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Staying Warm: 14 Crocheted Scarf and Cowl Patterns for Fall

If you ask us, there’s nothing quite so cozy as a wonderfully hand crocheted scarf of cowl in the fall. We’d normally tell you that we much prefer warm weather to cold, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love the feeling of wrapping a scarf fresh off the hook around our face and feeling how warm it keeps us, or watching our loved ones do the same with something we’ve made them.

Just in case you love hand crocheted scarves and cowls just as much as we do in the fall, if not more, here are 15 of the best patterns we’ve bookmarked and maybe even crocheted ourselves over the years!

1. Soho Bulky cowl


The warmth of a crocheted piece really depends on the stitches you use and what the yarn is made of, but there’s just something so cozy about a bulky weight scarf that makes us feel even warmer than usual! That’s probably why we loved the look of this fantastic bulky cowl featured on Handmade by Ann Potter.

2. Pinecone cowl


Have you always liked cowls that are long and wide so you can wrap them around several times or wear them like a good? Well, if you’ve never tried that, then we think perhaps it’s time, because pieces like this really do keep you toasty! We completely adore the stitching pattern in this particular design from Gleeful Things because it really does look like pine cones, just as its name suggests.

3. Quick and Easy cowl


Are you actually quite new to the world of crochet so you’re looking for something rather simple, even though you’re determined to make yourself a cowl of some type this fall? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how this fantastic pattern from Crafting With Claudie is made! It’s the perfect project for beginners without being too boring.

4. Brooklyn buttoned cowl


Perhaps you’ve actually been looking to try your hand at adding buttons to crocheted projects for a while now and a cowl just seems like the perfect thing because you’ve never really liked having to put them over your face and hair in the fall? In that case, we think this wonderfully buttoned crochet pattern from Storenvy just might be the perfect idea for you!

5. Star Stitch infinity scarf


Just in case you’re a slightly more experienced crochet enthusiast who has been hoping to expand your knowledge when it comes to types of stitches and their shapes, here’s a whole cowl that celebrates one of our favourite stitches! Check out how Wooly Wonders Crochet made this fantastic star stitch cowl (that we promise is simpler to do than it looks).

6. The Boston infinity scarf


Perhaps rather than practicing your textured stitches, you’d actually prefer to try and learn the ways that experienced crochet enthusiasts make their stitches change direction in order to created raised patterns within in a piece? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at how Jocelyn Designs teaches you to create gently waving lines for a very unique cowl indeed!

7. Katniss cowl


Have you always been intrigued by crochet pieces that have you practicing all kinds of different stitches and stitching patterns within one piece, just to keep you on your toes? In that case, we think you’re going to get a huge kick out of the different sections you’ll find in this fantastic cowl featured on The Friendly Red Fox!

8. Diamond cowl


Are you feeling rather intrigued indeed by the idea of making cowls that feature uniquely textured stitching patterns but the star stitch just didn’t quite fo it for you? Well, maybe you’d get along a little better with something like this diamond shaped stitch instead! Get the full details for crocheting this cowl thanks to Moogly.

9. Hooded button cowl


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about crocheted cowls that are wide enough to also be used as a hood, but you can’t help wondering whether or not there’s a way to use your crochet knowledge to produce a piece that actually has a proper hood on purpose? In that case, we think perhaps this fantastic buttoned and hooded cowl from String With Style might be right up your alley!

10. Shell stitch cowl


In the interest of making sure you’ve got all kinds of variety and options indeed, here’s another shaped stitch style cowl for your consideration! We love the way Domestic Bliss used shell stitch across their whole cowl, making an almost meshy fabric that’s great for fall days that are still chilly but don’t have that particular biting cold that points to winter just yet.

11. The Bixby cowl


Are you still thinking about how much you loved the idea of a button cowl but you’re the kind of chilly person who really prefers when a cowl or scarf can be wrapped very high around your face to keep your neck, chin, and nose warm? In that case, we think perhaps you might get along a little better with a design like this tall and textured one from Make & Do Crew!

12. Long Double Crochet cowl


Perhaps your idea of the perfect style crocheted neck piece is actually something that falls right in between the idea of a scarf and the concept of a cowl, taking the best aspects of both things on? Well, to us, that sounds like you’re hoping to make an infinity scarf! We’d definitely suggest taking a look at how many times this wide, long circle cowl from All About Ami wraps around.

13. Textured crochet cowl


Have you always preferred crocheted pieces that are a little more compact, staying right up around your neck and under your chin more tightly because thats how you find you stay the warmest? In that case, maybe this lovely textured design, which is a little more snug under the chin, would be more your speed. Get the full details for making one of your own on Posh Patterns.

14. 3 Button cowl


Are you actually still catching yourself thinking about the button cowl design as you’re scrolling through the rest of our list, but you were also hoping to make something that’s a bit more challenging than the ones we’ve shown you so far? Well, if colour changes and unique construction are your thing, then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Amanda Crochets made this cowl with buttons, a beautiful colour gradient, and some A-line layering that’s nothing short of gorgeous!