of options. We know we’ve already shown you a couple of halter tutorials, but it’s always nice to have options! Game Day Chic shows you how to make a cinched style halter neck happen using pretty ribbons that will add a girly touch to your game day outfit if you tie them in a pretty bow.

15. Kids’ team shirt hat


Have your kids always loved whichever sports teams the rest of the family supports, even if they’re still a bit too little to fully understand choosing a team for themselves? Then maybe they’re who you should be upcycling t-shirts into accessories for! We love how simple this kids’ team hat tutorial from Ershware is, as well as how cute the finished product looks, with those little ear flaps hanging down on each side.